A compromise–of sorts

Third post today and a promise of one tomorrow explaining what cleansweeps are…

Because I really want to try to stay uniform, yet even I loved the quill, I dug out my old quill and ink pot that I used long ago for my logo and profile picture and did a little redesigning.

I’ve tried with a silver/grey background, white, and cream. As before, fire away!

12 thoughts on “A compromise–of sorts”

    1. I went with the third one, the “cream” background, which is really just a very pale yellow. I think the writing/images look better against it than just a plain white.

  1. I for some odd reason can’t see the cream background that is supposed to be on one of them (two appear to have white backgrounds)..but from what I imagine, I think the one with the cream background would look nice. The use of both images creates balance. Love it!

  2. Including the ink and quill looks great. Really nice. Any of the colors would be fine but I think I like the cream card best.

    1. As someone else mentioned, the second picture really helped balance it out. And all the colors of the words and pictures match really well against the cream.

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