Banks Brothers vs. Officers!

Oftentimes writers have to reread what we write. Sometimes it is a character’s description, a recollection of events or even an entire book so that we keep our story straight–and today I had to reread a few blog posts so that I’d know exactly what I’ve announced regarding putting the Officer Series on hold.

So after three or four posts I found it and it was vague! Not only was it vague, it was buried amid newsletter stuff. So today I want to clarify for anyone whose eyes had glazed over at that point–I know mine would have after being bombarded with information in such a way.

My decision to put the Officer Series on hold stems from something out of my control–kind of. Last month, I was approached by a publisher who wanted to buy that series. If I sell it to them, those books will not be available until 2013-2014. That’s a long time away. So I’ve shifted my focus to work on the Banks brothers so that I can have their books done and out this summer/fall. If I do NOT sign with the publisher, I will finish up the Officer books and put them out in the fall/winter. So technically, all I’ve done is just switched the order.

Clear as mud?

13 thoughts on “Banks Brothers vs. Officers!”

      1. No problem. Actually, it’s my fault. I have my settings where the first comment made by someone has to be moderated–it eliminates spam quite nicely.

  1. That’s fantastic news for you!! Both of your upcoming series’ sound great and I’m looking forward to reading whatever you write 🙂

    1. Thank you, Lisa. I was afraid I might have scared you off with that one book! LOL

      Did you ever make it out to the giant book fair last weekend? It was way too crowded for me!

      1. Oh no, you couldn’t scare me off! I have all your books and I’m going to get back to them soon, esp the trilogy. I read all your posts, I just don’t ever comment but I really enjoyed all your book descriptions yesterday and your news today and I made sure to actually comment, not just read 🙂

        No, sigh, I didn’t get to the book fair. Funds and time just didn’t allow it this time. I hope to go someday soon! It looks like it was really crowded but I hope you got some good exposure!

      2. I only signed at the one on Thursday and it was crowded enough, though there were only 125 of us signing, as compared to 350+ on Saturday. The line for Saturday’s was unreal. Next year it’s a little further from you, but still not as far as it could be–Kansas City.

        I must shamelessly admit that I visit your blog about once a week to catch up on what’s going on in the world of traditional books. I’ve been told it makes reviews uncomfortable to have their reviews watched/followed by authors so I don’t subscribe, but I go visit as I think your reviews/descriptions are among some of the best out there and they usually let me know real quick whether the book is for me or not! LOL I’m terrible, I know.

      3. I know, that was what was the biggest bummer about not being able to get down to Chicago this year–it was within reasonable driving distance! KC doesn’t sound too bad–I couldn’t handle to someplace like NY or SF I think. Going to have to start a small fund so I can go one of these years!

        And wow, thanks so much!! You put a nice smile on my face 🙂 Its always nice to know people appreciate my little blog in the huge blogosphere out there!

      4. You’re opinions are very much appreciated. Similar to you, there are many who read but never comment.

        Oh, I couldn’t handle NY or SF/LA, either. Of course I’d have to fly, but the potential chaos would get to me.

  2. Well, it doesn’t really matter the order, because they are all great…and worth the wait! Please hurry! 🙂

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