Just in case you need a pick-me-up on Monday

I’ve mentioned on here many times that my husband fly fishes. I’m not sure, however, if I’ve ever mentioned that he builds skin-on-frame kayaks. For YEARS he spoke of nothing else but building a boat. In the car he talked about building a boat. At dinner he talked about building a boat. In BED he talked about building a boat.

Finally almost two and a half years ago, I’d had it and told him to build the darn boat!

Then it took him six months to decide which kind of boat to build: a skiff, a punt, a canoe, a kayak, blah, blah blah.

My life was nothing but hearing about boats–oh and fishing.

So he finally built a kayak, and named it Caddywampus due to its…er…imperfections.

Last summer and this, he’s taken Caddywampus (or Caddywomp for short) out to smaller, safer bodies of water. But he’s been itching to take it somewhere larger and practice flipping it over. Yes, flipping it over! He seriously wanted to take it out and try to escape after being flipped over (flipped by yours truly, of course), then wanted to attempt an “Eskimo Roll” where you’ve flipped, then try to roll yourself back upright without having to get out of the kayak.

He managed 9 out of 10 “escapes” from the kayak and back to safety without any assistance. Once, his foot got caught and I had to help which was actually pretty scary. But for his Eskimo Rolls he was 0/2.

One of my most enjoyable parts of the afternoon, was laughing until I got a stomach cramp as I watched him try to get back into the kayak after it had flipped.

And below, I have pictures. (Yes, he knows I’m posting them. I told him I’d post them on Facebook, but thought you guys would enjoy them more than some of my Facebook friends.)

So after it tips, the first thing you have to do is flip it back over…

Then try some method to get back in.

There’s the crawl on top and make the bow sink…

Then, there’s the “Well it’s already underwater, I should just crawl in now…”

And when that doesn’t work, there’s the “Sneak up on the cockpit from behind” tactic…

(Actually, I think he was trying to straddle-sit on the back and this was all I got and I didn’t snap a picture of him actually sitting on it.)

Either way, it didn’t do anything except fill the kayak more full of water, which then led to this:

Followed by this:

(In case you can’t see it very well or don’t know what that is, it’s a pump that’s used to pump the water out of a small boat.)

Of course had he used that  giant sponge I brought him home from Pensacola, the inside of that boat would have been dry in a minute.

10 thoughts on “Just in case you need a pick-me-up on Monday”

  1. Why the long sleeves? It does look nice, he did a good job building it himself. The whole time I read this post, the sponge story lingered in the back of my mind 🙂

  2. Gotta give him an A for trying, that’s for sure. :0) Besides, it looks like he did a very good job on the construction of the boat. And with practice, it will be easy!


    1. Pam, he certainly gets an A for trying. He did a great job. I was actually really impressed with how close he came to getting back in a few times.

      He’s hoping that the more he practices the easier it’ll get, and I’m hoping he never has a need to actually use this particular skill.

  3. I have the same question as Judy about the shirt.
    Thanks for sharing the fun and I am sure THAT sponge would have done the job.

    1. He actually brought a sponge, but it was just one of those oversized sponges you use when washing your car.

      The long sleeves are because he thought they’d be better than sunscreen.

  4. In that next to the last picture he looks like he’s trying to administer cpr to it….lol. “Use the sponge, Bob!” That was my poor attempt at a Jedi voice….and joke. 😉

    1. LOL it does look like he’s trying to do CPR. It was really full of water at that point and sinking, so he was trying to roll it back over so we could lift it and dump the water out.

      Love the Jedi encouragement. He will, too.

  5. I wondered about the sponge, too! Great pics!–Especially since I just finished reading “His Contract Bride”!

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