Any Questions for Lady O?

Earlier this month, while having a slight lapse in judgement, I agreed to drag Lady Olivia (Notice I say Lady Olivia, not Mrs. Saxon…) in for an interview to be posted on a blog much larger than mine. Now, I call this a lapse in judgement because only someone who is either not firing on all cylinders or very courageous would agree to have one of their own character malign them in front of an audience of more than 4,000 people!

So today I sat down to write this interview. But it turned ugly. Fast. I started with an introduction that included the line, “Most loved villainess”. Hey, it’s true! She is. And she got angry, stomped her foot and her razor sharp tongue flayed me. It only took her about two lines and I was reaching for the blue bandana I like to pretend is a hanky…

Then it occurred to me, perhaps the best way to interview her is to read her YOUR reader questions!

Here’s the criteria. The book this interview is associated with is Her Sudden Groom, where she plays the part of the hero’s unlikable intended. The questions can be about anything she thought or did during that book, or Intentions of the Earl as it is revealed during Her Sudden Groom that she knew about her betrothal to Alex long before he did, which would include during that book.

Please post your question(s) below in the comment section. I cannot promise to answer them all, but I’ll try to see what I can do.

Thank you all for your participation and when this lovely interview goes up, I’ll be sure to let you all know.


By the bye, BOB’s plea has not escaped my notice and I will address such rebelliousness later in the week. 

23 thoughts on “Any Questions for Lady O?”

  1. I would like to know why she had Caroline’s telescope shoved all the way to the back of the shed. What was her reasoning for doing that? Did she purposely break the lens?

    The real question I want to ask happens in a later book, so I guess I won’t get to ask that one.

      1. Actually, I don’t care about that. Ha. Nothing that important. Just curious as to why she would want back an old ear scoop and all that other junk. Pretty gross if you ask me and why would Caroline still have all of that to give back.

      2. I can answer both of those now:

        Just because she could. That was her personality and Caroline knew it. That’s why Caroline kept the stuff. I think it was mentioned that she’d been asked for things back before, so she knew Olivia would one day want all that crapola back.

        Just like Caroline wouldn’t want to USE an old earscoop, Olivia probably didn’t, either, but she just wanted the attention and drama of asking for it back.

  2. First off I just loved this whole series I wish you would continue to addore stories. As for my question what happened in lady O’s life early on to make her soren and spiteful? I think she deserves a story all her own .

    1. Actually, this question is better answered in the book I’m writing where we go back in time to meet Edward and Regina (Alex’s parents) and see how they fell in love. Since Edward and Joseph (Marcus and Olivia’s father and Caroline’s uncle) were close friends, I had to bring his wife into it, too, because Marcus is technically only months older than Alex which would mean Olivia’s mother would have been around back then. Of course I couldn’t make her quite as atrocious as Olivia or Edward wouldn’t have agreed to the match in the first place, but I think it’s pretty obvious where Olivia got some of her mannerisms and demeanor.

      I believe Emma and Caroline have a frank discussion about what caused Olivia’s to become that way in Her Secondhand Groom. I can do a search on my document if you’d like to find the exact conversation but I believe Caroline mentions that Aunt Bea (Olivia’s mother) had “indulged her silly” and Uncle Joseph hadn’t done enough to stop it. (This is also seen more in the book I’m writing. It’s pretty clear that Joseph lacked the gumption to stand up to his wife and was too interested in his duties to the earldom and being temperate. So his main focus had been raising Marcus right, not worrying about feminine nonsense. Which explains why Olivia turned out so opposite Marcus.)

      There was a post somewhere back about Lady O getting her own story.

      Okay, here it is. It’s not actually a post, but it was a poll I did about if a villainess could be redeemed. It’s in the comment section where we begin to debate about Lady O and if she is in need of a redeeming story.

  3. My next question is whatever happened to her child I know it states that her brother and wife took him in but in the end of their story there was no mention of him unless I overlooked it. Maybe another story ?

    1. First, let me apologize. I should have addressed this in the last one. I’m thrilled you love these stories and as I mentioned before, it’s a good thing you like them since there will be many more to come involving the Banks family.

      Now, for this particular comment. I’m assuming you mean in the end of Marcus and Emma’s story there was no direct mention of Jack, Olivia’s son, as being theirs.

      There are many answers to this. The very, very end of the epilogue from their book:

      Marcus chuckled. “No, we did not. We fell in love with two entirely different people. He may have married the woman behind the articles. But I got to grow old with and experience all of life’s joys—including the one I never thought possible—with the real E. S.”

      “Yes, you did!”

      At the time I wrote it, I wasn’t sure if I’d leave them unable to have their own children and adopt, or give them a miracle baby in the next book, so I just put that vague sentence in there. It had to be the next book because Emma’s having a baby had no place in Wallace’s book. Considering their relationship, that’d be awkward. But since Patrick and Marcus and Juliet and Emma were such good friends, it fit. It also opened up an opportunity for Juliet to learn the facts of life and what wasn’t going on in her bedroom… But, I couldn’t give Emma a miracle baby so soon, especially when Olivia was having a baby who, though he’s not real, I felt sorry for because he’d be neglected with her as a mother.

      So I did it. I went against the norm of romance books and left Marcus and Emma infertile and allowed them to adopt Olivia’s child, even though he’d never actually get to inherit Marcus’ title. That’s another reason I kept Marcus and Emma’s epilogue so far into the future. Marcus didn’t have an heir. He’d never get to pass his title on to his own son. So the next best thing I could do was let him live longer than most and enjoy his life with Emma.

      Sorry I tend to get wordy on here when I’m stalled in my current book! The easy answer is that Marcus and Emma adopted Olivia’s son and raised him as their own.

      1. I can not wait for the next books I feel as though my friends have taken a vacation and I can’t wait till they r back

  4. The books are a real treat.
    I have two questions actually.

    Does she think she’ll ever find anyone who’ll be able to put up with her *lovely disposition* and find a “happily ever after”?

    Did she ever forgive Marcus for not coming to get her sooner, when she was writing him all those letters to come and get her from America?

    1. Cassandra,

      I can ask her the first one, but since the second one actually takes place in a different book than what I’m supposed to be interviewing her about, I can’t ask her that one. But without asking, I’m guessing we can safely assume the answer is no that she never forgave Marcus for not coming for her sooner.

  5. First of all I want to know if she really believes she has wonderful fashion sense or if she just dresses that way for attention. And second Did she honestly thinks she would be able to find a lover if she married Alex given her dispostion.

    1. LOL on your first question. I’ll try to work that one in the interview.

      Are you sure you want me to ask her the second one though. I mean we already know she got knocked up somewhere after the end of the first book, but before the start of the second. Do we need any further details on her intimate life?

      1. I have a smart retort for this, but I’ll behave myself.

        I will say this though and leave it alone, sometimes I am totally floored with the things readers write to tell me. This has to be one of my favorites, right up there with someone saying they imagined Carolina Banks as a spy. (There was more explanation given, but the words Carolina and spy in the same sentence had me quaking with laughter.)

      2. My thoughts on lady Olivia and her male associate is that there is almost always someone for even the most intolerable person. As for him maybe she was the better choice for his circumstances. We can only wonder why she did not make the best of her situation maybe in another story (hers) it will be revealed.?

      3. You really want Lady O to get a story, don’t you? LOL

        I’m honestly terrified to do that. Her personality can change reasonably. I mean she can’t do a major 180 and become genuinely sugary sweet, but she can change enough for redemption. The biggest reason Gateway was able to pull off his transformation was because his motives were good all along, even if his actions weren’t. To him, his tunnel vision of wanting Madison happy made him behave badly. Lady Olivia doesn’t seem to have such motives. At least not that I have discovered or can conjure up that will excuse her past behavior.

        But even if I did, there’s the issue of her physical appearance. Some of the traits I’ve given her in regards to her lack of hygiene through the years are much more difficult to overcome. Sure, she could lose some weight and just be a thicker heroine, but what of her teeth? Her hair? Her facial expressions? etc These things are much harder to overcome. I guess she could marry a blind man… That’s a thought. I’ll keep thinking on it.

      4. I don’t know if I am in the minority here, but I really don’t want Lady O to have her own story. I am completely happy with her living out the rest of her life at Bedlam or whatever insane asylum she is at. She should be very thankful (which she probably isn’t) that her brother even comes to visit, especially since he doesn’t like to go out in public too often.

      5. I concede that you make some good points. However, I never say never to anything. I do not *think* she’ll get a story, but I can’t say never. It might happen one day… I can’t say that she won’t ever get a story because one day I might run out of other people to write about…

        Anything is possible. As of now, I have a running list of about 12 books that take precedence over hers.

  6. What I would like to know is what choice of drug or weaponry did Olivia use to get a man close enough to get her pregnant?

    As some others have also mentioned from time to time I would love to see a book based on Olivia – her climb from rotten child to miserable adult and then transformed into a loving, considerate and caring human. By the way have I mentioned that you could expand your writing expertise with science fiction!!!! An alien abduction might work – Beam her up Scotty!!!)

    1. Wow Linda, you have rendered me speechless! LOL I’m thrilled you see me as a good enough writer to pull off the sci-fi aspect.

      I will say this in Lady O’s defense, though. Men were no different back then than they are today so anything is possible. Perhaps she paid a footman so she’d at least know what it was like… Or perhaps she’d been imbibing on her “medicine”and got the courage up to approach one of Marcus’ staff. We all know she had no problem showing her breasts to Alex. Who knows what her intention was or the motive of the man who slept with her. This might not have even happened with one of his staff members, but maybe at the bathhouse she liked to frequent. Who knows.

    1. My retort was, “I don’t think there’s enough alcohol in the world to accomplish that task.”

      Truly, that’s not very kind of me. I, myself, am not a looker (nor do I have the best personality) and I imagine people have wondered what on earth keeps my husband attracted to me. LOL

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