A few updates

Progress on the Officer Series

A few of you have gotten onto me about the lack of movement on the progress bars for The Officer and the Bostoner… There are two reasons for this, but the biggest one is I took a few weeks off from writing in favor of research, attending to the business aspect of my life (aka taxes and promotion) and I’ve had a few personal matters crop. But, now I’m back! Unfortunately though, I’ve had yet another snag. Actually two. First, I’d written out the first 9,000 words of The Officer and the Bostoner before going down to physically see the fort where this is to be taking place and had relied on pictures posted on the Internet instead. Doing this wouldn’t have been a problem had I not gone to see it. While 99.9% of those who will read the book won’t have seen the location in real life, either, I could not leave my descriptions they way they were. So for as hard as I tried to trudge through, with the promise in the back of my mind that I would fix it when I finished with the first draft, I could NOT write. It was like pulling teeth. So finally, I broke down, printed off everything I had so far and made corrections, then input them and did a partial re-write, adding more than 3,000 words as I went. Great, right? Wrong! Now for the second snag. When I finished and started writing again, I had one of those “Aha Moments” and realized a minor subplot or plot point actually, not just a subplot, that I was using in this book would actually work much better for the next book. So with a sigh, I am now in the process of performing surgery on the beginning of this book and transplanting the beginning of this subplot into a file reserved for the other. Hard work, this. So where does this leave me? About 2,500 words fewer than when I started this morning. But I have another idea so maybe this will take off from here, we’ll see…

So when will these books hit the virtual bookshelves?

I don’t know, but if you find out before me, could you please let me know? I’m hoping it’ll be finished soon as in late April, early May, but released is a different story. I have a plan for this series! And part of this plan is to have them all ready or near ready to “go” by the time the first one is out so they can all be released very, very close together. This is kind of one of those win-lose things. The winning is there isn’t so much of a wait time in between each book, but the lose is there might be more of a wait time for the first one.

Eating Crow

From time to time, we all eat crow and I’m about to eat my portion. Last week I announced that I would be uploading my books directly to Apple in the future. Well, that is NOT to be. After spending nearly two full days and hundreds of dollars in an attempt to do this, I came to the conclusion, I LOVE both Mark Coker and Smashwords. Yes, I realize that even though I am a married woman, I just admitted to loving another man, one who is married, too, I think. However, it is true. It is the biggest pain in the hind-end that I have ever experience trying to upload my books to iBooks manually. The formatting I had no trouble with, but some of the tedious crapola they required me to do was not worth it. Therefore, I have acknowledged that I am inferior, eaten crow and opted back into the Apple via Smashwords. I still have no idea when Her Imperfect Groom will get there, but I do know that it has once again shipped. Other than that, I won’t know it’s there until I waked up one morning and see it listed in the iBookstore.

Speaking of Smashwords

This week is their annual Read an eBook Week Sale on their site. There are many free or reduced priced books listed (including a few of mine). http://www.smashwords.com/books/category/1/newest/1


I do have two other announcements, however, I’m not yet at liberty to post them publicly, but hopefully within the week! Have a great day, all!

6 thoughts on “A few updates”

    1. Sarah, My life IS crazy! I just couldn’t function until I got that cleared up. I’m generally not so OCD about things, but for some reason, I could NOT “let go” of that. Good, I’m glad you’re in suspense! That’s the emotion I was hoping for LOL

  1. Oh Rose! How can you say “I have two other things to tell you all but it’s top secret so…… you’ll all just have to wait.” You should know that that kind of announcement will drive some of us absolutely crazy! Now I’m all anticipation. :o) Thanks for the update. I’m getting excited about the new books. Looking forward to reading them and, as a side note, I appreciate a series released closely together. I am more likely to buy a sequel right on the tail of reading the first book. If I have to wait months and months for the second book to release, I often move on to something different.

    1. Oh Darah, you crack me up! I shall grin extra large and cackle just a bit more loudly tonight as I get ready for bed, knowing I have you right where I want you, in anticipation. Honestly, I didn’t even think about it that way when I wrote that. I was just thinking of how anxious I am that I cannot say anything yet, and it just slipped…

      I’m the same way, I hate to wait for the next book. I’ve always tried to put mine out as close together as I could. This time though, I want to see if I can put them out closer than last time.

  2. I spent hours on Smashwords getting more books when I already have so many screaming at me to read them! But they were free and who knows what author’s I may discover while reading those free books, when I get around to reading those free books. I do have a list of author’s where I’m caught up on reading all their books, such as yours, Rose. And I always read them as they come out.

    I love the idea of you releasing your books close. I’m quite impatient and being I really enjoy series….that fits me perfect!

    1. Judy, I’m impatient, too, that’s a big reason why I think I want to try this. We’ll see how it goes.

      There are a few authors who I feel the same way about, buy their book as soon as it comes out! I, too, have downloaded far more books than I need to at SW today!

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