1. I forgot to mention it yesterday, my interview with Lady Olivia Sinclair, the world’s most loved villainess went live yesterday. You can read/comment here: http://romancing-the-book.com/2012/06/guest-rose-gordon.html#comment-19279
  2. Also, due to the interview, I have decided to temporarily lower the price of Her Sudden Groom to .99. If you haven’t yet purchased it, now is the perfect time to do so. B&N and Smashwords has already made the price change and I suspect by the end of the day Amazon will, too. If not, you can get the file needed for a Kindle at Smashwords or All Romance eBooks.
  3. Looking to give away books… I have about a dozen first-edition “ARCs” of my first seven books that I’ve been trying to get rid of (bear in mind ARCs=a minor amount of typos…one book had two that I found, one had about 20, the others had somewhere in between, thankfully mostly toward the lower end each…so they’re readable, but not perfect). If anyone has any ideas on how I can give them away: contests here or places/blogs to donate them to, etc. I’d love to hear it!
  4. John and Carolina’s story is coming along great and should be ready sometime in September. I’m really excited about that!



13 thoughts on “Randomness”

  1. Yay, for John and Carolina. I hope her character is cooperating with you. Glad we only have to wait until September.

    I will need to check out the Lady O interview, even though I have already read it. I hope you get a lot of positive response from it..

  2. i will participate in a challenge later this year to review historical romance( and i’ve entered another so perhaps even before) perhaps you could propose an arc to these organisator ( Stella from ex libris) and on reading romance – they always look for prize

    Or i would be delighted to receive them for review even with error of typo ( i own only one arc because being international that’s not very common to have)

      1. some authors send arc to international ( or they wait to send a book after the publication, no arc just the book) but it’s true that often it’s only ebook ( too sad -_-) like we don’t deserve the same consideration as others

        But some blog offer arc as prizes for example but yes the opportunity are few

      2. Miki, sorry, I don’t know why I wasn’t sent a notification of your comment. Anyway, I think the biggest reason that ARCs are so rare outside the US for a book printed in the US is the cost of shipping. I recently sent two books internationally. Both books cost me almost 20 USD (United States Dollars) each just to mail. E-books considerably cheaper (free even) so for economical reasons, that’s probably why ARCs are few and far between.

      1. Funny, I looked earlier today but it wasn’t there. Thanks for letting me know. I just went and purchased it. Now, do I start reading it now or finish the book I am currently reading? Decisions, decisions.

      2. Yeah, I know it wasn’t there earlier! LOL

        I uploaded everything Thursday and was hoping to announce the release yesterday–Friday–but B&N was really slow to get it up, so I had to wait.

        I hope you like it–oh and finish the other book first! This one will be waiting when you’re done!

        Thanks for the support.

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