Oh dear…

Ever have one of those days (or weeks…or even months) where things just AREN’T going your way??

Last fall I think it was, I blogged about a Murphy’s Law Day, and today I’m having another!

Or perhaps it’s been all week… I don’t know.

What I do know is I have become the victim of myself and my own ignorance–particularly regarding website building, mapping, updating and the email program that goes along with it. What a mess…

But there IS hope for the ignorant like myself. At least that’s what one of my really good friends tells me. This particular friend is what I’d consider an “always friend”.

Curious as to what an “always friend” is?

I’d tell you, but I’m terrified to spend another minute on the computer longer than I have to for fear of inadvertently disabling something else. So instead, I’ll let Edward Banks, Baron Watson, the hero of His Contract Bride, explain it:

(Please note, this is copied and pasted from the draft I sent to the editor, so there might be typographical errors and something might change between this passage and what appears in the book…)

 …Suddenly, he stopped rowing. “Look there.” He pulled the paddle out of the water and pointed toward the shore.

She followed the imaginary line coming from the end of his wooden paddle to where a frog was sitting in wait for a fly, perched on a partially waterlogged log.

“Has one of your pets escaped?”

“No. I never was that fond of keeping frogs. They’re too noisy.”

“Let me guess, they kept you up at night.”

“Not me. My brother Jarred.” He paused to watch the frog jump off the log and into the water. “He complained to mother that he could hear my frogs through the wall and she made me release them.”

“Is that when you started keeping turtles?”

“Not quite. That came later.” A slow smile spread his lips, and he resumed his paddling. “I’m glad you remember that though. Actually, after the frogs, came spiders, much to my mother’s dismay.”

“Spiders? What on earth for?”

“To torture Jarred for convincing mother to make me get rid of the frogs.” He glanced up at the sun, then turned his attention back to her. “Can you keep a secret?”

She leaned forward. “Of course.”

“The only reason the frogs didn’t keep me awake at night was because after everyone would go to sleep, I’d sneak out and sleep in an empty bedchamber. Annoying things, they were.”

“Do you know where this leads?” Regina asked him a short while later for no other reason than to make conversation.

“I sure don’t.” He flashed her a smile. “It depends on which way we go.”

“Didn’t you already decide that when you placed the boat in the water.”

Edward shook his head. “Have I ever told you that you have the best sense of humor of anyone I’ve ever met.”

“I shall take that as a compliment and offer you my advice.”

He pulled the paddle out of the water and moved it to the other side, dropping a row of tiny drips along her lap. “And what is that?”

“If I have the best sense of humor of anyone you know, then you are certainly in need of more friends.”

He shook his head. “No. I believe I have all the friends a man needs.”

“One friend is all a man needs?” she teased.

“Sometimes,” he said with a shrug; the muscles of his forearms flexing with each stroke he made. “There are two types of people in this life. One who has scores of ‘sometimes’ friends. These are the friends who are there when it’s convenient for them.” He stopped paddling for a moment and withdrew a handkerchief from his pocket to wipe the sweat from his brow. “Then there are the ‘always’ friends. These are the people who may not always say what you want to hear, but are always there when you need them.”

Edward stopped talking just long enough to navigate them around a cluster of rocks then continued. “I’m unusual, I suppose as I’d rather have one always friend rather than a thousand sometimes friend.” He moved his paddle to the other side of the boat, but didn’t move it, just held it there, slowing down the movement of the boat. “Somehow I managed to be blessed with an unusual amount of good fortune and was granted two such friends.”

“I see,” she said, forcing a smile. Did he consider her to be a friend equal to Lord Sinclair. Or worse, did he think her the kind who would desert him when he needed her?

Edward pushed down on the paddle in his hand, digging the end into the soft mud at the bottom of the creek bed, leading the boat to come to a stop so abrupt that Regina jolted forward and lost her seat.

Edward’s strong hands closed around her arms just above her elbows, stilling her before her knees hit the floor of the boat. “Do you care to know which category you fall into?”

“Yes.” Her word a broken whisper.

Eyes locking, he pulled her so close to him, she could all but feel his lips on hers. “Neither,” he whispered before taking her lips in a kiss that…

I think that’s enough excerpt for one day! I hope you all have a great afternoon.

15 thoughts on “Oh dear…”

  1. Sorry about your week, but thank you for the the little teaser. I’d say I am counting the days until the book comes out, but I am not sure if we ever got a definite date. You know I love Edward and he may be my favorite hero of yours yet.
    I did notice a typo or two, but I think I am still willing to give the book a chance, as long as you fix it. (written with much sarcasm).
    I really hope your day/week gets better.

    1. What a crazy week! I don’t even know where to begin… Anyway, I thought I did put a definite date on this!! Now, I’ll have to go check. Good grief. I wouldn’t put it past me not to have.

      Too funny about the typo or two. I’m sure there is. I seem to have this way of creating two every time I fix one! LOL

      Thanks for the well wishes on my week. I need them!

    2. Oh, and I forgot to mention this sooner, you love Edward and think he might be your favorite based on that?! Gracious. I may not have to do much to win you over!

      1. I think you mentioned July first but I wasn’t sure if that was definite.
        As for errors, the one that stood out was was when Edward said he was blessed with an unusual about of good luck instead of amount.

        I loved Edward in Sudden, from his personality from his sick bed, to dancing with his wife at the wedding, to the flashbacks of him helping get Caroline away from her father. So even this little glimpse of him is helping him secure himself as my favorite. I really don’t dislike any of them, but a couple of them have a bigger place in my heart than others.

      2. July 1st is what I think right now!

        I loved Edward immediately, too. Rereading his past scenes in preparation for this book was really enjoyable for me. He is just so darn hysterical! At least to me he is.

        I have to tell you, there have been a few of my heroes who’ve made a few messes or done things that even irritated me, but I don’t think there is any one of them who I wouldn’t let sweep me off my feet and ride into the proverbial sunset with. (There are, however, a few I’d be a leaping into their arms though! LOL)

      1. So I realized something last night as I was re-reading Her Sudden Groom to get ready for His Contract Bride. You never told us why the Bank brothers call Edwina Winnie. Unless its in Her Imprefect Groom (although I’m pretty sure its not although I’ll know for sure when I finish re-reading it tonight). So that got me curious if we are ever going to find out the sotry behind her nick name.

      2. Eh, I never really discussed the nickname again. I almost did in Edwina’s book, but deleted the scene as it really didn’t do much to help the story. It won’t be in this book, either, as she’s not alive for 99% of the book. I might bring it up in one of her other brothers’ books: Elijah or Henry, but don’t know for sure yet. I’d almost rather just let it go at it was a nickname based on a shorter version of her name and let the “other” story continue to be a Banks family secret.

      3. I guess I always just figured Weenie was short for her name anyway. However, since she grew up with 3 brothers I suppose it could have a hidden meaning as well. I suppose every family is entitled to their secrets.

  2. Well I guess I will let you keep that secret. Its just that Alex starts to tell and then is stopped which just make me curious about the story behind it. maybe a blog post or something for us fans.

    1. LOL I know why thought it’d be expounded upon, but there are some things that are better left up to the imagination of the reader such as the reason behind the nickname and just who it was who carved Alex’s name in the pink mallet.

      However, there are some things that might have left people curious but not so much that they’d write to ask me about that just MIGHT be explained in this next book…

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