Random Question for a chance to win a signed copy of Her Reluctant Groom

Today’s question:

In true fashion of this book where the hero has a cook who cannot cook worth beans, I must ask what is the weirdest (or most inedible) food you’ve ever been served?

[Please be advised, the following images and descriptions are not for those with a weak constitution. If you get ill easily, either by sight or mental image, please STOP READING NOW. If you are currently eating, ate in the last hour or plan to eat shortly, please scroll down this page with caution.]

Sadly, I cannot tell you what the grossest food I’ve ever been served is/was. The reason I have no idea what the name of it was is because I didn’t recognize it and neither did anyone else at my table.

Recently, I was at a formal dinner where the menu was arranged by someone else ahead of time and everyone got the same thing. The majority of the attendees received London broil that was still mooing and as a vegetarian I received this:

As I said, I have no idea what this is–so if you do, please fill free to fill me in. The best as I could tell, it looked to me like someone with a violent stomach flu emptied their stomach contents into an orange organza bag. (I did “tear” the organza bag along the left side to take this picture.)

24 thoughts on “Random Question for a chance to win a signed copy of Her Reluctant Groom”

  1. hi,
    it was in Malta and i can’t tell you what it was, something like bread filled with peas, disgusting

    all the best


  2. your picture reminds me of the stuff cabbage they would serve at my Bible college. I never tried it because I couldn’t get past the look. The worst thing I ever had was while in Ukraine, I have no idea what it is called or what it even is but it was some kind of bean I think that I couldn’t choke down no matter how hard i tried. And it was like a staple to them. I had never been so glad to see a McDonalds in life when we were on our own later in the week for meals.

  3. Wow! That is some very interesting food there. I am sure someone on here will know what that is and if they do they should get a prize.
    This is one question I really don’t have an answer for. I am a pretty picky eater, but much better than I used to be. I have eaten lots of things I didn’t care for but usually I keep myself pretty safe.
    I guess, if I go back to junior high, I can think of something. Our English teacher went to spend a year teaching in Australia and we got to have an Australian teacher for a semester. She made us all try vegemite and couldn’t even swallow it. Sorry to all you vegemite lovers out there. I just don’t have the palate for it.

  4. That does look pretty ewww. I have to say…strangest thing I’ve tried is alligator (and, yes,oddly it does taste like chicken).

    1. At the airport in Pensacola, I saw alligator Slim Jims. Had they not been 3.99, I’d have bought one and tried to convince my sister-in-law to eat it. My mom’s dad asked my mother to cook him some alligator once and said it was sandy… Is that true?

      1. LOL..I haven’t ever seen alligator Slim Jims…that’s hilarious! When I tried it, it was actually in a savory-type beignet so it wasn’t straight alligator meat. I’m not sure I could’ve done that. It was not sandy in this case, but I have heard other people say that.

      2. I was kind of surprised to see the Slim Jims like that, I thought alligator meat would be too tough, but I guess that goes to show what I know.

  5. Well, that’s…interesting! It does look like some type of stuffed cabbage though…but why orange? I am an adventure eater, so am willing to try anything once (could be why I’m now well-rounded :). The worst thing I’ve had to eat is brussel sprouts…just never acquired a tasted, but we had 3 on our plate and had to eat them as kids. 😦

    1. I admit that I did try 1 very small bite. But that was all. If I had to guess it was cabbage wrapped vegetables–mainly beans. I’m allergic to lentils so I was afraid to eat more than a bite of that.

  6. Ok, that just looks gross!! I’m pretty sure the most un-edible strange thing I’ve ever eaten was when I was about 10, my father decided that we should try the new Japanese restaurant. He had me try squid that still had a tentacle on it. It was rubbery and gross! I’ve been traumatized about tentacles ever since!

  7. The worst thing I had was homemade chop suey that was way too salty. My daughter tried my mother-in-law’s recipe and used way too much soy sauce.

    I had alligator too and it wasn’t bad. We went to Bass Pro Shop and ate in the attached restaurant.

    1. I had no idea they served alligator at Bass Pro.

      I shudder at the thought of the too much soy sauce chop suey; However, I have to admit, that sounds like something I might do as I have this odd tendency not to measure things…

      Thanks for commenting today!

  8. The worst thing I have ever eaten was squid that wasn’t fried thoroughly. I tried to swallow it and it go stuck in my throat! The taste wasn’t that bad, it was just that texture of it that disgusted me….it made me gag,

  9. I went to a Mexican place and just got a chicken quesadilla and it looked right, but smelled and tasted like rotten fish. I don’t now what happened there but I did not eat it!

  10. I frequently get served a mooing steak and I can’t stand that… but more recently I had a friend give me some ghost pepper salsa. Had I seen the flames on the lid and the warning sticker on the jar, I may have thought twice!

    1. I’ve seen that stuff at World Market, and to me, it sounds like you need to chose your friends a little more wisely… I mean really, what kind of sicko would serve you salsa so hot it’ll make you see ghosts? *grins*

      I have to admit though, being a queso and salsa lover myself, I’d have probably tried it, too.

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