April Happenings

[Please note: if you are on my newsletter mailing list, this is the exact same e-mail you received yesterday. No need to re-read. I try to add a few things different for when I do monthly updates here, but I made out my newsletter and post on Thursday for an auto-send while I was away on an extended weekend trip with my family and apparently this didn’t get posted. Have a good start to the month!]

Good morning, all,

I hope you are all doing well as spring is now upon those of us in the northern hemisphere.

As some of you know from months of getting my updates in your inbox, I’m not particularly good with small talk so I’ll get right to it.

Today I find myself presenting an odd round of the fortunately, unfortunately game. But bear with me, while the “unfortunates” aren’t so grand, I personally think the “fortunates” make up for it.

Good News:

This April I will be visiting the Windy City twice to sign literature and give away tons of free books. If you live in or plan to be near Chicago, I’d be honored to see you for the Book Expo on Thursday, April 12 from 4-6pm during the RT Convention (follow link for more details).

Not-so wonderful news:

After last month’s newsletter came out, it was brought to my attention that the covers selected for one of my upcoming series didn’t really “fit” the time period, nor adhere to my pattern card of how I’d selected covers in the past. So…

Good news:

With the help and suggestions of many of you all, I have changed the cover images for the Officer Series.

Speaking of the Officer Series…

Not-so-wonderful news:

Captains Wes Tucker and Grayson Montgomery along with their friend, Sargent Jack Walker, will have to wait a while yet to have their stories completed because…

Good news:

Due in part to an enormous amount of love and interest in the Banks family, and the other part something I’ll get to in a minute, I have begun putting my full attention into writing more books on the Banks family—starting with Edward and Regina’s story.

Not-so-wonderful news:

Since up until about four days ago, I’d been writing about Army Officers in Oklahoma, I’m not very far into this new series so I have no idea when they’ll be done. Right now, I’d like to say to expect them to start coming out this summer, but I won’t know more for a few weeks. However, I will be updating the back of my books this week to reflect this change.

Good Great news:

My books are finally in print! (And I should mention now, this is a huge part of why I had to put the Officer’s Series on hold, more details to come in coming months…) But for now, I can tell you all that a few months ago I was contacted by a publisher about selling them my print rights. And as of today, April 1, 2012, all seven of my books are now available in paperback format! If you have a favorite that you’d like to have in paperback, you can order it straight from the publisher (Amazon and B&N to follow soon), by clicking here. Or, if you’d like a personalized, autographed copy, please visit TimelessQuills.com, a website started and run by Jane Charles, Suzie Grant, Catherine Gayle, Ava Stone, Jerrica Knight-Catania, and I, all of which recently had our books picked up by the same publisher. There will be a slight delay in mailing off the autographed copies—April 15—however, they are priced exactly the same. Or if you’re in Chicago, I’ll have Intentions of the Earl and To Win His Wayward Wife with me then, too.

I think that’s all the exciting news I have for today. Next month I hope to have some concrete dates on when to be expecting my next series along with titles; details for a fundraiser I’m planning; and a list of appearances I’ll be making around the country this summer.

I hope you all have a wonderful month,



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