Following my confession that I loved queso last week I’ve been asked by several what the heck is it other than just the Spanish word for cheese.

Actually, that’s really all it is. It’s just cubed Velveeta cheese with RoTel tomatoes put on top and melted. Some people add milk to make it extra creamy. I do not.

Anyway, here is a picture:

14 thoughts on “Queso”

  1. Hubby just had me make that the other day. He saw online that it is the top rated as far as taste and being the most reasonable. Seems like you never hear of things and when you do…they keep popping up!

    1. Well it tastes great. Not sure about reasonable as around here Velveeta is fairly expensive. Buy then again since you don’t have to use the whole block at once it isn’t so bad.

      1. They were comparing it to all those canned/jars of cheeses which made it more reasonable than those. We get ours at Safeway when it’s on sale for 4.99 (store brand.) So no, not cheap…just cheaper when compared to the higher stuff 🙂

  2. That looks yummy! We do “Nacho Night” about once a month and I make something similar, only I add mild breakfast sausage to the Velveeta and Rotel. It is amazing, I just put it in the crock pot and let it go.

  3. A friend introduced me to another variation…1 block cream cheese, 1 jar salsa, black beans, corn (I just get the black bean & corn salsa). Put it in the crock pot…AMAZING! Sometimes I add shredded chicken.

      1. I am not a big Taco Bell fan, so I haven’t had their dip. I just like plain old nachos (chips and cheese) like you get at the movie theater or sporting events. My favorite nacho cheese is Que Bueno from Costco. We don’t have a membership but my parents will by give my husband the great big can for Christmas or his birthday. Yes, he asks for it.

      2. I think it’s the same cheese sauce that you get at a ball game and at Taco Bell.

        Enjoy your Que Bueno–may your husband’s birthday be soon!

      3. LOL. His birthday was in January and he got a different present this year. My birthday is in July and I will not be asking for cheese.

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