What’s in a Novel Part 1: An introduction to a new blog series I’ll be posting about

Without fail, when I go to a readers’ or writers’ convention, book signings, in my inbox, or even at the mall when I’m writing, I’ll get asked what exactly goes into writing a book in the digital age–or in general. Where do I get my ideas from? How long does it take to write a novel? What does my workspace look like? How do you edit? On and on.

So, without being too boring (I hope) I’ve decided to do a small blog series that will give you all (and yes, it’s even been a few here who’ve asked) a better understanding of exactly what I do, because frankly, for as much as I’d like to think my work consists of just dreaming up handsome heroes and unusual situations for the hero and heroine to find themselves in, there’s a lot more that goes into it.

Here is a working list of what topics I’ll try to cover:


  • Plot and Character Ideas
  • Research
  • Making it all work–from the first sentence to the last
  • When things fall to crap


  • From first draft to “final” copy–the 10-step process
  • Formatting errors: is the problem with the file or the eReader?

The Making of a Series:

  • Ideas for a series and keeping the underlying storylines moving
  • Organization of facts about other family members
  • When a series grows and spawns
  • Picking Titles
  • Finding Covers
  • Getting a book to Amazon/B&N
  • Making changes after the book is live
  • The dreaded writer’s block
If there’s something else you’d like to know, now’s the time to ask so it can be added to the list.

Please keep in mind, I know that 85-90% of the usual readers of these posts are readers and not writers. As such, I’d like to make these posts as “reader friendly” as I can. I know readers are mildly interested in this stuff, and that’s great, I’m happy to share. But if you’re a writer who is looking for some wonderful writerly advice or a thorough, step-by-step tutorial on anything I listed above, this will not be a good source for you.

9 thoughts on “What’s in a Novel Part 1: An introduction to a new blog series I’ll be posting about”

  1. Well, I for one am looking forward to these posts. The only other writers blog I follow did a similar thing and I found it very interesting and I will be curious to see how similar and different your ways of doing things are, especially since you write digital books and she writes for a publishing company with specific deadlines to meet. Interestingly you both have your next book coming out July 1st.
    It’s been 15 years since I took creative writing courses in college, but I still have my notebooks and handouts that I pull out from time to time. I just think this will be a lot of fun and who knows, you may even inspire me to write again.

    1. No pressure for your comparison, right? LOL

      We all do things differently, so be prepared.

      And maybe you will pull some of those unfinished projects out!

      1. No pressure. Just curious how things differ and how things are the same.
        I am excited for two new books in July though.

  2. Not that I would ever have the discipline, let alone the talent to write a novel, but from a business standpoint I am fascinated with the business end of e-publishing. How is the pricing of a book established? Can you get paid anything on a book that is free, what about $.99 priced and what per percentage is paid and to whom and from where. It just seems that an author who puts all that blood, sweat and tears into creating a novel and to make nothing on it would be a real heartbreak. I am not looking to know what any authors income is, I am just curious as to how it all is determined and by who? (Nosy little bugger – aren’t I?)

    1. Wow, Linda. I was afraid this would be the one topic that would make everyone cringe. I’ll see what I can say that doesn’t come off as offensive, but there are answers to all of those. Some that might shock you. LOL

  3. Well, I’m currently looking for the writers end of all that, but I’m certainly interested in the “reader friendly” version. I’m not ready to do most of the stuff except the writing part right now anyway and everything is useful. Besides it’ll be fun to see what you have to say on the subjects listed.

    1. Marlena, if you’re looking for a good source for information from writers to other writers, go here: http://selfpubauthors.com/

      Whether you’re looking to pursue mass market publication, small press, ebooks only or self-publish, this place has some of the best resources combined with direct advice.

      Of course you’re welcome to ask me anything you’d like to know at the end of one of my posts, but if you’re wanting the full meat and potatoes of each of these topics, I’d go to the link.

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