Revised Options

Okay, I promise this is the LAST time, but I’m getting some very mixed feedback on the two I have, and oddly enough, though I haven’t shared with anyone just what the negative feedback from others was, a lot of people seem to have the same thing to say: The lady in the white dress looks like a zombie and the lady in the blue looks like the crazy lady from the movie Jane Eyre.

So, here are the two again, plus a new one:

(Keep in mind, this lady can be cropped out of this picture, or the picture can be made to look similar to the others in reference to the coloring. Judge this just based on the woman in the picture.)

6 thoughts on “Revised Options”

  1. I still like the blue dress. The new one is nice, but the garden setting is throwing me and it is so much more vivid than the other two. I like the more muted colors. I had to laugh at the zombie reference. I couldn’t think what it was about the girl in the white dress besides her smile that I didn’t like. I guess she does look a little washed out now that I am on my computer and not my nook. Decisions, decisions.

    1. You make a really good point, Sarah. I should make these black and white and see how they look on a Kindle or Nook. But still, when people see them “in the store”, so to speak, they’ll be in color…

      1. I really like color versus black and white, but I really likes the muted colors on the cover because it gave it worn look. Not sure where all the books take place but if they are all out here in the southwest the muted tones look more in place with the dust and dirt we have out this way. Just my opinion, though.

      2. Maybe I should have put this in the post, images can be altered to make the “sharpness” of the colors dissolve and look faded/worn, like the others. I just wanted to get this up quickly.

  2. Well, if you were going for a Miss Havisham type of character, then the woman in the blue dress is a keeper! I actually like the zombie woman’s face and dress, but her coloring is too washed out even against the sepia tone of the background.

    1. LOL on the Miss Havisham comparison, Sara!

      Unfortunately, that particular picture came with that coloring (the lady in the white dress, sitting) so I don’t know if her coloring can be fixed. I do know the lady in the garden can be altered to make the image appear older, though.

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