An update and a plea not to kill me…

Her Sudden Groom is still at $.99

In case you missed the sale last month, Her Sudden Groom, is still at $.99. I put it back to the original price on the first of the month and planned to run a sale on a different title this month through the end of the summer, however, that turned to dust when for some strange reason Amazon kept it at .99 and locked me out of where I can adjust prices and required I provide proof of rights to half of my books. While this is a pain in the hind end, and something I wish they required when books were first listed, it is a good thing. Providing proof of copyright helps protect us against pirates who try to sell our books on Amazon. And yes, it does happen. So since I cannot get in to adjust any of the prices I’ve decided to just leave Sudden at .99–in honor of it’s recent trip to the USA Today Bestseller list–through the end of August and will consider putting a different title on sale in September. If anyone has any suggestions on which title, I’d be glad to hear them.

Now for my plea for life…

This week as I sat in front for my computer screen getting absolutely no work done on my book, but rather scraping together copyright materials, updating other files, pondering a certain subplot in my next book and plotting out the most advantageous writing and publishing strategy, I reached the conclusion that mid-September wasn’t going to work for the release of His Yankee Bride. First, I’m not even done with it… That’s a rather uncomfortable problem in itself as I don’t know how to fix a certain subplot I have woven throughout most of it. Second, I have a plan for a certain series I intend to have out next summer and if I want to make the timing of that just right, I must slow down the releases of the Banks Brothers Series or I won’t have time to finish this other project without a huge gap between books. So as of now, the plan is the first of October.



16 thoughts on “An update and a plea not to kill me…”

  1. I suppose I can wait until October and resist the urge to buy a plane ticket to OK and do something I might regret. Sorry you have hit a snag in the subplot. We really shouldn’t complain about having to wait a couple months between books when most of the time we wait at least 9 months to over a year for sequels. I just got spoiled because I didn’t discover your books until the beginning of February and got to read all seven in one week.
    I have been keeping busy checking out books from the digital library and finally got to the Wallflower series by Lisa Kleypas, just waiting on the last one now. Thanks for the recommend from the blog hop. I will have to go browse their digital shelves and add more to my wishlist/waiting list.

    1. Glad you liked those book. My favorite of that bunch was #3. There were a few words I didn’t care for overmuch, but I did like the book.

      See, that’s the thing, you found me a year after I started. Some people were there from the beginning and had to wait for all seven of those books. LOL

      But like you said, three months in between is nothing compared to the six to twelve you have to wait for mass market books.

      1. Ah yes those “words.” I just hate when you are reading a series and the first book or two has none of those “words” in it and then all of a sudden there it is. This past year I have had quite a relationship with that particular word because my Twins discovered it on a youtube video, a made over Thomas the Train video no less, and I could not get them to understand what was wrong with them saying it. Thank the Lord they are verbal but unfortunately most of their language is still echolalic. Add to that an inquisitive 6 year old who wanted to know why some words were bad and some were just not nice like “stupid” and “shut up.” I thought we had conquered the fight until this Summer it showed up in one of the Twins vocabulary again only to discover that they were repeating what one of their classmates at school would say quite frequently. Yes, an autistic classmate.
        In all truthfulness I myself have never uttered the word and still blush hearing it in movies and reading it in books, but the other week after reading it once again in a book I actually researched the word because I myself have always wondered why we give 2 words in our language such regard especially that particular word. I had to take the parental features off my computer which got set in place after the Thomas incident. It was a little bit of an eye opener even after growing up with a brother who used the word in almost every sentence he utters. I am still not sure how I feel about the word nor why we place such a stigma on it when the word screw can sometimes mean the exact same things. I still don’t want my 10 year old saying it though.

        Anyway, back to the beginning, I don’t know why some authors have to use it when they don’t use it in their other books. Even for this book we already knew he was bad he could have said something else even screw and would have been fine. I too, still enjoyed the book. I have read books where the hero isn’t even a rake so to speak and he says the word, it just seems strange, especially regency/victorian era books.

      2. I’ve only seen that word show up in a historical but maybe four or five times. It’s hard to believe they’d say/think it back then, but I guess so.

        I think why you see it in some books by an author and not in others is that it fits that character and what they’d say and think. It’s part of getting into their head, I guess.

        My kids go to a church school and last year on the first day of school, my oldest came home and called his younger brother a crack head. I nearly fainted. So an autistic child using such lovely language really wasn’t as shocking to me now as it might have been a year ago.

  2. *gasp* I’m grabbing pitchforks and torches right now. LOL Seriously though, it’s much more important to have your best book later than you planned than to rush through it so people can get a “ho-hum” one faster.

    As for a recommendation on the next sale, my vote is for His Contract Bride if you want to run another sale.

    1. Bring on the pitchforks, I’ll be waiting! I agree, it’s far more important to have a quality story than rush and have utter rubbish.

      I didn’t even think of that book for he sale! I was thinking another Groom book since technically I don’t have the follow up to Contract available yet. But it could be a good intro to get people excited about Yankee… Thanks for the suggestion.

  3. I was thinking Secondhand Groom might be good choice to put on sale next. And I have to say that I am personally glad you are holding off on the release of the new book so it falls in line with my 40th birthday (that is reason, right? LOL)! I am sure I speak for many others when I say we will anxiously look forward to its arrival!

    1. And Secondhand has THE best dress ever on the cover! I love that green dress and wish I owned it, you know, just to wear around the house and command my children and husband to do things….lol

      1. I’d wear that dress out if I owned it. It’s gorgeous. Originally, the cover artist wanted to have that be the cover for Reluctant, because Emma has green eyes. But I had her change it around because I thought it fit Juliet’s personality better. Then I wrote the green ball gown into the turning point of the book to match the dress on the cover.

    2. I was thinking Reluctant or Secondhand, too. Bob suggested Imperfect, but I don’t think so. I think it takes a special person to really “get” that book and when any book is reduced to .99 suddenly tons of people who’d have never read it otherwise start snapping it up and likely many won’t care for it. But I do think Secondhand would be a good choice.

      Yay on an upcoming birthday! I must have known on a subconscious level.

    1. Sadly, I can’t do Wayward. If someone picks it up without having read the others in the series, they might be confused.

      Reluctant is still a possibility though. Thanks for chiming in.

  4. Somehow if I dig deep enough I’m sure I’ll have the strenght to wait a couple more months for Yankee. As others have said I would rather wait and have a good book to read instead of a rushed meh book to read.

  5. I suppose if I can wait until October 15 to see Wanted 2, I can wait until then for His Yankee Bride.

    I stumbled upon Intentions when I searched for free books only this past May, because you know, as a teacher (and a laid-off California teacher at that), I am on a limited budget, and free was within my budget. However, I couldn’t fathom the idea having to wait to read the rest, so I …uh…repappropriated — yeah, that’s the right word — reappropriated professional reading funds to Reading Just For FUNds, and bought the whole lot — the Sisters, the Grooms, — and finished reading them all by the end of June (sleep is overrated), and the one Bride, which I haven’t started reading yet, because I REALLY don’t want to wait that long between books, so I have begun rereading the whole series again. (I do the same with movie and tv series — I didn’t watch Lord of the Rings until the last one came out. Then I watched 1 and 2 back to back, then went to see 3 that night. Yes, I know I need therapy.)

    Just got done watching seasons 1 and 2 of The Game of Thrones in 2 days (I reiterate — sleep is overrated), and the next season doesn’t start until March 31, 2013. And I don’t have HBO. Guess I’ll have to read the books…

    I suppose you can focus better and concentrate longer on your writing if you didn’t respond to all our responses, but those fun to read too, so I guess part of the delay in Yankee is our fault. Your life is safe.

    1. I don’t like to wait long between books, either, but unfortunately I cannot write them as fast as they can be read. I, too, like to watch (or read) everything at once. I love Downton Abbey, it’s a British show about an earl’s family before and during WWI. It’s phenomenal. I bought the first two seasons and watched them within two weeks. And THAT’S probably why I still haven’t finished my book…

      I am honored though that you enjoyed my first book so much that you reappropriated your funds. That means a lot since you obviously enjoyed my writing and the world I created.

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