Thoughts or opinions?

So I don’t post but maybe four times in the last two weeks, then today BAM! Twice in one day, but I need an opinion and I have to okay this today, so…

I’m having book cover postcards made that on one side are just my book covers, then on the other is a short blurb about the book, my contact information and a coupon code. Those are pretty basic. But I also needed to do up some generic ones with just my name on one side and information about me on the other.

Here’s what I have.





I’m not sure why the writing on the first one doesn’t look as crisp on here as it does in GIMP. The other possible front cover is actually a stock photo that I haven’t purchased yet (and yes, it’s okay by their TOS to play with a picture to create a mockup before purchasing). Anyway, there they are–criticize them at will. Oh, and I’ll be gone for most of the day so in case you’re wondering about the huge blank space in the middle of the back, it’s to write/sign. Also, rather than following norms of what’s expected, I tried to do something different with my biography. I think it works because my books are different in the way that they’re not for everyone, so my thinking is someone who “gets” this will be more likely go “get” and enjoy the aspects of my books that others may not like. But if you don’t think it works or have some sort of opinion, don’t hesitate to share.

Have a great first day of March!

19 thoughts on “Thoughts or opinions?”

  1. I like the 2nd one better. And on the back cover it made me smile when it says “naughty literature.” I thought that was a great part of the book, her sneaking around reading that book.

  2. I like the second one better too. I love the red and black on your website, but for a postcard that you will be signing, it seems a little bit too dark. Plus, if you’re signing them with a Sharpie, it will pop more on the lighter postcard.

    1. I wondered if it’d look too dark on a postcard. My other thought was to keep the background white and have the writing in either back or red. My biggest concern with the ink pot is all my other promo items have the dancing couple image.

      1. I don’t know why I was thinking you’d be autographing on the front of the card…lol. Then I was thought to myself “who writes on the front of postcards?” But since the autograph would be on the back, I think you could do the red/black/dancing couple since it is kind of your theme.

  3. Love the quill and ink pot! I also love the little blurb about your books, it made me smile to read it and remember the books. Let me know if you ever come to AZ, as I would love to meet you.

    1. I have a friend who lives near Phoenix who has been hassling me to come so if I come, that’s likely where it’ll be! And I’d live to meet you, too.

  4. I’m going to go against the grain… I like the deep red card better. The quill and ink pot is nice but I feel like I’ve seen it a thousand times… plus, If the card leads a new reader to your site it makes sense to have a nice uniform theme. Just to be clear, the back of the card (under the blurb) is white and that is where you’ll be signing?
    Either card will be nice. I love this idea… great way to promote your books and your fans will love to have an autograph. The description is perfect. You’re right, those who “get it” will “get” the books and those who have read the books will recognize the references in the blurb. Great job, Rose!

    1. Yes, the white area on the back is where I’d sign.

      Glad you liked my definition of myself. LOL

      ETA–I was trying to be uniform with it because I also had pens, USB drives and “cleanssweeps” made up with the same design…

      1. What’s a “cleanssweep”? I like the idea of all of the promotional items matching. I think it looks put-together and professional. My vote: definitely make the cards match the other merchandise.

      2. Looking forward to hearing about Cleansweeps. I can only imagine.

        I will change my vote for the red and black if you have other items that match. I am all for matching.

      3. Without giving away all of my secrets, I’ll say that the “cleansweeps” are one of my favorite giveaway items, though they’re rather odd…

        I do have things that match, but maybe I can change the colors around where it looks nicer. Will post another picture later, I hope.

  5. With the first one I feel like with the small size of the postcard, the image of two people dancing isn’t placed ‘right”. On your site the image of the two people dancing is balanced out on the other side with the quill and ink pot so it works there. With the second one, it really matches the era of your books, so the design and look of it still remains consistent with your books. In my opinion, I think the second one is more visually appealing for a book cover postcard, (as in I would rather receive the second one myself than the first). Otherwise, I think the font and blurb is perfect.

    1. Yeah, on my website I have the quill and ink pot to balance it, but on all of my promo items, the quill and ink pot did NOT look good. At least with the dancing couple you can see what they are on small items such as pens. With the quill and ink pot it looked like a stick and a square, or just a few “extra” bits where the printer messed up.

      Edited to add: For 90% of what I give out, it’ll actually be the book cover for one of my books that’s on the front of the postcard. However, since I’m giving away coupon codes for free books, I am making up generic cards that aren’t specific to any book, but rather representative of me. That way if I’m at a convention, conference or somewhere similar where I’m not allowed to give away free coupons (such as a place where the arrangers of the event are trying to sell copies of my digital books), I’ll still have something to do. I guess you could call these, Plan B cards.

    1. I’m glad you “get it”. Most do get me, but there are some who don’t. It’s the ones who don’t get me or don’t think what I’ve written is in my bio is funny [without reading the book(s)] that will not enjoy my stories.

  6. I definitely would go with the ink and quill. First off it will give you a wider range of historical eras and also reflects the “author image” that you would want to capture. The first one reminds me more of a card someone would give to me to promote the Arthur Murray Dance Studios. It is just my humble opinion but either is appropriate

    1. My original logo on my website and profile picture everywhere was a quill and ink pot. I forwent that though when I realized that smaller and separate images like the quill and ink pot that are up in my banner/header here, look almost unrecognizable when made smaller–plus there are a lot of other historical authors who use it. So I adopted the dancing couple, too. Although, to be honest, I have NO idea how to dance, nor do I write very many dancing scenes so it doesn’t fit, either… I’ll keep looking and fiddling with this!

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