An old and odd question that needs a bit of clarification.

As most of you know by now, I will answer just about any question. There have been a few that I’ve tiptoed lightly around, and a few others I’ve written a novella in response to.

This will be a bit of the former.

Over the past year, I’ve received a handful of emails asking for clarification on the end of my first book–Intentions of the Earl. The snag for most is why would the duke–a true villain in every sense during that book–despise Brooke so much for rejecting him at the beginning of the book that he’d wish her shamed off the continent? Truly, that is a bit harsh and far fetched, wouldn’t you think?

In response, all I can really say is to keep in mind the book is being told from Brooke and Andrew’s perspective. Everything that is thought and perceived in that book is from either Brooke or Andrew’s point of view based on the facts they have…


6 thoughts on “An old and odd question that needs a bit of clarification.”

  1. Hey you are out there yet 🙂
    I think it makes the Duke that much more likable when we see him
    in his book!

    1. I agree. That’s the great thing about a series. It allows storylines to travel and become vital subplots of more than one book.

      He’s also one of my favorites–and for sure my favorite of that series!

  2. Yep, it all has to do with the point of view of the character we’re given in the story. I was asked a question clarifying something in one of my books and the answer was, “I couldn’t explain it to the reader without stepping outside of the book and telling them about it as the author, and to do that would be to disrupt the entire flow of the book.” There are some things that happen in my books that the readers never truly understand or even find out because it was never open for any character viewpoints who could have told it. And really, some of it is so dark that I don’t think anyone would want to read it.

    1. In this situation, I can’t really tell anything without giving everything else away–not like all the reviews at Amazon don’t do that already… I have a few other theories on why this has become such a popular thing to pick on, but I’ll keep my comments to myself. LOL

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