Congratulations to Patrick and Juliet, hero and heroine from Her Secondhand Groom!

As most all of you know, I recently ran a series of polls here on my blog.

As predicted, Madison (Banks) Collins, Duchess of Gateway was my most envied heroine and Benjamin Collins was my most loved hero and the one that the most voters would want to be romanced by.

I must say though, while Juliet is (so far) my most liked heroine, not a single person picked her as the heroine they envy most, nor Patrick as their favorite hero nor the one they’d want to be courted by. Yep, that’s right. Patrick got zeros on both of those and not a single person is envious of Juliet.


Despite Patrick being what one reader described as possibly my most irritating hero I’ve EVER written, I have some exciting news regarding this book.

In November, I was on a roll. I not only submitted one of my books to three book bloggers for reviews–something that makes me weak in the knees, but I entered a few of my books into a national contest. And…

I was just informed that Her Secondhand Groom has made it to the finals and if all goes to plan, I will be in Pensacola Beach, FL in mid-March when the winner is announced.

I’m much to excited to think, much less write a coherent post at the moment, so I shall bid you all a good night and tell you all how blessed and thankful I am to all of you readers. I know without a doubt I’d have never written Her Secondhand Groom if not for all of my loyal fans. You guys are awesome and you keep me going more than you’ll ever know. Thanks so much and have a great night!

10 thoughts on “Congratulations to Patrick and Juliet, hero and heroine from Her Secondhand Groom!”

    1. Thank you!

      I entered Sudden (that’s the book that tied for your favorite, isn’t it), too, but I guess the judges liked Secondhand better. I think there are so many allusions to Sudden for it to be as enjoyable as a single title read, whereas Secondhand doesn’t.

      Either way, I’m thrilled!

      1. Sudden is a great book, but so is Secondhand. After Liberty scored the best and Wife scored worst in another contest I entered my first three books in, I came to the conclusion that contests are unpredictable and it all depends on the person judging the book and what kind of story they enjoy.

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