What’s with Wallace?

I’ve been away the last few days, but when I checked in today, I noticed on Thursday/Friday there were dozens of search engine terms asking what exactly is wrong with Wallace. Also, I had 77 searches yesterday about Marcus and his state of being a virgin hero. I’ll quickly address both today in case you’ve wondered the same about either.

What’s with Wallace?

When I first started writing him into Her Reluctant Groom, I thought he was OCD. He likes to count. He likes to look immaculate. He makes sure to follow all the rules. OCD fit. However, as I wrote more about him, both in Her Reluctant Groom and then when I started his book, Her Imperfect Groom, it became obvious there was something more to him. His tendencies didn’t just stop with doing those superficial things. He had a hard time speaking when nervous. He had fidgeted a lot. He’d occasionally have trouble controlling his movements or sounds. At times he became easily frustrated. These things, coupled with his OCD habits, I’d think very firmly puts him into the high functioning autistic or Apergers category. Of course at the time his book is set, such a thing had not been researched or understood, which is why he’d suffered such brutal treatment at school and at the direction of his father.

How did Marcus make it to 30 as a virgin?

Marcus’ sexual inexperience could actually be explained three different ways, two of which are actually very logical and the other extremely romantic. 1. More than once Marcus tells Emma about his father being a “Holy Willie” and how he’d emphasized the need for temperance in drink and had given him that book so he’d have the knowledge or experience of a brothel with none of the diseases. Marcus even acknowledges that some of his father’s teachings “took”, thus the reason he’d never acquired a taste for liquor nor sought out prostitutes. 2. Marcus became engaged to Louise very young. Young enough that even for back then, it’s not too far of a stretch to believe he’d have still been a virgin. Being at an all boys school and only allowed to leave when his Holy Willie father came for him, it would make sense he hadn’t been frequenting brothels yet. We know he didn’t dishonor Louise that way, though she probably would have wanted him to so she could have a more compelling reason to coerce him to elope with her. Then, following his accident, he became an unsightly recluse. Even though there were many women who sold their bodies for money that he *could* have visited, I have a hard time thinking he’d be so inclined. As it was, he barely left his house and was pressured by Alex to attend Alex and Caroline’s wedding even though there’d be less than 20 guests, most of which he knew. 3. He loved Emma. For the majority of those years following his accident but before he married Emma, he loved her.


That’s all for today. I’m back for the most part now, so I’ll make more posts this week. If there’s anything you want to know–just ask. Have a great finish to your weekend!


2 thoughts on “What’s with Wallace?”

  1. Your answer about Wallace is the reason he is my favorite. I know I wrote to you about it after I finished the book, but his character, although fictional, gave me hope for my twins with high functioning autism. I can just picture them being so sweet like Wallace.
    As for Marcus, I didn’t find his virginity hard to believe at all.
    Glad you are back and hope the rest of your weekend is good as well.

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