It’s March!

I cannot believe it’s March, that’s just crazy to me! Anyway, here are some updates:

  • It looks like I will be writing Edward and Regina and John and Carolina’s books after all. I posted a poll up about those books and thought I’d wait until it got to 100 votes to make a decision. As it stands now, there are only 95 votes, but even if the next five vote no, it’ll still be a landslide. Fortunately, as I was rereading one of my older books for clarification on something (yes, even the writer has to go back and check things to make sure she has it right), a brilliant idea occurred to me for a plot for Edward and Regina’s book which was the arranged marriage. This book will kick off my next series following my western series and will come out in the fall/winter.
  • An update on iBooks. A few months back I did a post about how I’d like to continue to support Smashwords and use them to distribute my books to iBooks/Apple as Smashwords makes a small profit, however, I can no longer justify doing this as after more than four weeks, Her Imperfect Groom is still not available over there. I’m not sure exactly why it’s taken this long, as it shouldn’t have, but following the onslaught of emails from curious iBookers as to where the book is or when it will be available, with my only answer being that I don’t know, I’ve decided to upload directly. I’m currently in the process of getting my seller’s account approved and will upload Her Imperfect Groom and all future books there myself. However, because I’ve never dealt with iBooks directly to know how long it takes to go from “submission” to “live”, I’ll have to keep track of my times and schedule future book releases around iBooks and their schedule.
  • Last thing, speaking of my books’ availability, all seven of my titles are now available at All Romance eBooks. Though this site has been around a while, it is new to me. It’s similar to Smashwords in the way that multiple formats are available, however, the only books they cary are romance.

For those of you who have not been spammed by me already this morning with my newsletter, the following might be of interest:

  • This month I am at CoffeeTime Romance for their Reader’s Retreat book club. The book for the month is Her Secondhand Groom. Please feel free to follow this link and join the conversation—or ask a question!
  • Speaking of Her Secondhand Groom, two weeks ago, I was both stunned and bouncing-off-the-walls excited when this book was named a finalist in the Gulf Coast Chapter Romance Writers of America’s Silken Star Self-Published Contest, which is a reader’s choice award. Over the St. Patrick’s Day weekend (oh, the irony), I will be at the Silken Sands Writers’ conference in Pensacola, FL when the winner is announced. Though I still don’t have paperback books (more to come about this in the near future), I will be at the conference with book cover postcards which double as digital coupons that I’ll be signing, so if you live in or plan to be in the area that weekend, I’d love to meet you.
  • I will also be making two trips to the Windy City in April. The first one is for the Romantic Times Booklover Convention from April 11-15th where I’ll be “signing eBooks” which are also postcards. Then again for the Spring Fling Writers’ Conference. Once again, if you live in or near Chicago, I’d be delighted to see you there!
  • The Officer and the Bostoner is coming along nicely after I had to take a little time off to do some much-needed research and a partial re-write of the beginning!

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