Well, then, since everyone likes to give opinions…

Apparently, there are quite a few of you who like to give opinions…

So putting aside my personal feelings and swallowing a large quantity of bravery pills, I’m asking for more opinions.

I’m now starting the book about Carolina Ellis soon-to-be Banks, the mother of the three hoyden sisters from my first series. As it would happen, Carolina seems to have a personality that either makes you either find her fun or slightly annoying.

Over the past year, I’ve been  asked if she was a spy or suffered a head injury and even had someone express interest in causing said head injury by wanting to whack her in the head with a baseball bat.

She’s a little eccentric, I’ll grant you that. But she is to be the heroine of my next book, so I feel compelled to find some redeeming quality in her somewhere and pray that I’m able to make her likable despite her dramatic and slightly unusual personality!  That being said, I’m curious, what is it you all might expect to see in this book (besides romance between two of the most opposite personality types ever written)?

I started writing the book last night and got through the prologue (lol) started Chapter One in her POV, so I’ve got a little footing with it and I have several ideas about her, but I am curious what you all expect where she’s concerned.


Off topic of this book and back onto prologues in general, tomorrow or Wednesday, I’ll make another post about prologues as I noticed this made for a few very interesting conversations.

6 thoughts on “Well, then, since everyone likes to give opinions…”

  1. First I had to go back and read your synopsis of His Yankee Bride. I really pictured Carolina being the pursuer so I am glad that you have that in the synopsis. I could picture her bored with life and looking for a little adventure/challenge and then in walks John. You said he looks like a beggar (or something like that) but I have a feeling that underneath that he still has the manners of the English Gentleman that he is, which would be a big draw to Carolina. Of course she is going to be like no one John has ever met. We already know that she speaks her mind before really thinking about it. She would definitely be a rule breaker to a point (all to do with her fun loving nature), But in my mind she also has a reserved side (she couldn’t even talk to her daughters about what to expect on their wedding nights). I could see her being one of those who seems more worldly than she actually is. I really think beneath everything she has a heart of gold and loves with a fierce devotion. Wasn’t it mentioned that she raised the girls without help?
    I just picture this book being a lot of fun to read and can’t wait to see how she manages to win over John. Of course we know he has a little bit of a sneaky side as well.

    I guess I am in the camp that finds her fun and not annoying. A spy? really?

    1. I’m glad you find her fun. Care to guess what her first line is? LOL

      So far, what I think of Carolina, you are spot on. I think she’s the pursuer and I also think she has more inhibitions than she cares to reveal. I once read a book where there was so much chatting during the intimate scene (questions on her end, explanations on his) that I wondered how on earth the two actually managed to have children. I was a bit worried with Regina’s naivety and Edward’s love for biology that things might turn into a science lecture, but it didn’t. Carolina, though, might be a bundle of questions… who knows.

  2. Hmm… I guess I didn’t much of an image from her when I read the other books. She was the mother and “there”, but she didn’t stand out for some reason. From where I stand, you have a clean slate, and really, until you’re in that character’s point of view, it’s hard to get a clear handle on them. Write it as she leads you. She might annoy some, but others will find her fun. I don’t think there’s ever been the perfect character. And readers bring their own preferences to a book, which also influences how they perceive a character. Zoe Winters did a great post on that a while back. If I knew the title of the post, I’d insert the link. 😀 But the gist of what she said is that the author writes the book, and what happens from there is up to whoever reads it.

    BTW, I’ve been surprised when I write books based on a secondary character from another book and I realize the character was a lot different from how the other characters saw him/her. Sometimes what other characters see the character as isn’t what that character is really like. And honestly, that’s part of the fun of writing a book.

    1. It’s very true what you say about the difference between how other characters see a secondary character and how they really are. I had no idea what really to expect of Alex until I started writing his book.

      Another really good example of this is Gateway/Benjamin. There were many who didn’t want to like him or took them a good half the book to start liking him because they thought he was an evil villain who didn’t get his just desserts in the first book. But see, that book was told through Brooke and Andrew’s point of view. How they perceived him. This kind of goes along with that, but some people believe Benjamin concocted his madness to spite Brooke because she rejected him. And why shouldn’t they think this? Benjamin wasn’t forthcoming with details during that book, all the details we have on that came from Brooke and Andrew.

      I digress.

      So far, Carolina has been what I expected. I think she’s fun and vibrant but also has some insecurities. Fortunately, I haven’t written too much about her already, that does help give me room to develop her.

  3. I think the men in Charleston aren’t what Carolina was expecting because they bore her. Since she’s overdramatic then she’d probably need someone who at least understood her and could interest her in conversation. Hence John’s sense of humor. Since John’s uninterested in marriage then it’s unlikely that he’d be willing to spend time with a young lady who is interested in marriage. I would think that’s where his pennilessness and initial beggerly look would work to Carolina’s advantage. (Though not necessarily through fortune hunting.) Not quite sure how but I’m sure Carolina could come up with something. 😉
    To make her a little less in your face I would think that she’d be one of those types who doesn’t mind being the center of a party but normally is a little more still. Not necessarily less… cheerful, just slightly calmer about it.

    1. Not necessarily less… cheerful, just slightly calmer about it.

      LOL You have one thing right on: when John meets Carolina, he is NOT interested in marriage! *grins*

      In my original version of Intentions of the Earl (I don’t think this is in there anymore, if I’d known then that I’d be writing this book, I’d have left it in) following Carolina’s remark about them falling in love at first sight, John mumbles something about, men not falling in love at first sight–lust at first sight perhaps but certainly not love…but why bother to correct her? It didn’t hurt anything for her to live in a fantasy world. (Obviously that is not the exact wording I used because I can’t remember it exactly, but that was fairly close and it helped shed light on their relationship. Once again, this shows how one person’s perception of characters or events is different than another’s!)

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