The Love of Falling in Love…

Most of us only get one chance at falling in love. Of course there are those who have extenuating circumstances and will fall in love more than once, or some who might never get to find it. And then there are those of us who just can’t get enough…

My own romance is why I read and write romance. See, I’m what people might term as “different”. I like less-than-perfect characters and watching them find true love, because, that’s how it worked for me. I’m not perfect, neither is my husband, and parts of our love story is one that qualifies as truth is stranger than fiction. However, from my true story, I was able to come up with plot ideas for the fiction I write about how my characters fell in love–look for the book title in italics that goes with each idea.

A few years ago there was a popular county song titled, “Living Our Love Song” by Jason Michael Carroll about a backwoods boy and a fairytale princess falling in love. This song describes my husband and I to a T.  One of use grew up drinking from a garden hose and the other ate dinner on antique Spode dishes each night. Two very different worlds.

When we first met, we were finishing up our senior year of high school and I was dating someone else and he was “dating the backboard”. That’s Tennis Speak for he spent all his time practicing tennis. Me, having a moment of rare bravery, blurted out that I fancied him quite a bit–after knowing each other just a few short weeks. And by knowing him, I mean we SAT in the same room for an hour each day, but on different sides. However, it was those 15 second intervals where I’d talk to him as I positioned myself next to him to leave the room, then walk down the hall and to the staircase, that I just KNEW he was the one for me. (To Win His Wayward Wife)

After my ill thought out declaration, the infuriating man went from the sweet person I was first attracted to the equivalent of a hormonal pregnant lady. Sometimes he was really sweet, other times he was a pain in the you-know-what. One day I confronted him. His answer? “I’m conducting an experiment.” (Her Sudden Groom) Apparently, if he thought he was unfriendly, I’d like him more??? I guess this does go to support the Bad Boy theme we all love so much. But it doesn’t work for me. However, his admission, and infuriating reasoning got my ire up in a bad, bad way and I may or may not have done a few things to him just to pay him back… (Liberty for Paul)

Needless to say, he was not my date to prom. However, when the summer started, we started talking over the phone (just as friends) and when I moved to the college, it was then that I knew I had him snagged! Of course, I had to spend a few afternoons doing *cough, cough* mutual interests *cough, cough* like learning to fly fish (Her Reluctant Groom) and paddling a leaky boat around all over the pond to find prime fishing spots, or teaching the other a skill or two they probably could have lived the rest of my life without knowing. (Her Imperfect Groom)

But I was just priming him for his quick and everlasting demise (Intentions of the Earlexcept I DID want my plan to result in marriage!). And then it happened…

I finally had landed the catch of my lifetime–and only six short months after graduating high school! Go me. So we decided to do something to be sneaky, only it backfired on us! (Her Secondhand Groom) See, we thought to avoid the stress of a big wedding and elope! Brilliant, right? Yeah, well, instead of crossing state lines and getting hitched like normal young lovers who just can’t wait, we thought it’d be good enough to go to a neighboring town and do the deed. But because we weren’t out of state, we had to wait seven days from the date we applied for the marriage license to use it… So here presented a little problem. We wanted to be all sneaky about it, but… Unbeknownst to us at eighteen and nineteen, they run these applications as announcements in a newspaper that has a circulation of more than five hundred thousand people, including my soon-to-be father-in-law’s friend who called to say, “I hear your son is getting married!”. Yep, four days before we eloped, the elopement was out of the bag and nobody was happy.

As strong willed as we both were, we weren’t going to let the constant calls and endless messages keep us from getting married! While applying for the marriage license we were told that instead of scheduling with the JOP, to go across the street, there’s a man who does small ceremonies and elopements all the time. Of course we scheduled that appointment immediately and when the day arrived, we went to our classes (the week before finals, no less) then I put my hair in hot rollers and donned the dress I’d worn to the winter dance the year before–except when I’d worn it before, it’d been at night and I didn’t notice it needed a slip that I now lacked… My (now) husband put on the suit he’d been swindled into buying a few days before and borrowed a pair of unwashed socks and shoes that were two sizes too big. Then we bribed one of my roommates, who I’d nicknamed The Clogger, to act as a witness and drove around downtown looking for this hole-in-the-wall place for what felt like an eternity with my hair still up in rollers and tears stinging my eyes. Not because I was sooo happy I was getting married, but that I was late to my own wedding! When we found it, the guy was quick to inform us that he also does couples counseling–should we ever require such a thing, then explained to  me the aisle was to the right and the parking lot was to the left, make my choice carefully.

After a brief ceremony in which my husband made an extended trip to La La Land and required some assistance in the form of calling his name (loudly) a few times and almost being smacked with my flowers to return long enough to say, “I will.”, it was done.

The only problem then was, I’d been in such a hurry to snag him we’d really just been friends before we’d gotten married and had to come to really fall in love afterwards. (His Contract Bride)

Oh, and something else that *might* one day be a problem–we have yet to know for sure–when I took the marriage license down to have it recorded, the clerk seemed to find the “minister” who’d married us to be unfamiliar. But that’s not to say he wasn’t licensed to perform weddings just because she hadn’t heard of him before–even though he’d sworn up and down he performed weddings all the time.

So what took me a thousand words to say that could have been summed up in a sentence or two is: I love reading and writing romances because it reminds me of my own love story. Whether the book is mine or someone else’s, I always find something that reminds me of my own romance and it feels like I’m falling in love all over again (and believe me some days, this really, really helps when I feel the urge to brain the infuriating man I married).

There you have it, wild courtships and bizarre weddings you only read about in romance novels between people from two entirely different worlds DO still happen and almost eight years later, we’re still proving them all wrong and Living Our Love Song.

If you’re still awake and didn’t fall into a coma reading through all that babbling, please tell me if you’ve ever read a book that mimicked your own love story –or is one you’d like your story to be (or if yours, too, is stranger than fiction) in comments section, with your email address, for a chance to win a $50 to Amazon or B&N from me and for an entry into the grand prize. Afterwards, be sure that click here to go hop again.

116 thoughts on “The Love of Falling in Love…”

  1. too cute*_______* really a wonderful post ( not too long don’t worry) i was swept by your wedding tale^^

    i’m not married yet, i don’t have a boyfriend either so i don’t know if i will find a book with a story like the one i will have one day but perhaps i’m also a too good girl so not sure if things are going to eb special^^


    1. I’ve read a TON (ok, maybe 1500 pounds) of romance books, and have yet to find one that mimicks MY love story which takes seven chapters to tell (http://rendezjavous.blogspot.com/2010/09/knight-stalker-wall-of-fame-for-my.html); the story itself would span two years, but the epilogue would span 33…suffice it to say that because of my “girl stalks boy, boy likes other girl, other girl uses boy to make other boy jealous, girl gives up on boy, boy torments girl” story, I became a sucker for other love stories, particularly ones with flawed protagonists (I can’t wear jewelry, my hero can’t stop cleaning. We have an unspoken agreement — I won’t go to therapy for my aversion to jewelry, he won’t go to therapy for his obsessive house cleaning. Works for us.).

      I LOVE your elopement story — and for some reason, as I read your story, I saw the movie in my head starring very young versions of Jennifer Anniston and Josh Lucas :-). Oh, and did I read correctly that there is a slight possibility that someday someone might maybe question the legitimacy of your offspring?

      1. I really liked your story, JoAnn. I gave the condensed version of mine, or at least I tried to.

        And yes, there is the slightest possibility that there could be a legitimacy tangle…

  2. Loved your post, Rose! So interesting to hear that all those wonderful books had a real-life background to them. (I wondered where the fly-fishing came from…I’ve been learning to do that myself lately with my hubby.)

    As far as a book that relates to my love story I don’t think there is one really. I mean we met in 9th grade and dated for 11 years and been married for 16 years…who wants to draw out a romance novel for that long a period of time? heehee

    Can’t wait to read the next book in this series. I’ve really enjoyed them!


    1. Yes, they all did have real life experience as a background.

      My husband has fly fished for years and years and I actually mention the fly fishing in the books as a way to tease him for how he gets onto me for doing it wrong. LOL

      Thanks for commenting! Your story might not have been as swift as mine, but it’s still meaningful.

  3. Wow, great post, Rose! You have shared tidbits of this story before but having it all to read like this was really nice. I loved the little points to show the inspiration behind parts in each of your books. Bob always struck me as kind of an Alex but I see pieces of him in each of your heroes now. And we all know you infuse your heroines with some of your own sterling qualities *wink, wink*

    I too am a fan of falling in love and try to do so every day. Reading love stories makes me more aware of the love in my own life and the need to express it. After mentally yelling at a literary character to “Just tell him you’re in love with him!” I take my own advise.

    My husband and I fell in love while dating other people. I dated his friend and we were constantly in the others company. When you make sure to always sit between your boyfriend and his friend, have the friend on speed dial and *innocently* turn every date into a group activity… you’re probably dating the wrong guy. After that realization, some time apart for good measure and a hastily thrown together party just to have an excuse to call and invite him to something… we picked up where we left off and got married in 3 months. Nearly 10 years and 2 kids later, it’s obvious I chose right.

    Thanks for the history lesson and the belief that all love stories are worth telling!

    1. I love your reasoning. Yes, I do believe you two were dating the wrong people.

      I’m glad you liked my story. No worries though, I had no difficulties tell him how I felt. LOL

  4. My own love story sounds more “exotic” than it actually is. My husband and I met on a blind date in Las Vegas. It was in Las Vegas and we had never met before, but it was at the birthday party of the 11 year-old son of some mutual friends. None of the “our eyes locked across a crowded casino floor….” LOL. I love your story and how it shaped your characters and novels. jhclancy@bellsouth.net

  5. While I haven’r read a book that really mimics my love story the closest thing I have seen is the movie “You’ve Got Mail” which my husband and I went to see on a date after we married because it was the closest thing to “Our Story” out there. Almost 15 years ago internet romances weren’t as common as they are now and yes we spent most of our time on AOL dial up service at the time and if you’ve seen the movie you know what I am talking about. Waiting for that little AOL guy to move across the screen and waiting to hear those magic words.

    Thanks for sharing more of your story. I didn’t realize it wasn’t as secret as it seemed. I guess his dad didn’t put up too much of a fuss.


    1. I love that movie! Ironically, so does my husband. Actually, there was A LOT of opposition about us getting married. I’d just rather repress the memory. It wasn’t a secret, however. Oops…

  6. Love your post and happy ending. I don’t know if I have any book that mimics mine, unless I write my own some day. My hubby and I were friends for years. He dated my friends. I dated his. Then we fell for each other. 20+ years now and we’re still happy!

  7. I always thought elopement was the way to go! M/M stories are my favorite, so as a straight woman, they’ll never mimic my life. I haven’t found Mr. Right yet, but it’s fun to read all the different permutations of happily ever after!


  8. Well I met my husband at work and a lot of romance novels have a romance start between co-workers so that is really the only way my love story mimics a romance novel.
    mcv111 at hotmail dot com

  9. Like Monica, I met my husband at work as well. I do love to write about impossible relationships and what makes them work. Good thing I write romance!


  10. Not yet.. we met while he was stationed in Italy and off on a weekend (and still married ) and I was doing Europe with my then 10 year old daughter for a summer treat.
    fast forward 8 or 9 years – and we “met” on a website – living in different areas: him out of the army, my daughter in uni. Reconnected, visited, I moved – and here we are 6 years in… happy. Yep – they haven’t written that one yet.
    perhaps I should start writing. 🙂

    thanks for sharing and participating

  11. Loved reading your post. No have never read a book that mirrored my love story. Love reading HEA, no matter the story.
    skpetal at hotmail dot com

  12. Read lots of books that I want my romance to be like but I
    can’t pinpoint one book that matched that perfect scenario
    because they are all unrealistic. That’s why I read them.

    bituin76 AT hotmail DOT com

    1. they are all unrealistic. That’s why I read them.

      A woman after my own heart! That’s also why I read and write them. I get enough real life stuff every day. Books are for fantasy and escapism. Thanks for coming by, Jan.

  13. I enjoyed reading your post and learning more about you and your inspiration. I always like the book more when I learn what inspired the author. I have enjoyed everything I have read by you! I look forward to reading much more. I have not read a story yet like my romance with my husband. I enjoy reading any romance with a happy ending. I love seeing how people come to love and get a happy ever after. Thanks for the giveaway and I hope I win!

  14. I love how your one story inspired so many books!

    I haven’t found “the one” yet, but I kind of hope he mimics Roarke from the in Death Series. I.e, Gorgeous billionaire who worships me 😉

    pinkbonanza{ AT }gmail{ DOT }com

  15. What a lovely story! Mine was fairly straightforward – considering my husband’s a rocker whose nickname was Snake…Thanks for the post and the giveaway!
    livrancourt(at)yahoo(dot) com

  16. So far I haven’t found a book that mimicks my love story and as far as my love story goes its pretty simple. It’s great to hear your love story about u and your husband. I enjoy reading your post and your books keep writing and blogging hopefully your son works out his problems with the girl who like/hates him lol :)!


  17. It’d be great to have a love story just like the one from Anna and the French Kiss. It’s a YA book so the romance is really sweet 🙂
    Thanks a lot for the giveaway!
    by.evie at yahoo dot com dot br

  18. Thanks for participating! Really like the hop so far!! I love reading, especially romance. I love the happy ending that is garenteed at the end. My favorite book is Lover Mine by JR Ward! I love John Matthew and Xhex. My favorite romantic moment was when my fiancé asked me to marry him! We meant two years ago right around when summer was ending! I think it is romantic when he brings me flowers because no one else has ever done it! My friend and I went out for our last big night out before classes started again. Thanks so much! Hope everyone else is having a great long weekend!!


  19. I haven’t read a love story similar to mine. I don’t really have any interesting romantic stories to be honest, so I sometimes wish I could jump in the book and live there a little 😀
    Thank you for the giveaway!

    verusbognar (at) gmail (dot) com

  20. Great Post. Thank you for sharing your story. I haven’t read anything like mine & my hubby’s story. We are the “whirlwind” couple. Met & married in less than 4 months. Love at first sight for us. People were snarky and said it was never going to last. We are approaching our 7th anniversary and I love him more everyday. Thank you for the giveaway.

  21. There really isn’t a romance or love story that is similar to mine that I’ve read. 🙂 My boyfriend and I met online through a game we were playing, haha. If anyone has written about that type of romance, then that would be my love story I guess. 🙂 Thank you for the giveaway and for being a part of the hop!


  22. I adore romances. My favorite part is the growing chemistry and intimacy {being able to know what the other wants/needs without words} between man and woman. 🙂
    Thanks for participating in the hop and giving us all a chance to win, and share our stories.

  23. Hi, Rose! I loved hearing about your romance! I will giggle a little each time I re-read one of your books now, knowing that your romance is interwoven! My husband and I met through a computer glitch on a dating website and I have Never read that story yet! We were completely “mis-Matched” (if you know what I mean), but I guess it proves that computers don’t rule the world yet! Sounds like a good plot line, doesn’t it?!? ;-). Thanks for the lovely stories! Cordially, Tracey

    1. Thanks, Tracey! Every time my husband reads one of my books before it goes to editing, he asks, “Are you sure you want to put that in there? Someone could read this book and know an awful lot about you/us.”

      Computers do not rule the world and I think that is a great story you have.

  24. Thanks for the awesome hop and giveaways! This is so much fun! Thank you! My favorite thing about romance is the romance. lol I love the characters, the plots, the HEA’s, the love. I love it all!

  25. I’ve also never read a book that mimicked my love life. I recently read a book that I would be thrilled to mimick my life. Poughkeepsie by Debra Anastasia. The love story is so pure. The hero, well-mannered, thoughtful and soft spoken. Loves the heroine from a far until a turn of events gives him the opportunity to talk to her. He counts her smiles and watches out for her to keep her safe, even before they meet face to face. SO romantic!! If you haven’t read it, I STRONGLY suggest you do. It’s one of the best books I’ve ever read. Thank you for joining the hop and for the awesome giveaway!
    ehaney578 at aol dot com

  26. Your story is really……..cute. That was 18 and 19. I believe you mentioned kids. Well, the fact that you are still together ……..and in love, and have kids, prove that it must have had the strong roots of not just cuteness, but enduring love. Here’s to to many more beautiful moments and years of love. Kantu

  27. I have not read one that mimiced. But I have read quite a few that give me hope still

    Thanks for being in the hop!

    bacchus76 at myself dot com

  28. I haven’t had my life mimic one yet, but with luck …
    For me, romance is all about the trust and respect built between the characters. Since I write BDSM, these elements are very important.
    Thank you for participating in the blog hop!

  29. Rose, I loved your bio. I haven’t found any romance novels that mimic mine and my late husband’s love story (he passed away in 2001, unfortunately). I agree with you about heroes and heroines who aren’t perfect and the ones in my books definitely aren’t. I write sweet contemp. romantic comedies and wrote a historical with the h and h based on me and my husband which I sold to small press, but which never saw the light of print. I might re-do it someday as an e-book. “Tempting Jonah,” (about the hero of that book’s great-great grandson) was published by that same publisher some time ago and I’m now trying to get two romantic comedies indie pubbed this fall. The hero and heroine of Book 2 are sort of like me and my husband and the hero is Book 1 is loosely based on a great friend who almost always makes me laugh.

  30. I haven’t found a book that mimics my life yet. If I ever do I might have to shout it from the roof. I think it would be a lot of fun to see that.

  31. I have been read romance books for about 30 years now (OMG!!!) In all that time, the only likeness to my love is that some of the heroes are grumpy and not very social…LOL
    I love your story and I am glad you got your man.

    koonie2888 at yahoo dot com
    Michelle Bledsoe

  32. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful story! I wish my romance story was half as good. I met my husband at a Christmas party in which he gave me the wrong phone number and couldn’t remember my name until the 3rd date. Luckily he finally got it right 🙂
    bournmelissa at hotmail dot com

    1. Too funny! Bob couldn’t remember my name, either, but then again that might be because he hadn’t heard the teacher call me by it for like three months. Thanks for sharing, oh, and I think your story is just as good. It’s just a little different.

  33. I’ve honesty never tried to compare my relationships to the books I read, but I certainly will from now on! Though, if you know of one it would be cool to know about it! We met while I was studying abroad in Ireland. His father was one of the teachers my study abroad group brought with. We are both from the same state and went to the same college but just missed each other there. Petty crazy 🙂


    1. I think there’s more in common with people’s love stories than they think. They just don’t think about it. If you look for it, you can probably find something passably similar in all the books you read.

  34. What a great hop! Grand prizes, old friends to visit and new ones to meet… and chances to win at each stop too. I’m in Blog heaven! :-}

    What a great story. So glad your elopement turned out ok.

    Thanks for being part of the hop and for the chance to win.

  35. Loved your post!! I haven’t ever read anything that mimicked my own falling in love with my husband. It would be awesome if I had since I read a lot of paranormal romance and that would mean magic really does exist!

    lindsayavalon (at) gmail (dot) com

  36. Why I like Romance Novels….The reason I like Romance Novels so much is because it is one place where I can be anywhere like England, Scotland, Rome, Ireland, or anywhere in the US. I can also be in any time like 1200’s Scotland, 1500’s England, 1900’s Chicago. I can be anyone like a princess, a servant, a werewolf, a duchess, a vampire, or a lost soul. But no matter what I get the privilege and the experience to overcome many different obstacles and find love. I am a mother of three teenagers as well and there are many days when I need an escape and my heart needs a rest from the trials of being a parent and trying to do what is best for everyone but yourself. I have overcome cancer, loss, and financial problems and Romance Books let my heart soar and feel free. Let me tell you in this world, and during this time where life can have so many struggles it is great that you can be, have, and do so many things to find love and romance and still be yourself!


  37. i haven’t had a love story so none that I have read have mimiced mine. I do seem to relate to books that remind me of me. I am hoping for those happy endings. Thanks for being a part of the hop. I hope that you had a great Labor day weekend!
    jessangil at gmail dot com

  38. I haven’t had a love story, but I love meeting new characters that reminds me of my friends or family. A lot of the family interactions are the same with my own family – whenever that happens it just makes me smile!

    1. No matter what book it is, I usually can find a character or two who reminds me of a family member or a friend in some way or another. That’s always fun and makes it easy to connect with the characters and the story, I think.

  39. I agree with love coming after you are married Rose. We didn’t have a real big wedding either and in fact we kept moving the date up from May or June to where it ended up in February. I believe for some odd reason everyone was suspicious that I might be increasing at the time. I think that idea was shattered when our son didn’t come along for almost 5 years.

  40. There is no way that I fell asleep or drifted in a coma when I read that. Yours is such a sweet story! Just what exactly did you do to your husband that you referred to Liberty for Paul?? It’s been awhile since I read that book but I remember her hiding his clothes 😀 which prank did you do?

    I’m happy for you both that love did come after marriage. =) You’re so blessed in the way some couples are not. It may not have been a fairytale wedding but I think your lives together after that is what counted the most.. and you’re both so happy it radiates off your post, so I guess you’re living a fairytale after all! =)

    1. Jay, My husband and I have a great marriage. We haven’t been married that long compared to some (around 8 years), and it’s not always a picnic, but overall, that’s what a real marriage is about. Romance books are about the courtship and falling in love, then they stop before the true test of love involving sleepless nights while rocking a newborn, morning breath and indigestion comes in. LOL

      I didn’t hide his clothes–though that might have been a good option to pursue. Instead, it was just the general “I hate you” angst that I had toward him. I’d been hurt and somewhat humiliated so I wasn’t overly friendly and found little ways to irritate him or retaliate by going a little too far at times LOL. For example, we had a teacher who made us keep a notebook with all the notes from the semester, vocab lists, daily assignment logs etc. This was worth like 250 points, a quarter of our grade for the quarter. Our teacher was really particular and if there was a word in the notes that shouldn’t be there or one that wasn’t there though should be (we copied them word for word from the overhead projector), we’d lose a point. Our assignments had to be copied every single day like this:
      1. DOL
      2. Vocab building
      3. Notes
      4. Grammar Book p. 50-65, odd.

      We had to have the right order and exact wording. It was madness. Anyway, he missed a roughly 2 days per week the entire last quarter of school because he was gone to tennis matches. Well, he thought because I liked him that I’d just kindly give him my papers for the missing assignments and notes and all the other nonsense we had to keep up with. And I did. Just out of order! I was so irritated that he’d planned to use me like that, I told him the assignments out of order and did something else. Anyway, he ended up getting like a 70% on the notebook grade. It wasn’t my finest moment, nor his, and I chalk it up to our own naivety and immaturity at the time, but it all works out now. So when I said I turned into Liberty, that’s what I meant, just the general revenge/overdone retaliation.

      And yes, I am living a fairytale!

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