Don’t kill me! A few more updates and a chance for another free book!

1. I’ve caved!

As most of you know–because I’ve brought it up at least twice before–I’ve been on the fence for a while about Apple and how to get my books to them. I had been using Smashwords, but lately something hasn’t been going smoothly over there for me so a month ago I attempted to upload them there myself, and partway through uploading the first one I got overwhelmed and stopped. Well, it’s been almost another month and Her Imperfect Groom is still not there; plus three weeks ago, I made Intentions of the Earl free (for a limited time–but this wasn’t the free book I was speaking of in the subject line, keep reading for that) and neither of these changes have taken effect at Apple. So…yesterday, I did it. I spent all day doing it, but I have submitted all seven of my books to iTunes and with any luck, they should all be up by the end of the week.

What does this mean now?

2. There will be yet another delay for the next set of books.

I have no idea how long, but I’m using my experience with Apple this time to gauge how far in advance I’ll need to upload things in order to have upcoming books available at or around the same time for future release dates. As it is now, All Romance eBooks is literally instant. Smashwords varies from <20 minutes to 14 hours (in my experience), Amazon is about 6-8 hours and Barnes & Noble is 12-18 hours. So now that I’ve thrown Apple/iTunes into the mix, I’ll have to gauge how long it takes them to do these to be able to plan future release dates.

3. So how far are along are those books anyway?

Not as far as I’d like. With the acceptance of a publishing contract, I was required to personally re-read all seven of them again to look for any proofreading errors. So long story short, I’ve had to split my time between writing new stuff, and repackaging old stuff. Blessedly, I now have an excellent editor and proofreader who have made this job easy. But I still had to read them. On the plus side, if you are a hoarder and bought any of my books a long, long time ago and haven’t read them yet or you’d just like an updated copy, now is the time to get it.

Or if there is one you haven’t read yet…

4. Another Interview/Giveaway

I had no idea I’d agreed to do so many of these, but I think this is the last until new books come out. Anyway, go visit Elise Rome today at this link to read more about Wallace, why I *had* to write his story, and comment on what makes a book memorable to you for a chance to win a free copy of this book or one of my older ones.

4 thoughts on “Don’t kill me! A few more updates and a chance for another free book!”

  1. Rose as much as it may hurt to say this since I read way to fast and then have to wait for books to come out, take your time. Enjoy the success and all that comes with it from your first 7 books. You’ve earned it. And I would rather your next series be well written so that you can build on your success then to be quickly written just to get it out to the masses. Your loyal reader will wait, maybe slightly impatiently, but we know in the end the wait will make it worth it in a better product.

    1. Hi Karen! Thanks so much for the reassurance. Believe me, I want to get these books out, too, but if I rush them or do a sloppy job on them, they won’t turn out right. I remember two years ago when I was writing my first few books, other than take care of my family, that’s all I had to do. Now, there are so many “writerly” things I have to attend to, that it cuts into writing time. I had no idea I’d be this bogged down with other things. LOL

    1. Thanks, Tami. It’s painful for me, too. Believe me. I just want to sit down and put these words on paper, but have no time! Plus, I have another big surprise or two in the works… So that slows me down even more!

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