Kindergarten Casanova…

As most of you have figured out by now, I was on vacation last week…without Internet. It was brutal, but I survived. Anyway, before  we left, I went to my kids’ school and collected any work they might need to complete while gone. Which being in Kindergarten and Pre-Kindergarten wasn’t much.

As I was getting everything together at the teacher’s desk, my son runs up to me, points to a girl and says, “Mom, that’s the girl I told you about. The one who goes around telling everyone she’s my girlfriend.”

He’s six. I’m not really worried about this.

But then, the teacher, looks up from her desk and shakes her head, grinning. “Oh, yes. Eddie here is our Classroom Casanova.”

At this moment, I literally pull an Alex and blink. On one hand I’m shocked it’s Eddie who has earned the name of “Classroom Casanova”, my younger son, Henry, is a lot more active and social, the kid has NO enemies and everyone in the class claims he’s their best friend–even the girls (I know this based on many odd conversations at parent-teacher conference that were initiated by, “Oh, so you’re Henry’s mom. Billy–or Suzie–just loves him.) On the other hand, I’m blinking because a mental image of a recent picture I saw of the real Casanova flashes in my mind, and so does his cause of death: in short, he had syphilis like eight times, all of which he medicated himself with mercury. And finally, the last time, it was too much for his body to take and his urethra swelled shut, making him unable to pee… So, yeah, I wasn’t sure exactly HOW to feel about this.

The teacher then proceeded to tell me all about how all the girls in class FIGHT over who gets to sit next to him and how she actually had to have a chat with all the girls a few days prior about how they needed to save their kisses for their moms and dads, and not make “kissy faces” at Eddie.

I must admit, that I found this rather funny as this teacher and I have had a few “chats” over the year due to some rather uncomfortable situations on my end:

“Mrs. Gordon, do you or your husband have a brother named Earl?”

“No… Why?’

“Well, Eddie has been talking about a guy named Earl at school a lot recently.”

Oh dear! “He has, has he? Good things, I hope.” Seriously, what else is there to say to that?

A few weeks later:

“Uh, I now know who ‘Earl’ is…and a lady named Brooke.”

Panic seized me. I hate it when people I know read my books. I can’t explain it, it just makes me unwell. “Oh?” Did my voice just squeak? I sure hope not.

As it turned out, she hadn’t read my book–at least not all of it–in fact, she only read about a page… See, long ago, I used to print out all the pages of my MS and edit them on paper. Then I’d keep the paper and either print another book for editing on the back, recycling basically. OR I’d let my kids draw on the back. And…uh…yeah, my son had grabbed some of that used paper, drew a picture on the back for someone at school and without me knowing it brought it to school. Fortunately, it was only one page double spaced so there wasn’t TOO much, UNfortunately, the page was not exactly something I’d have willingly given to my sons’ teacher… (or another student, whether they could read or not!)

Needless to say, I scoured my office for any stray piece of paper that had anything to o with my books and shredded them–and now I edit electronically.

But, I am giving away a signed copy of any book from my backlist to the first person to correctly guess what was written on the typed side of that paper.

Guess away!

35 thoughts on “Kindergarten Casanova…”

  1. Thanks for the great story Rose. You don’t need to enter me in the contest. I just appreciated the cute story.
    Was your hubby proud to hear his son is a Casanova?

  2. How about the scene that says Brooke looked at Andrew’s manhood ‘like something in a curiosity shop’… That would be a funny part for the feature to stumble upon.

  3. Oh my! This story had me laughing. Last year my son, Luke, got a note sent home about him kissing two girls at school. He was also in kdg at the time. Unfortunately, his teacher last year was a very prominent member of our church. Too funny that he would talk about the characters from your books. That same son of mine read the tiitle of the book you are talking about off the book cover cards you sent and wanted to know what an earl was?
    My guess would be when Andrew discovered Brooke’s breasts were bound at their picnic.

    1. Fortunately, there was no actual kissing going on–at least not my son kissing the girls. In fact, he hates the attention. LOL

      My kids go to a church school… As I’m sure you can imagine, this was a little odd.

      To clarify, we do not talk about storylines or characters, but just talk about the books in general. We have nicknames for the different books and I openly discuss when one will be on sale, is getting a cover makeover, is getting released, was reviewed on a review site, etc. We normally refer to my books by the following names: Earl, Liberty, Wife, Sudden, Reluctant, Secondhand and Imperfect. Sadly, my husband cannot keep titles straight for all of the second series except Imperfect, so sometimes I have to say, “Drake and Juliet”, “Alex and Caroline” or “Emma and Marcus” for clarification. LOL We’re weird.

      1. I had two answers for this question so I am trying to wait patiently to see if anyone gets it. My other answer contains my favorite line from the book.
        I really didn’t think that you would talk story lines with your boys, but did find it cute he would talk about them. After reading that you your kids go to a church school I can just imagine how you would feel if the teachers read your books. Kind of like the “Adult Entertainer” comment in front of the Pastor’s wife.
        By the way, I went to a church school for 7 years and loved having that as my foundation for the big wide world of public school in junior high and high school. I wish I could afford a church school for my boys. My 7 year old did attend preschool and pre-k at my parents’ church school. My parents paid half of the tuition.

      2. Sarah,

        Feel free to guess again. Nobody else is. LOL Besides, I’d love to know your favorite line.

        My poor kids have been hearing about my characters for more than two years now, they’re used to it.

        Fortunately, we’ve been blessed with the funds to send our boys to church school. I attended church school until 10th grade and my husband was always a public school student. Oddly enough, it was him who wanted my kids to go to church school. Sadly, I did not have the best experience with it, but I’m hopeful that my boys will have a better experience than I did.

      3. Well, my favorite line come shortly after Darah’s guess. It is when Andrew says to Brooke. “That, is the marital act.” I can just so picture a guy saying that to his new wife and for some reason that line pops into my head at the strangest times.

      4. That’s one of my favorite lines from that book. It’s just a like a man to say that, too.

        There’s a line not too far before that which has the tendency to pop into my head at strange times, too. Odd though, it wasn’t until about two months or so ago that I even thought of it that way, and now it pops in my head and makes me giggle all the time.

  4. Sounds like our parent/teacher conferences!! 🙂 …and I REALLY need to re-read all your books!

    1. Oh, I LOVE parent-teacher conferences. LOL I normally squirm in my seat and whisper an ongoing prayer that I will not be mortified by something my children have done or said.

  5. This reminds me of my sons parent teacher conferences. He goes to our church pre-school and I’m always scared that I’m going to go in there and hear that he’s done something completely inappropriate. The last one I was informed that he hugs his best friend, who is a little girl, too much, and when he doesn’t get his way he puts himself in time-out. LOL

    1. That is too cute!

      I wish my kids put themselves in time-out! LOL Actually one of them did once. At church, an older boy got in trouble and his dad told him to go stand in the corner–to which my son, who was only 2 at the time, promptly joined him.

  6. Ok, I’m guessing the scene in the garden where he was “seducing” her, only to be caught by the trouble-maker lady.

    1. Close enough. They’re not actually caught by the lady until they are for the most part redressed, but it was the part where they’re becoming acquainted in the woods. LOL Email me which book you’d like.

  7. Are we still guessing? I’ve been trying to remember all of the “heavy petting” scenes. For some reason that what I imagine the teacher stumbling upon. 🙂 How about the make-out scene in the orangery….

  8. That is too funny! I know with my son, there is a girl in his class that likes him and I can tell that for two reasons. 1) She follows him around and he says she’s annoying. 2) She is willing to play Pokemon with him.

    As for the book, I am going to guess it’s either when they are talking about red being Brooke’s color and he says she would look good in any color but “especially something red and transparent.” Or, when he’s feeding her the orange.

    1. Heather, I had to laugh at your second reason. Any girl willing to play Pokemon with a boy is a sure sign of love. My husband and my boys all love Pokemon and yes, I have been known to play with them. The first year we were married my husband talked me into playing his red version of pokemon so I could catch the ones in that game that couldn’t be caught in the other version. I played and actually finished the game before him. 13 years later I can astound people with my Pokemon knowledge. What I won’t do for love.

      1. It is indeed a sign of love! I can’t keep up with all of the characters and what they do–I need a class in Pokemon just to play with my own child!

      2. Don’t feel bad. My kids are into transformers and I have no idea who any of them are despite my many attempts to force myself to watch the movie with them. All I really know is Bumble Bee (which what self-respecting guy wants to be called Bumble Bee?!) is the muscle car the main human drives. There’s also Optimus (sp?) Prime who I call Octopus Prime, but I have no idea which one he is or what he does.

      3. My son LOVES Transformers too, in fact, he’s more into those right now than Pokemon and can tell you any and everything about them. I am much more familiar with TF than Pokemon. But when it comes to some of the Transformer action figures–wow–you need a PHD in physics to transform them…LOL!

      4. When I was a kid, my brother had a transformer. It was SO much simpler than the ones they have today. Just my opinion but I think kids would rather have a toy they can easily transform back and forth without having to ask for help rather than one with dozens of gadgets they might break if they bend it wrong.

    2. Too funny, Heather. It IS a show of love for a girl to learn Pokemon.

      Here is Pokemon story and I’m about to show just how young I am. Pokemon became popular (at least where I lived) when I was 12. At the time, I was attending a church school out in the country and had to ride the bus there and back each day. An hour in the morning and an hour and a half in the afternoon. One of my fellow bus riders was a boy OBSESSED with Pokemon. He’d get on and off the bust at the same stop I did and bring his Gameboy to play on the way there and back. Everyone in our class gave him a hard time (in a nice way) about his love for Pokemon. However, he only further proved that he loved Pokemon above all else (even girls) when to our yearly banquet (our substitute for school dances) he brought his Gameboy as his date! Apparently his parents forced him to go so he smuggled his Gameboy with him and played Pokemon all evening!

      1. I always tell people who seem confused as to why I know so much about Pokemon, Hot Wheels, Transformers, etc. that I really NEED to know all that I can about these things that interest my boys because it is one of the few ways that I can get my older Twins to talk to me. With autism they aren’t very talkative to me so I have to get into their world as much as I can so that I can actually have a conversation with them. Fortunately for me I have the type of personality that once I know someone I love likes something I will find out all I can about it. Thankfully, my mind retains a lot of useless information.

      2. Confession time: I LOVE Hotwheels. And Legos. I could play with those ALL day long. Like Heather, I have a hard time with some of the transformers. Some of the smaller ones are easy to transform, but we have a few that are really complicated and my kids accidentally break them frequently because they’re so confusing. I’ve tried doing them for them so they don’t break them, but it takes me a while to figure out.

        It’s only been recently that my books took up an interest in Transformers. For years, they were into Thomas the Tank engine. We have enough Thomas track to go around the block–I’m not even kidding. We also had a Thomas table, approximate 35 engines (which bonus points for Mom, I knew the names and jobs of ALL of them). Before that it was GEO Trax. Not quite as many places/cars and really expensive–I was not sad when we moved past this craze. I’m sure in another month or two I’ll have Transformers figured out.

      3. My 10 year olds would still play with Thomas if I let them. In fact one of the twins wants to be a train engineer. We have 3 different Thomas sets and I would say over a hundred trains. They are all boxed up waiting for my 2 year old to play with. We still occasionally watch one of the DVD’s. The same twin wanted a 200.00 version of Percy last year for Christmas. It was made by a model train company.
        Hot Wheels are insane around here. The same twin just likes to collect them and and take pictures of them with his DSi. I don’t think he will be happy until he has them all. He knows all their names too. It’s quite fun.

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