An Appeal from Bob

Dear Readers,

I am disturbed. While reading up on the latest of my wife’s (Rose) blog, I realized she’d been discussing me and named me BOB?!  This is speculation only, but I have a feeling she chose to give me the name of an acquaintance I’m not particularly fond of because she was irritated with me for losing my wallet again

After fruitlessly appealing to her to change my name, I am appealing to YOU. You may not know this, but my wife loves her readers and listens to them more than me. I suggested Sir Wallace lose his leg during the duel. But that didn’t happen. I also suggested that Marcus and Emma NOT play naughty draughts. But that didn’t happen, either. Instead of listening to her husband, she took advice from her readers on those things. I digress.

Below, I have listed ten names–actually only nine new ones, in all fairness to Rose, I did put Bob back on the list–if you have a moment, please vote for which you’d prefer to see me styled as in future posts.

Thank you all for your much-needed vote. With any luck, we can convince her to change my name.


“Bob” (for now)

13 thoughts on “An Appeal from Bob”

  1. I’m going with Thaddeus…and you can be referred to as Thad or Tad for short. So there are bonus names that come with that one. When Rose is mad at you (digress to wallet story), she can refer to you as Thaddeus. I am not keen on Curly. While you do have amazing curly hair, it reminds me of the Three Stooges. 🙂

    1. Thank you, Heather. Any votes I can get for a different name are much appreciated. Though I don’t LOVE the name Thaddeus, it is a tad better than Bob.


  2. Oh my goodness, this post had me laughing so hard. The names on the list were definitely interesting. I almost voted for Fernando because all I could think of when I read it was Junior Asparagus, from Veggie Tales, saying in that annoying voice of his that he didn’t want to invite Fernando to his birthday party because he talked funny. Then Bob could have gone from one Veggietales name to another. In the end I went with Phillipe.
    I will be very curious to see which name wins.

    1. Sadly, Bob and “Other” are tied. Between the two, I’d prefer “Other” but I don’t know if my wife will go with that. She actually has a relative from the 1800s named Other. (True story.)

      Thank you very much for your vote to overthrow my wife. It is much appreciate!

  3. I’m sticking with Bob because I believe its a term of endearment from your lovely bride. I call my husband “Fred” only because, once I asked him “ready Freddie”. His response in an adorably pouty voice, “My name’s not Fred!” So, for me, Fred stuck!! 🙂

  4. Jean-Claude, Phillippe, Luc? Do you secretly long to be French, Bob-For-Now?

    I too went with Thaddeus. What a great name! It’s cool (so it goes with your awesome hair) but a little whimsical, which a made-up name for ones husband should be. Thanks for calling on us… Rose’s readers love a chance to give an opinion. 🙂 Can’t wait to see which name wins!

    1. No. No desire to be French, just don’t want to be “Bob”, either.

      You’re welcome for the inclusion on the call to arms. I might be making another soon if she doesn’t quit nagging me with questions about the scenes in her upcoming book.


  5. Haha! What a great post. 🙂 Well, I voted for Luc. Some of the others weren’t too bad, but I like Luc the best. Not crazy about the name Bob either, so I feel your pain. LOL Best of luck with the poll.

    1. I’ll be honest, Pam. It isn’t looking so good for me right now. Bob is actually WINNING. Can you believe it? I sure can’t. I thought it would be a landslide. Hopefully Rose won’t realize I hijacked her account for a few days still and give me enough time to rebound.

      Thank you for your vote,

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