And the winners are…

For the daily signed paperbacks, the winners were:

Intentions of the Earl–Danielle

Liberty for Paul–Tami

To Win His Wayward Wife–Sarah R

Her Sudden Groom–Karen Miller

Her Reluctant Groom–BPratt

Her Secondhand Groom–Nicole

Her Imperfect Groom–Linda Merrill

And the winner of all 7….

Amanda Walworth!

Here were the clues/pictures and the books they represent:

(Intentions of the Earl–A white, pink and red rose–)

Liberty for Paul —Took some thinking, heart=love, gun=musket…love musket)

(To Win His Wayward Wife–This was my horrible attempt to recreate Benjamin’s awful landscape painting)

(Her Sudden Groom–Telescope, due to their shared interest in astronomy and all their adventures involving a telescope)

(Her Reluctant Groom–Lady Bird’s Ladybird Memoir)

(Her Secondhand Groom–Spectacles for Juliet)

(Her Imperfect Groom–when they played tin soldiers)

Thanks again to all who participated. I’ll leave the images up on my website today if you want to go look around for them.

Have a great Monday, everyone!

4 thoughts on “And the winners are…”

  1. Congrats to all the winners! I know I am enjoying having an actual Rose Gordon book on my nightstand. Thank you, Rose, for the fun contest. It was a long week without any posts. Hope you had a good week off.

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