Updates about the MS Fund, Kobo, and Bob

MS Fund

As promised, yesterday I did the math and updated the side of my blog to reflect the amount of money that’s been raised already to go toward the Multiple Sclerosis fund. As of the end of the day Sunday July 15, 2012, we’re at $3,983.75, which is outstanding. Thank you all so much!

A few asked if there was another way to contribute since they’d already purchased the book–and the answer is yes. Just below the progress bar on the right side of my blog is a link for donations.

Also, Her Sudden Groom has now been changed to .99 at Kobo

Kobo Update

If you are a Kobo user, you are now in luck. Starting yesterday, I am now able to deliver my books straight to them without having to wait for Smashwords’ approval into the premium catalog or waiting to be shipped and accepted by Kobo. I had three books that weren’t up there and Her Sudden Groom was still at its original price, so last night I took care of changing the price and getting all eight books up there (including His Contract Bride). In the future, Kobo will be included on my list of links when a book is first available. I was amazed at how quickly things go through their system and the books were made available.


Following yesterday’s post, I had tons of emails about Bob and his kayak:

Yes, he knew I posted that–he even read over it before I did.

In case you’re wondering, he wore a long sleeve shirt for sun protection. There isn’t a lot of shade around the lake, at least not by water deep enough for him to flip. Plus, he hates sunscreen.

It’s actually common and necessary for kayakers to practice flipping and getting back into their kayaks because they need to know what to do (and that they can successfully do it) before it’s an emergent situation.

It took him about 80 working hours to build the kayak from cutting the wood to applying the polyurethane. He didn’t actually have plans, but looked at the designs and outlines of ones other people had made then modified their notes in order to build his.

He’s built two–one for him and one for our boys. The second one is smaller and he once again developed his own plans with the idea the boat would be shorter and more narrow than the one he’d built himself. Obviously the second one didn’t take nearly as long.

While it was extremely hysterical to watch him attempt to get back in yesterday, I have to hand it to him, he found it just as humorous as I did and was a really good sport about it. As anyone who’s read more than one of my books knows, I tend to prefer the sweeter-type hero and that’s probably because of my husband. Rarely does anything rattle him and even in the worst situations, he can find both the positive and the humor in it–even if it means struggling for 20 minutes to get back into a kayak, and almost sinking it in the process.

4 thoughts on “Updates about the MS Fund, Kobo, and Bob”

  1. You got all of those questions from the post about Bob? This is why I don’t get personal on my blog. That, and unlike Bob, my husband would hate it. LOL

    That’s great about the funds you’ve raised for MS research!

    1. Actually, I got most of those questions from a couple kayaking enthusiasts who saw the post on Twitter.

      I’m thrilled about my funds for MS Research. I never imagined I’d do so well with very little promotion and being such an “unknown” in the first place.

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