Sugar as a medicine?!

A few years before the end of his life, my maternal grandfather was told to stop eating sugar–it could kill him. A few weeks later, I went to visit him and noticed he had a large bag of candy in his car. When I asked him about it, his response to me was, “We all have to die of something. It might as well be sugar.”

Most of us love sugary treats but did you know that while our general physicians don’t want us to go near sugar, there are a few things sugar IS good for?

  1. While researching how people treated sunburns in the 1780s, I found a passage that stated that for hundreds of years, sugar was used as a healing drug. People would sprinkle the sugar over their wound and it would dry up the wound and kill bacteria that might cause an infection. As a disclaimer, the very next paragraph stated that cow manure was also a wonderful medicine to apply to wounds, snakebites and infections. I think I’ll stick with Neosporin, thank you.
  2. In recent years, researchers at Boston University found that when fructose and glucose were added to a drug administered to help cure TB, the drug worked better. Apparently, much like with us humans, the sugar made the bugs/bacteria vulnerable to the drug, which allowed the drug to kill them and help cure the human–which actually supports the former fact of using sugar go help ward off a bacteria infection in a wound.
  3. This ties with #1 as my favorite sugar fact. If you have the hiccups, eat a packet (or spoonful) of sugar. I cannot explain why, but this works to cure them immediately. Something about the texture of the granulars and how they dissolve, I guess.

All right, that was all the fascinating knowledge I have to share for the day. I need to get back to writing about a painful, red, blistering, nausea-inducing, energy-zapping sunburn.

6 thoughts on “Sugar as a medicine?!”

  1. Awesome. I never thought sugar to be used that way.

    I did learn that if you have morning sickness or slight nausea, you can dab your finger in ground ginger, put it under your tongue, and your nausea goes away. (I learned this after I tied my tubes, unfortunately.)

    1. Oh, I love the ginger tip! I probably won’t be having any more babies, either, but still good to know so one day when my boys get married, I can suggest it a thousand times to my daughter-in-law. LOL

  2. When I was a kid, I loved to to eat the packet of sugar that was at the restaurants.. Maybe that is why I’m a chubby adult 🙂

    Also loved the creamer packets. Still addicted to eating those so I never buy it.

    1. Really? Creamer? I never thought to eat the sugar packet until last summer when I had hiccups at a family dinner and someone told me to eat the sugar packet. I’d never just eating sugar like that so I was a little timid about looking like a moron as I ate the sugar straight from the packet, but it worked. And now by the third hiccup, I’m downing a sugar packet.

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