Random Question for a chance to win a signed paperback copy of Her Sudden Groom

What is the most memorable thing you’ve forgotten to bring with you when going on a trip?

*Please remember this is open to anyone, anywhere. Just comment with your answer here or on Facebook to be entered to win. Also, please do not forget that if your name is drawn you will be given one (1) week to claim your prize, then it will go to a different entrant.

Here is my answer and the story that goes with it:


Recently, I’ve gone on a series of trips to various conferences. Each time, I generally go with a different friend, therefore I have a different roommate. To the first one, I brought my sister-in-law and didn’t give a second thought to bed clothes. Shamelessly, I slept in the outfit I normally sleep in at home a non-matching combination of T-shirt and shorts. The second time, I was going with someone who is not a relation and wanted to be a bit more “formal” so she wouldn’t think I was a slob and dug out my somewhat nice pajamas, that have been nicknamed the Lady O pajamas (you can read about my humiliation here).

However, my fear of pulling another Lady O, pushed me to ditch those this last time in favor of  something that didn’t have the potential to embarrass me…

So, I arrive in Chicago and my friend picks me up, and we drive to the hotel–which is a story in itself. I ran inside and got our room secure. And due to the trauma I suffered ten seconds later, I can’t remember her exact words, but they were similar to, “Okay good, since we’re sharing a room, I brought my public pajamas.”

Immediately, my entire world tilted on its axis. My hands went up and slapped my face in the same way Macaulay Culkin does in “Home Alone”. Oh, save us all, I forgot my pajamas altogether! Nope, no mismatched T-shirt and shorts and no Lady O pajamas, none. Absolutely nothing. (I will say that I can always look on the positive side of every situation and say that at least I did NOT forget my undergarments!)

After laughing and threatening to start a blog and use this cautionary tale of why you do not go places with an author, my friend was nice enough to drive me to Target where I found a nightgown that went nearly to my knees!

I had a great time this past weekend attending Spring Fling and while flying home, I found a way to tailor all of my questions for this week to correspond to some even that happened this past weekend, so stay tuned for more awkward tales.

26 thoughts on “Random Question for a chance to win a signed paperback copy of Her Sudden Groom”

  1. Last year my family and I went to the shore for a week. Prior to going my husband bought new shirts so he would have nice tops to wear. I washed and hung them all. I had everything you could think of packed. We arrived at the shore with more things then we needed except every shirt for my husband.

    1. Oh no! I always fear that I’ll do something like that. Forgetting one item is an easy fix (most of the time) but forgetting a whole collection of shirts. Goodness!

      1. Thankfully he took it really well. We bought two shirts which cost a fortune and did laundry. But if you could have seen my face when I was getting the clothes ready for after his shower and realizing I forgot the shirts. Lmao now.

  2. It has happened to me to forgot my pijama but having a big brother i managed to get a big t-shirt to put it on instead. But the last time i went on holiday i forgot my alarm clock and that was a problem with all i had to do ^^;; ( and breakfast being only for a limited time at all) i had to buy one there but now i always let one in the luggage just to be sure

    thanks you a lot for the giveaway


  3. Okay, forgive me if this one is TMI. 6 years ago we flew with our 3 boys to PA to visit my in-laws. Now flying with 3 children , 2 who have autism and a 1 year old, is an adventure in itself. I was so concerned that we had everything they would need for their plane ride that I forgot to through my BC pills in my suitcase that morning. I remembered while we were miles above the earth. It was quite an ordeal trying to get my prescription filled at a Target 2500 miles away. Thankfully, the pharmacists on both ends came through and I didn’t have to miss a day. It turned out that wasn’t the only thing forgotten that trip. My husband forgot his wedding band and insisted on getting a new one so he wouldn’t go a whole week without it. Now, why couldn’t I have thought to forget that instead? We also forgot to pack my youngest sons nebulizer and of course he got sick and required breathing treatments and a trip to the ER. So we came home with an extra pack of pills, an extra wedding band and an extra nebulizer. Who got the better end of that forgetful trip? We haven’t flown back there since. We are the crazy people who drive with all the kids, which is now 4 not 3.

    1. Sarah, by now you must know, I love messages that contain the word/phrase, “TMI”. Yeah, I’d say you got the shorter end of that deal. Birth control vs. a new wedding ring.

      My finger has thin fingers and large joints, so in order to get a ring that fit, we had to buy one that was really big. It used to slip around a lot on his finger so it was no surprise when my husband notice one day that his ring was missing. At the time, our oldest was 3 months old and after scouring the house and car, and calling the restaurant we’d had dinner at with my parents, we decided there was only one other place it could be… I’m sure you have an idea of where we thought it might be… So, with dread, I gathered all the diapers in the house and contemplated just how much value was placed on the actual ring. I mean, it’s just a piece of metal. It CAN be replaced. But we also didn’t have the money for that… So as I was contemplating this, and walking the floor, I looked down and noticed something shiny buried in our shag carpet over by the edge of the doorframe. I mean, this was NOT a noticeable place for this thing to be. It was truly amazing that I found it. And believe me, I was thrilled that I did! How is THAT for TMI?

      1. Glad you found the ring. I still give my husband a hard time about it. Our rings are yellow gold and the new band he got is white gold. I tried to tell him I needed both colors too. Six years after the fact I am still waiting. The BC pills being left was a pretty big deal because 2 years before we came home from PA with an extra little passenger. We weren’t ready to have that happen again. It was a little embarrassing having to discuss with the phamacists why they needed to overwrite the prescription orders.

  4. My husband and I traveled out of town for a wedding… it was going to be a long drive and the shoes that I planned to wear were not at all comfortable, although necessary for the style of dress. So, I put on the dress, had my hair and makeup all done, and slipped on my worst and most comfortable flip-flops… the ones I garden in, they used to be bright blue but now have the permanent dirt footprint that old shoes get from multiple wearings around the pool and in the yard. I’m sure you know where this is going… I arrived at the wedding but my pretty shoes did not.

    1. That sounds like something I’d do. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve arrived at church just to find that I’m wearing a more comfortable pair of shoes and forgot to bring the ones that actually match the dress.

  5. Pajamas. I, too, am pretty casual about sleeping attire, but went to a conference with some ladies. When I got there I realized I had NOTHING to sleep in. We got in late (and before the days of Super anything), so I had to sleep in a full slip and go buy PJs the next day!

    1. My hair is only a few inches past my shoulders and it’d be a huge tangle, so I can only imagine what yours would be like. But you’re right, you can get a hairbrush anywhere–even a gas station.

  6. Well, this is TMI story as well. LOL Almost two years ago I went on a trip to Whistler, Canada. It happened to be ‘that time of the month’, and I forgot to take the necessary items with me. Thankfully there was a store within walking distance of the hotel.


    1. Pam,

      Since you’re sharing, I’ll share, too!

      I’ve always had problems with regularity, so as a result I stash the “necessary items” in my glove box (and my husband’s lol) and in my purse. Always. (No pun intended.) So, recently with my trips, I have made sure to have a few in both of my carry ons as high altitude seems to be a trigger for me (sorry for the info dump, but it was necessary to understand the following). Coming home a few weeks ago, I had my bag searched because I had tons of books shoved in it. And go figure just as he unzipped my travel bag, you know what fell out. The security guy and I stared at each other. But in the end, I outlasted him and he bent and picked it up. While I admit that I was totally embarrassed that something so personal fell out in such a public setting, I did giggle the whole way to my plane at the image of that man’s face.

      Thank you for sharing something so personal!

      1. You know, I’ve never thought to keep any in the car, but I usually always have one or two in my purse. I did have one with me on that trip but that’s all.

        Oh my, I would have turned beet red if that happened to me, but I’m sure that I would have laughed about it afterwards as well. 🙂


      2. My husband hates it that I keep some in his car. However, after I explained the alternative…he seemed to be a bit more accepting of such a product in his glovebox.

        Yes, that was not one of my finer moments in life, but what can I say, things happen.

  7. The charger for my rechargeable batteries which I use in my camera. I ended up having to use the inferior camera on my cell phone because I didn’t want to go buy “regular” batteries.

    1. I have to admit Alanna, I am the WORST when it comes to batteries for my camera, or my camera in general. I have no idea how many vacations I’ve forgotten that crucial thing on. And I agree, a cell phone’s picture quality is awful in comparison.

  8. When I was a kid my family and I went out of town and right before bed I realized I’d forgotten my toothbrush. This was before hotels started putting notes in the rooms saying if you’ve forgotten something… a toothbrush then give them a call. It was too late to go out so my parents had me put toothpaste on a clean washrag and use that. I doubt it worked very well but it made my breath suitably minty fresh. I didn’t like the feel of the washrag on my teeth though so I haven’t forgotten my toothbrush again.

    1. I know this is awful of me, but I nearly hurt myself laughing at your comment. The mental image I have of someone using a washcloth with toothpaste on their teeth is hilarious.

  9. I’m so paranoid about forgetting things that I am usually pretty good about remembering things, so I would say toothpaste is the most memorable thing I have forgotten. Not the worst thing to forget, but you sure can’t do without it 🙂

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