12 for ’12 Update

Someone recently emailed and asked how I was doing on my 12 resolutions for 2012. I must say it’s not pretty. Here’s the original list and my progress…

1. I will teach my son to tie his shoes–even if it half kills me in the process

Uh, he can tie them…just not the right way. It’s his way…. and they don’t stay tied…. So this is a negative.

2. I will read 25 books this year that I want to read–not for reviews, beta reads, help with edits or any other ‘professional’ reason, but just because I want to read them

I’ve bought 25 such books, but I’ve only read about seven.

3. I will lose that 25 pounds I’ve been carrying around since my youngest son was born (hey, he’s almost five, it’s past time to say farewell)

I’m about 15 of the way there.

4. I will keep OFF that extra 25 pounds I’ve been carrying around since my youngest was born–lost 23 of it in 2010 only to have it come back in 2011

See above.

5.  I will stick to that monthly spending allowance I’ve given myself for ebooks on Amazon (that ‘buy with one click’ thing really adds up. Sheesh)

Check! I’ve actually stayed within this one without difficulty, presumably due to number two.

6. I will say “no” when asked to take on anymore projects, even if I have to practice this in front of the mirror

Nope. This didn’t work. I agreed to ride in the MS-150 and fundraise for it. So while I didn’t hold true to the resolution past two months, I don’t mind breaking it for a good cause.

7. I’ll finish Her Sister’s Intended (working title)

I haven’t even opened the file…and probably won’t. I’ve been too busy writing about the Banks men that Viscount Belgrave and the wrong bride will have to wait. I don’t see this being completed this year. Not if I want to finish Elijah and Henry’s books.

8. I will not wait until the last minute to look for cover images again (oops!)

I’ve done very, very well on this. I no longer attempt to make my own covers. I have someone else do them. Not only do I not have to spend the time searching for pictures, she does a far superior job making them than I could dream of!

9. I will NOT under any circumstances change one of my books due to public criticism (unless it’s a genuine typo)

I’m pleased to say that I haven’t made a single change to a book with the exception of a genuine typo or updating what’s available or coming soon!

10. I will take no less than 20 accordion lessons (don’t ask, you don’t really want to know)

Sadly, I haven’t taken any.

11. I will give an honest attempt at remembering my manners when making posts on here and refrain from posting about impotence, fondling beasts (sic intended), bathroom habits of stinky men at the mall, and anything else most might find offensive or  morally repugnant.

Oh dear. I’ve not only broken this one. I’ve smashed it to smithereens with my talk of pimps, bully sticks, getting stuck in a dress and rude ladies who dared insult me to my face.

and finally…

12. I will get to know those who follow me better. But that means YOU have to help, too. I used to recognize about 80% of those who followed me just by seeing their e-mail address. Now? Uh, no. Don’t be shy, feel free to comment or write me with a question you’d like to see me answer. There’ve been very few–if any–questions I’ve refused to answer, including what the note said that Marcus pinned on Emma’s backside before the musical recital or the urgent question regarding my husband’s similarity between another of my heroes.

This is passable. I’ve done all I can: asking for opinions, telling mortifying stories about myself, and even running polls. Some of you have responded some are probably wishing you’d never subscribed. Either way, I do appreciate all of you who’ve responded. I hate feeling as if I’m talking to myself on here. So thanks!!


There you have it. Some goals have been dumped already and some I’m still working on. I’d love to know how your 2012 goals are going!

10 thoughts on “12 for ’12 Update”

  1. Well I would say you are doing a great job with your goals. I never really set goals, well I think about them but never actually write them down anywhere.
    When I got my Nook Color last July for my birthday I told myself that I would start reading again. I used to read all the time, unless I was crocheting, but I had spent the last couple of years stuck in cyber land. Using the computer as my means to escape real world issues and spent way too much time on it.
    So with the Nook Color I figured I had the best of both worlds. Unfortunately, I spent most my time playing games on the Nook and not reading. Finally after 6 months and a generous gift card for Christmas I was able to buy some books on my wishlist and started to read and now 6 months later I read about 4 books a week. Which is how I stumbled upon your wonderful books back in January. I had Wayward on my wishlist for quite sometime but before I bought it I figured I better read the other 2 that went with it.
    My other goal of crocheting again hasn’t come to fruition. I think the problem I have with that is the fact that my husband and I don’t watch TV anymore and that was when I crocheted because I can’t just sit and watch, I have to be doing something. I used to crochet at least 2 baby blankets a week. I used to sell them at a local children’s boutique, but stopped when I got pregnant with the last one. So it’s been about 3 years and I have way too much yarn sitting around the house. It also doesn’t help that my 2 year old is obsessed with my yarn and won’t leave it alone the few times I have tried to crochet. I have tried to give him his own yarn but he would much rather try and pull on the yarn I am using.
    Anyway, there I go wandering in my thoughts. At least I am helping you with your goal of getting to know your readers better. LOL.

    By the way, what is with that picture of the “abs” on the side of this blog? It is very distracting.

    1. I find that if I don’t write them down, I don’t every try to accomplish my goals. I’m rather curious (but you don’t have to tell me) why were you attracted to Wayward first? The description is much shorter and more vague, so I’d think from a reader’s standpoint, that would seem like the biggest gamble of the three if they hadn’t read the others already.

      Ah, crocheting, a hobby I gave up on long ago. I was never that good at it anyway, but two years ago I was diagnosed with RA and holding that darn needled and yard was killing my hand. Surprisingly, typing doesn’t hurt unless I do it nonstop for six or more hours. But I get so distracted with looking stuff up on the Internet and reading articles that it’s rare I type that much. However, if it’d help you get back into crocheting I am looking for a crocheted baby blanket (not for me)…

      The abs picture is the badge for a blog hop I’m participating in at the end of the month. If you’d like you can pretend that the abs in the pictures are from your favorite hero of mine, though. LOL

      1. I would be happy to crochet a a baby blanket for you.

        As for Wayward, I really don’t know. I might have put another book on my wishlist and then it always recommends other books and that might be where I saw it first. Of course the synopsis probably did catch my attention with things like Quiet Madison, secretly loved for years. I like those things and of course you don’t expect a romance to have a “botched wedding night.”
        As for the “abs” did you have a hero that was THAT muscular? LOL.

        Sorry about the RA. I know other people with it and it is no fun.

      2. I was only teasing about the blanket, but if you have the hankering…

        I’ve known a few who read Wayward first, but I don’t think the emotion (and understanding of course) is quite the same with the backstory.

        Oh, ALL of my heroes are that muscular–and more. LOL

  2. I think you’re doing very well, Rose! And number 1 totally counts!! LOL!

    I’ve stopped making New Year’s Resolutions — I just have life goals and dreams — for me, they happen when they happen.

    A few years ago, we had a picture of a home in West Palm Beach on our Vision Board. Don’t know why. Just thought it seemed like a great place to live, based on our obsession with the short-lived TV show, Privileged. It came OFF the VB about a year ago. “Why would we want to live in Florida?!?!” And then after a trip to the Caribbean this year, we decided we wanted to move to FL! LOL! We’re not moving to West Palm Beach, but we ARE moving to its neighbor, Palm Beach Gardens. So I think that might count towards fulfilling some kind of goal. LOL!

    1. Thank you, Jerrica. You always have a way of making me feel better about everything!

      Too funny about FL. You know, I didn’t even know at first that you WANTED to move to FL. I thought you guys were moving for job related reasons. Shows how “in the loop” I am. LOL

      If it makes you feel any better, for years my husband said he’d never even GO to California, but now that he found a “superior” medical school that’s in California and all he can talk about is when we go to California! Craziness.

  3. Impotence, fondling breasts, stinky bathroom habits… Rose, this is why I read your blog. That lady with the bowel problem who needed to be near the bathroom and the pimp are things I’ll never forget for as long as I live. You can make anything sound interesting. You have one of the most exciting “real life” posts I’ve ever read. Me? I go to the pool, read a book while kids play, and come home. While I don’t want some weirdo sitting next to me and telling me to go see if the girl who just broke up with him is still in the bathroom, it does make for good reading when it happens to you. 😀 This is stuff you can use in future books, and we’ll all know how you came up with Lord Crysalot and love your work all the more for it.

    1. Well, I’m glad I have one fan for life on my blog!!! Oh darn, I can’t steal your Lord Crysalot–you know copyright and all LOL, but maybe Sir Sobbin will make an appearance. Though I can only imagine what the critics would say to that one.

  4. I stopped making resolutions a long time ago. Although I’m impressed at how well you are doing on most of them. As far as not posting inappopriate things on this blog, well that just would not be any fun now would it.

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