Remembering the reasons why I began writing–Another guest post

It’s rare that I post up links to where I’ve participated in interviews on other blogs, and never twice in one month, let alone same week before. But there’s always a first for everything!

Today, I am the guest on Abbey MacInnis’ blog giving a bit of advice to other writers (just ignore that part–it’s toward the bottom) but also talking about the behind the scenes preparation that went into the duel scene in Her Imperfect Groom and just how it reminded me of why I began writing in the first place.

To read about my wild antics, which might make you shake your head in wonder or understand just how out-of-touch with reality most writers are, or to comment for another chance to win a free book, go visit Abbey’s Place. I promise after you read this, you’ll question my sanity. I also promise not to post anymore of these links for a while!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

4 thoughts on “Remembering the reasons why I began writing–Another guest post”

  1. Love it!! Reminds me of the “games” we used to play when we first got married. Maybe we need to revisit those times! 🙂

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