Wearing Green on St. Patrick’s Day!

Good morning!

For those who read my unusual posts on a regular basis, be sure not to skip this one as the grand announcement you’ve all been so patiently waiting for is in here somewhere. For those of you who are here today strictly as a guest, participating in the St. Patrick’s Day blog hop today, welcome to my cramped corner of the web! Please be advised, I’ve been known to talk about all sorts of bizarre and uncouth topics here, I also use a sense of humor that is not for everyone but that is very similar to what you’ll find in my books. Consider this your fair warning!

The topic today is: Wearing Green on St. Patrick’s Day

To be frank, I’m not sure I’ve purposely wore green on St. Patrick’s day since I was eight, or maybe nine. By then, I’d let go of the idea that being pinched for not conforming to the rules wasn’t a bad thing and purposely started wearing other colors. Weird, I know. But that’s just me. I’m odd. And I don’t mind being considered odd. So I’d dress in solid blue or wear red and white. And when anyone tired to pinch me… Uh, let’s just say, they soon wished they hadn’t. Hey, it’s only fair, right?

But this year, on St. Patrick’s Day I will be resorting back to old traditions and wearing the infamous green dress that only one week ago I could not get off:

So why on earth, would an “anti-green wearing on St. Patrick’s day want to wear a green dress?!?! Well, because the night of St. Patrick’s day, I will be attending the evening banquet  at the Silken Sands Writers’ Conference, where this book:

whose heroine is seen on the cover, wearing a beautiful green dress and the hero–who is anything but a saint–is named Patrick; is one of the three finalists in the Historical Romance category in the Silken Sands Self-Published Star Contest! (The winner will be named that night.) So I thought it only fitting to match her as best I could! I will admit though, she pulls it of much better than I do!

The other two finalist books for this are:

Second Chances by Michelle Beattie

And This Heart for Hire by Elysa Hendricks

I’ll be honest and admit following the announcement of the three finalists, I immediately went out and bought the other books! Both are excellent reads and very worthy of the finalist selection. I find it quite an honor to have my book ranked up there with theirs. And though I’d love to win (who wouldn’t?), I feel as if I already have because as it would happen, the day I was contacted about this book being named a finalist, I was also contacted by Second Wind Publishing, who is one of the fastest growing publishing companies in the country and publishes in both digital and paperback formats. After a bit of chatting–and perhaps a few spells of excited squeals (for sure on my end, I’m not sure about theirs, but maybe…)–we have formed an agreement and they will be transforming all seven of my current eBooks into print!

Phew! I’ve been holding onto that secret for nearly a month now! So glad I’m finally able to let it out!

I think that’s all the new and noteworthy I have today.

Comment below, telling me say…what your favorite type of candy is and you’ll be entered for a chance to win all three books! One randomly selected winner will win all three finalist books, and three other randomly selected commenters will be gifted my book, Her Secondhand Groom.  (Please note, all prizes will be given in the form of an eBook gifted from me via winner’s eBookseller of choice.)

*Entries accepted until 10pm EST Saturday night, when winners will be announced.*

~*~Be sure you go visit all the other blogs participating in the St. Patrick’s Day Blog Hop for more chances to win other great books and prizes!~*~

Book descriptions for prizes/giveaways:

This Heart for Hire–A convent reared innocent and a gunslinger with no memory struggle to survive and find love while crossing the dangerous west Texas frontier.
Abandoned by his father and betrayed by his half-brother and fiancee on the eve of his wedding, JAKE GALLAGHER no longer believes in love. Though he longs to go home, his undercover work for the Texas Rangers keeps him in a lawless Texas border town. Even though it jeopardizes his mission he refuses to stand by and watch outlaws rape and murder a young woman. Getting shot and losing his memory wasn’t part of his plan.

While fleeing from her stepfather’s plans to steal their ranch, CHRISTINA GOODWIN witnesses her brother’s murder and is left in the hands of a merciless band of outlaws. Raised in a strict convent, Christina has little knowledge of men or the world, its dangers and temptations. Frightened and alone, she is forced to accept the help of the dark gunslinger who rescues her. Though drawn to Jake’s potent masculinity, she hesitates to trust him, fearing her stepfather has sent him to bring her back. Unsure of Jake’s motives for helping her, she struggles against him, determined to find a way to avenge her brother’s death and regain control of her ranch from her stepfather..

Another Chance–Being a veterinarian in the late 1800’s is difficult enough, but for Jillian Matthews it’s impossible. Not allowed in the vet schools, she trained at her father’s side until she had the skills needed to move west. Jillian accepts an advertisement for a position in Montana, using only her initials which happen to be same as her father’s. Convinced that in the untamed west, her skills will be valued and appreciated, regardless of her gender, she’s quickly proved wrong.

Wade Parker is sure the pretty redhead claiming to be the vet he sent for is one of his ranch hands’ practical jokes but the fiery woman very quickly puts him in his place and proves him wrong. His impression, however, turns south when the animal she operated on later dies. With a ranch on the verge of bankruptcy, losing an animal was the last thing he could afford and he can’t help thinking the old vet, the male doctor, wouldn’t have let his animal die.

With Wade’s initial reaction guiding them, the town is quick to want Jillian out. But the more Wade gets to know Jillian, the more he sees her grit and compassion, the harder he falls for her. When Wade realizes he was too hasty in his judgment and urges the town to give Jillian another chance, he makes more than few enemies. Enemies that would do almost anything to get her out, and to make sure Wade doesn’t take her side again.

Soon threats turn to violence and both Wade and Jillian must make a stand. The problem is, at what cost?

Her Secondhand Groom–What he wanted was a plain and meek wife to take care of his children and stay out of his bedroom. What he got was a fiery temptress who, despite her plain appearance, was far more desirable than he could handle.

Patrick Ramsey, Viscount Drakely, is used to having everything go according to his plans. And usually, it does, except when it comes to his three young daughters who are in desperate need of mother and governess. In an attempt to find a suitable woman, he stumbles upon the perfect woman for the post: Miss Juliet Hughes. Juliet, a local village girl, has been educated at London’s most highly respect school for young ladies, and better yet, her plain features will make it easy for him to keep his hands off of her.

But what Patrick doesn’t realize is this plain young lady from a humble background is anything but the docile, biddable young lady he bargained for, and if he’s not careful, he’ll lose his heavily guarded heart a little more with each encounter they have. With unshakable confidence and a strong determination, Juliet has no intentions of letting this lofty lord run roughshod over her and will stop at nothing to remind him that they may have been born at unequal stations, but where it counts, they’re matched perfectly.

77 thoughts on “Wearing Green on St. Patrick’s Day!”

  1. All these books sound wonderful! I am a sucker for dark chocolate but my favorite it Reises! YUM

  2. Rose, my favorite candy is Lindor chocolate truffles, which is too expensive and I gobble them in two bites, so instead I buy Dove chocolate hearts and nibble them. I know, you didn’t ask, but my favorite place to eat them is in the spa while sipping a glass of red wine with my husband. Vavoom! That’s where some of my more romantic book ideas come from (*wink wink*). Oh wait, you didn’t ask for that, either.

  3. Thanks for sharing your secret. Good luck at the conference banquet. I haven’t read the book but the cover is beautiful. The dress on the cover just glows!

    As far as candy…I’m not big on chocolate. I like Swedish Fish,

    Erin Go Bragh!

    catherinelee100 at gmail dot com

  4. Wow, what an honor, to have your book as a finalist. I think I might have done the same thing…gone out and read the other books that were listed with me 😉 thought I’m not a writer, but I sure love to read, read read!! When i was in grade school, I wore green every St. Patricks days, as I got older I didn’t care too much about the conformity, so not much green wearing after that…thanks so much for particing in such a great Blog Hop

    1. I love cream (or creme) fillings, too. York Peppermint Patties are some of my favorite, but I believe the chocolate on those is dark and the “mint” inside isn’t creamy, but still good.

  5. Congrats on becoming a finalist Rose! And it’s exciting to hear your books will soon be available in print form. Although I love my Kindle, I have to admit I prefer holding an actual book where I can put “This book belongs to Alanna (insert year),” inside the front cover.

    As for my favorite candy, I would have to say that I am tied between Oh Henry and Maltesers. xox.alanna@hotmail.com

  6. My favorite type of candy, I can’t find anymore. But it is rose flavored turkish delight dipped in dark chocolate. The store that sold it went out of business, and I haven’t been able to find it since.
    Happy St. Patricks Day.

  7. What a great giveaway. Thank you!!
    Now, my favorite candy is orange and cherry NERDS. 🙂 Of course, they rarely make those flavors anymore. Maybe around Halloween but that’s about it. I do like a Twix every once in a while as well.

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day.



    Thank you for your generosity on this blog hop, and CONGRATULATIONS on being a finalist! Good luck! 🙂

    My favorite candies are York Peppermint Patties or After Eight’s…I absolutely LOVE the combination of rustic dark chocolate, and cool peppermint fillings. Yum!!!! 🙂

    Email: Enamoredsoul(at)gmail(dot)com

  9. I love Enstrom’s toffee and Bissinger’s chocolates!

    Thanks for the amazing giveaway!
    elizabeth @ bookattict . com

  10. Hi Rose, the green dress in the Secondhand Groom book is gorgeous. I’m wearing a green sweater 🙂


  11. Thanks for sharing a picture of the whole dress. I LOVE it! Green is my favorite color, all shades except for neon green, I always wear green on St. Patty’s Day and I actually used to wear green the entire week leading up to it. Back in high school my friends challenged me to a “green free” week, which happened to be the week before St. Patrick’s Day. Let me tell you that was soooo hard but I did it! Then I wore green everyday the following week, which started my green week tradition. I haven’t done that now in a few years, but I so still have a lot of green in my wardrobe.

    I will definitely be thinking about you tomorrow and hope you have a fabulous time. Maybe I will reread your book tomorrow as well.

    As for my favorite candy, that is a hard question since I love sweets. I love Reeces PB Cups, but I like the mini’s better than the regular size. Something about the chocolate to peanut butter ratio just seems better with the mini’s. I also have to agree about Lindnor Truffles. They are one of my favorites too. My hubby got a variety package from a client at work this past Christmas, so I got to have the PB ones too. They were yummy, but I usually go for the milk chocolate.

    Looking forward to hearing how things went. I am sure you will have some wonderfully funny stories to share.

    1. I love green, too, it’s my favorite color. Oddly enough, or maybe not so oddly, my favorite book cover is the one for Her Secondhand Groom solely because of that beautiful green dress.

      You’re right, the miniature peanut butter cups are better than the big ones–but I still wouldn’t pass up a big one!

      As for the stories…. OH MY!!! I took my sister-in-law with me, and let’s just say, we Okies got quite an education!

      Thank you for your kind words about the publishing contract to do paperbacks. I’m totally excited!

  12. Hum Sweet candy or traditional anis one
    thanks you for this great giveaway and congrats for the futur print publishing of your books

    happy st patricks’day


    1. Thank you, Ruth! I’m super excited about the paperbacks.

      I love, love, love chocolate covered cherries (the kind you buy in the package at the grocery store store not from the specialty shop where they actually dip a cherry…) but only eat them around Christmas time.

  13. I’m a chocoholic so I love anything that’s chocolate. I inhale the chocolate candy, once in a while I will buy regular hard candy and it just sits in a corner in the fridge for a very long time.


  14. Mmm, not many candies I say “no” to but this time of year I LOVE those little Cadbury chocolate eggs with the candy shell. I nearly lose my mind and can’t stop if I have a bag of those.

    lilashawromance at (gmail) dot (com)

  15. ^__^ Chocolate. Cadbury Roses (from Ireland) to be exact … Looking forward to buying them in a shop when we go over in November. ♥


    thefishingwidow (at) akmarshall (dot) com

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