A historical vocabulary lesson and a healthy dose of TMI–not responsible for loss of appetite or choking on one’s own tongue

Believe it or not, I did NOT make up the word pizzle. I never even imagined anyone would think I made it up until in April at RT someone said something to me about making it up and I shocked her by telling her that it really is a real word! Paul even gets it right when he tells Liberty that it has a German origin. (At least, that’s what I understand about it.)

Around my house that has become a pretty common word as I have two little boys who I had to train to use the toilet and the word just “stuck”.

Well, like my fan at RT, my husband also was of the belief I’d made it up. Until a few days ago, that is.

See, recently we got a dog who we’ve named Sir Rhett. Sir Rhett is a mix between a pomeranian and a toy poodle, commonly called a Pom-a-Poo (or like the groomer says, Poo-Pom). Being a little puppy, he likes to chew so a friend of ours who has the same breed of dog gave us these things called Bully Sticks. With a name like “Bully Stick” I was a bit wary so I tentatively asked what to do with this thing. I was much relieved when my friend told me it was for the dog to chew on and not for punishment like I first thought when I heard the word “bully”. Apparently, “bully” is used in the name because these are products from a bull. Who’d a thunk it?

Curious, I did what most people do, but would never admit to, upon getting a new dog bone: I smelled it. Yep, I held it right up to my face and gave it a deep whiff. Nothing. I turned it over in my hands a few times, noting it was rather long and fairly thick in circumference. The coloring is similar to a rawhide bone and on one end it flares wide then tapers off. Odd looking thing. Shrugging, I gave it to Sir Rhett and headed off to my office to do a Google search.

Imagine how disturbed I was when I found out the main (only) ingredient was: Beef Pizzle. I nearly fainted. I had been touching–not only touching but smelling–a dried out bull penis!

So for anyone curious, I did not make up the word and if you’d like proof, check out the ingredients in Bully Sticks. *shudders*

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