“The Dress”

I’ve had several emails asking to see me in this infamous dress–the one I couldn’t get off last week. So I had my husband snap a picture and…uh, I may have slimmed down enough to get into the thing, but it still doesn’t mean it’s picture-worthy!

So instead, see me do: The Juliet:


Just like her right? (It might have looked a little more like her had my husband gotten in front of me like I asked him to do 15 times!)

Anyway, that is the best I can do–and it’s for the safety and wellbeing of all you of you that I didn’t post a full shot. Fortunately, it will be night time when I wear this again and the lights will be dim (I hope). If I’m able to–and the lighting is just right–I’ll have someone take a real picture of me in the dress while at the thing on Saturday night and post it since obviously my husband cannot take a picture that doesn’t include a healthy dosage of my cleavage!

On an unrelated note, my “cleansweeps” arrived today!!!

Have a good rest of the day, all!

6 thoughts on ““The Dress””

  1. Thanks for the dress preview. It looks like a very beautiful dress and hopefully you still think it is too after spending a whole day trapped in it. Your comment about the cleavage had me laughing. Men. They are all the same in that department. Even my husband who is stuck with a wife with very little cleavage.

    1. Yes, it’s still gorgeous after spending a day trapped in it! Funny fact you probably didn’t want to know: when I first married, I was pretty small up top, too, and from time to time my husband likes to remind me of that. However, I then remind him, usually, when women start losing weight, the first place they lose it is their breasts!!! HA HA HA!!

  2. Another LOL moment! đŸ™‚ I’m sure you will be wonderful in your dress! Good luck, and have a wonderful time!

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