Paperbacks and Photos: If you can’t say something nice…

Then you must be talking about me!

Before I get onto the story behind the title of this post, I need to assure you all that no feelings were genuinely hurt, no pride was wounded, nor was there any vice-like pain in any part of my body–except my sides and cheeks after I laughed myself silly.

I’ve mentioned before that I have a magnetic personality. Well, not only do I attract some of the weirdest people, but I also attract some of the rudest. I can’t explain why this is, it just is–and I’m okay with it because it often makes for some great conversations later.

So last Thursday, I’m sitting at my little table at the book signing talking to people, signing postcards, answering questions and mentally calculating how many more minutes until I can hop out of the pressure cooker AKA the end of the book signing, when this lady walks up and plucks up one of my books. Β She flips it over and looks at the back, then looks at me. She turns her eyes back to the book, then peeks back up at me.

I mentally shook my head and thought she was nuts. I’m what most would consider average. I’m not take-a-second-look-gorgeous, but I’m also not what I’d consider sneak-another-peak-ugly, either. Just average–ordinary even. I very easily can blend into the crowd. Which means, once again, I’ve attracted a weirdo because she obviously cannot stop looking up at me every few seconds before returning her eyes to the book. And I must admit, that picture on the back of the book doesn’t do me any favors.

Then it happens. She flips the book back over and sets it down, saying, “You look better in your picture.”

As I said, no feelings, pride, heart, nor anything else was hurt by this, but I could barely hold my composure and after she left, I laughed so hard my sides and cheeks ached and tears streamed down my face. Who says this to someone?! Sure, we ALL think it from time to time, but what process takes place in someone’s brain that makes this proclamation travel from their mind out through their lips?


So anyway, the next day, the little group of us Timeless Quills gals got together and took all new head shots and a group picture:

L-R: Jane Charles, Jerrica Knight-Catania, Rose Gordon, Ava Stone, Catherine Gayle (Not pictured: Suzie Grant)

(If you’d like to see individual headshots of all of us, visit the Timeless Quills website.)

So now for the question of the post–in spite of the fact there is a picture of me on the back (though I hear it’s more flattering than me in person) would any of you be interested in WINNING paperback copies of any of my books? I know they’re big and bulky compared to a little file on your Kindle/Nook or other eReader so maybe not the whole set, but a signed copy of a personal favorite? Any interest?

29 thoughts on “Paperbacks and Photos: If you can’t say something nice…”

  1. As much as I love my Kindle, there is something to be said for owning the book! I would love to win a paperback copies of your books!

    1. Thanks, Monique. I couldn’t not laugh it was hilarious. I guess I was more ore less floored that she had the gumption to say it to my face. That’s part of why it was so funny. She just said it as casually as “I think a storm’s rolling in.”

  2. I adore your books, and as much as I love my nook, I still love paperbacks. There is something awesome in the way a book smells and feels in your hand.

    1. Thank you, Amanda! What I like best about paperbacks is if the electricity goes out–I can still read. My Kindle and iPad only last so long. So as long as I have enough candles in the house, I can keep reading. These are a little bigger in size 6×9″, but still I like books in hand, too! (Oh, and I’m glad you adore my books!)

    1. Tami, you crack me up! I cannot comment on what she looked like because I cannot think of a nice way to word it. That might have also been part of why I found it so funny. It was a bit of, “Pot, meet Kettle.”

  3. Love the story. Some people, right? The first time I met my husband’s maternal grandmother she gave me the head to toe look over and proclaimed in front for his family “I like you better than that last one.” so matter of fact, like your lady. By the way, the other one was his ex-wife who he had only been married to for a year.

    Personally, I sometimes think I look better in some pictures than I do in real life. Isn’t that the point of having a nice picture taken?

    I would love to win paperback copies of your books. Like you I love to have the real thing of my favorites. I also love the bigger sized books. They would look very well in my bookshelf.

    1. Oh how funny! The picture on the back of the book was taken the same day as the one that I have here and on my website. The only difference is my head is turned slightly and my hair isn’t “flying in the wind”. Otherwise, I look exactly the same. LOL

      I have books of all sizes–however, I cannot just randomly put them up. I group them first and foremost by size. I’m weird.

  4. Just show me where the line starts for an autographed copy. I’ll pitch a tent and wait my turn to enter any contest…bring it on! Oh….and by the way rumor has it that there has been a contract put out on that lady who made the comment about you and your picture…..but you didn’t hear it from me…nobody and I mean nobody messes with “the queen”. I may be in Atlanta but I still have the Jersey connection!

  5. My advice would be to ignore her rude comment, let it go “in one ear and out the other”…it has no significance. Btw, the covers for the Banks Brothers Brides Series all look great, and I like the photos above, you have a nice genuine smile.

    1. Oh, the comment didn’t bother me. That’s the point of pictures, isn’t it? To make you look better?!

      Thank you for the compliments on the covers and yes, the smile is genuine, if not a little large!

  6. I’m with everyone else, there is just something about having a paper back copy of a book.

    Also the gall of some people never fails to amaze me. I don’t know why some people think they have the right to say rude things.

    1. Paperbacks are wonderful–until you realize you have enough to have a small library.

      Since I sometimes lack the “filtering system” on my own mouth, I can’t fault her too much. Besides, it made for a great story, didn’t it? See, it all worked out!

      1. Yes this is true on the small library. I have 5 huge bookshelves and still have more books then shelves. Although I have started to give some of my paper backs away as I get them on the Kindle there are some books that I just have to have a hard copy of. although it doesn’t help that I still buy paper backs as well.

      2. I go through stages where I hoard books then give them away. Recently, I picked up somewhere near (or more than) 50 paperbacks. In turn, I now need to get rid of some, hence, the question on if anyone would be interested in signed books. LOL

    1. No, she wasn’t another author. She was just a random lady there to meet authors and buy books. I was shocked more than anything, but was about to smile and thank her. Fortunately, she didn’t linger or I who knows what she might have thought of me when laughter overtook.

  7. I’d love to win a signed copy of one of your books! I love your books and your blog updates. Usually i laugh so hard i get the weirdest looks from people! loool! πŸ™‚ Mostly if someone says something rude to me i just give them a look and laugh about it later. You can’t control what people say but you can definitely control your response.

    1. You can’t control what people say but you can definitely control your response.

      Very true.

      I’m glad you enjoy my posts! I’d say that I’ll try to contain myself and not post things that lead to you getting strange looks–but I already know that I cannot stop myself for such things. Sorry! Just the price you pay for reading them, I guess. LOL

  8. I am always up for getting an autographed book especially if it is one of your books. Lol about the lady, I personally would have lmao. It is people like that, that I find the most humor in. Honestly what makes some people say these things out loud. Btw love the pic.

    1. Oh LeeAnn, no need to be so sweet. But I’ll take it anyway!

      I wasn’t upset by her words, but like you, shocked and humored that she’d say it aloud!

  9. What a great story! I feel mean after reading all the other comments… You have so many nice comments like ‘ignore it’ and ‘laugh about it later’… I will be honest and tell you that with a genuine smile and a completely straight face I’d have said, ‘thank you. I hope people feel the same way when they see your picture. Enjoy your weekend.’….. But that tendency does get me in trouble at times πŸ™‚

    I buy all of my favorite books in print and I collect neither heyer and Victoria holt books in duplicates and triples. I love to look at them on the shelf and I read and reread all of my books…. So yes, I’ll be entering any contest that earns a signed copy of your books.

    Glad you had a great time… I anxiously await more great stories of your strange encounters… You do seem to attract more than your fair share!

  10. What a great story! I feel like a meanie after reading the other comments… so many people said ‘ignore them’ or ‘laugh about it later’… i can honestly say that I’d have given the lady a genuine smile and said, “Thank you, it is a great picture. I hope that people feel the same way when they look at your photos. Enjoy your weekend.” The inner thought that her pictures couldn’t look any worse that the real thing would only be given vent through the eyes… otherwise my manner would be completely friendly. However, this tendency does get me into trouble at times… I just hate rudeness… I’m glad you can get a laugh from it and I’m sure we’re all glad you share with us so that we can get a chuckle too πŸ™‚ Your blog is always entertaining.

    I would love to have an autographed copy of one of your books… I was excited to hear about the opportunity to buy signed copies from the publishers website. I collect all of my favorites and I love vintage books… I collect Georgette Heyer books in duplicates and triplicates. I love the look of collections grouped together on a bookcase and I do read and reread my printed copies… sometimes you want to feel real paper and turn real pages.

    Oh, and the pictures are great! You look really prettty and genuinely nice.

    I anxiously await more stories of your strange encounters… you do seem to attract more than your fair share! LOL

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed the story, Darah. I DO attract more than my share of weirdos. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s great to have unusual, jaw dropping stories! LOL

      Uh…duplicates and triplicates? Oh dear. Talk about pressure.

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