Bob’s insolence and Lady O

First and foremost, it looks like “Bob” just might stick! [Insert evil villain’s laugh]

The votes were close. Very close. There were nine for Collin and ten for Bob. However, overall, I WAS outvoted. Some of the “other” names suggested were:





As vastly different as it is from all the other names listed or his real name, I kind of like the name Quinn (thank you to the anonymous voter), so I’ll use that–if I can remember and he doesn’t do something to get under my skin, example: the wallet fiasco.

Now, about Lady Olivia…

I was amazed at how many questions (here and in my inbox) were directed at her…er…intimate activity. Well, for those of you who are curious as to which method of drug or weaponry she used on “who sired the baby?”, I have something for you all to think about. As I have begun the “tidying up” stage of His Contract Bride, I had to re-read snatches of other books, particularly Her Sudden Groom where Edward’s character has the largest role, to make sure ages, dates, events, personalities, etc all line up. While re-reading that book, I had a moment of sheer wonder and bewilderment.

Here’s the passage:

[The following passage contains a frank discussion on adult themes. Please do not read if you have a tendency to embarrass easily or wish to pretend you and/or your children were conceived by immaculate conception.]

If he wants an heir, he had better hope I conceive right away. I have no interest in the activity, and I’m only enduring it with him once.”

Or what?”

Either he’ll have no heir or a cuckoo,” she said evenly, inspecting her nails.


You know, a child that he technically is not the father of.”

I know what a cuckoo is,” Caroline said, closing her eyes and willing herself not to pull her hair—or Olivia’s—out in frustration. “But you just said you have no interest in the activity. Why would you want to do it with someone else?”

I said with him. I might enjoy the activity with someone else.”

Caroline shook her head. Poor Mr. Banks. “You might enjoy it with him.” Knowing Olivia had no desire to be faithful, let alone a desire to give the gentleman in question a chance before declaring she’d need to seek comfort elsewhere, was disheartening.

Olivia snorted. “I won’t.”

How do you know?” she countered. “Just because he wears spectacles, talks continuously about science, wears his clothes slightly askew, and has been publicly dubbed Arid Alex, doesn’t mean there’s not something you might find enjoyable about him.”

There’s not,” Olivia assured her. “Anyway, I can just imagine how awful our first—and only—time will be. ‘Now, hold very still, I’m going to insert my [censored due to public posting],’” she said, imitating a man’s voice.

Caroline’s eyes went wide. She knew the mechanics of procreation because she liked to be outside and from time to time she’d helped with the animals. But how Olivia had learned such a thing was a mystery she didn’t wish to uncover. “He won’t say that.” 


Like Caroline, I’d like to know just how Olivia knew that. She was obviously lying by saying she had no interest in the activity because it was only a matter of months following Caroline’s marriage that Olivia got herself into a predicament. But just how did a “virtuous” young lady such as Olivia know such details already? Hmm…

There were many other good questions that I’ll try my best to incorporate into the interview, provided she doesn’t get angry and break anything of mine!

I think that’s all for today. On a completely unrelated note, the former Lady Sinclair (Marcus and Olivia’s mother) is not nearly as bad as Olivia, but I think it should be obvious where Olivia gets some of her mannerisms.

Thanks to all who humored my husband by voting or submitted questions for Lady O. I’ve said it before, but it does bear repeating, my readers are the best!

7 thoughts on “Bob’s insolence and Lady O”

  1. Darn. Here I was hoping Romeo might work since Romeo is one of the greatest romantic heroes of all time in the literary world. Guess you can’t have it all. Bob it is. LOL

    Okay, I might have to use this as a tagline or a warning on some of my books: “Please do not read if you have a tendency to embarrass easily or wish to pretend you and/or your children were conceived by immaculate conception.” ROFL. I love that last part!

    Also, great censorship for “Now hold very still. I’m going to insert my *****” I’m tempted to use that line for a comical first time scene in one of my books from a hero who hasn’t done it before and feels very inept at the whole thing. Mind if I use those two lines?

    As for Lady O getting pregnant, there are men out there who’ll be with anyone, and I can see her not being “that” proper since she’s the type who’ll flash Alex and others a boob. 😀

    1. Romeo, oh Romeo…

      I added that because line about immaculate conception because somewhere out there there is probably someone who believes they were created that way and I would hate for them to learn the truth HERE. Gracious, that could be life-altering.

      It’s so funny you say that about a guy actually saying that, for a split-second I thought to have Alex say that just for that very reason, but decided to nix that because then it’d be creepy that Lady O would know him so well. *shudders* Besides, he had enough troubles at not being able to “read” people’s facial expressions, he didn’t need to be any weirder.

      You nailed it. I don’t know why anyone would be surprised about Lady O getting around, she showed Alex BOTH of her bosoms for goodness’ sake. Not only that, she proposed to Andrew. And if I remember right, she was trying to show off the tops of her bosoms as she did so. Not to mention, in my original version of Her Sudden Groom, I had an extra scene that was cut where Gateway tells Alex that Lady O propositioned herself to him in a far more forward way than exposing her bosoms. I deleted this scene as I was concerned on the long-term effects such a proposition might have on Benjamin and if after retelling the story, he’d be able to perform for his wife again due to the mental images that were likely to be stuck in his brain.

  2. I really think I might have been conceived by immaculate conception. If my parents so much as kissed, and by kiss I mean a peck, in front of me I got embarrassed. I knew my parents loved each other but they weren’t very demonstrative and my mom never had “THE” talk with me. I can still barely talk to her about private things. Imagine my horror when I married a man whose parents are very demonstrative and talk about having sex all the time. The day we returned from our honeymoon, which happened to be my husband’s birthday, the very first thing my MIL asked my husband (over the phone) was “How’s the sex?” I really couldn’t believe it. Apparently, after 13 years of marriage I have become more like my in-laws than my parents, which makes my husband very happy.

    1. My husband gave me fair warning, I just didn’t heed it. I thought he was teasing when he told me his family was like a bunch of rabbits. Yeah, he wasn’t kidding. ALL of them talk about sex very openly and freely–even his 80+ year-old grandmother “gets” the jokes, and her sister, who is like 85 is often the ones telling them.

      Funny tangent, especially since this person might read this lol. I never really had “the talk”, either. About three years ago now, I had to take a Human Sexuality class in college and our first paper had to be about our parents giving us the talk and if we found it to be informative when the time came. So, brave soul that I’ve become after marrying into a family of rabbits, I insisted my mother give me “the talk”. (Yes, I’d already had two children.) I was totally shocked (and amused) when she bought a book about it and actually humored me by giving me the talk. Of course, I couldn’t let this once in a lifetime chance get by me, so I made a list of asinine questions to ask her. It was great fun.

      1. Too funny about your mom and the “The Talk.” I did finally have to ask my mom a couple questions a few years ago and it was still very awkward.

        My husband’s grandparents are all still alive and it is definitely his mom’s side of the family where all this openess comes from. Apparently, her parents used to take her and her brother along in the car when they used to go “parking.” Now that is an image you don’t want of your grandparents, even in-laws. My grandmother in-law calls her husband “Pony” in a very loving way. It wasn’t until recent years that I actually thought of what that could possibly mean. I just always thought it was funny. Unfortunately, they are both not in the best of health anymore, but it was always quite amusing watching them interact.

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