For Fun

Around the time of the release of Her Imperfect Groom, I was asked to create polls based off each book.  Some of you might remember that I asked for suggestions and I got tons of them. But I couldn’t use them all, so I did leave an “other” space on many of the questions, so feel free to supply your own answer. If you’d like to see another question added, please let me know.

And yes, I’ll answer the questions, too. Just scroll to the bottom.

(If this is coming to your inbox, I’d suggest clicking this link to be taken to the site/page instead clicking each individual link.)



Favorite Hero: Wallace

Favorite Heroine: Juliet

Most Romantic: Andrew (He might have made one enormous mistake, but his actual courtship of her was really smooth and romantic, unlike the others who bungled their way through it.)

Heroine I envy most: Though I’d love to grow old with the Dangerous Duke (who wouldn’t?!), my favorite is Liberty. Paul had the patience of a saint.

Favorite Couple: Benjamin and Madison (Their verbal sparring is unbeatable, no matter how much chemistry the others had)

Villain: Robbie–at least Olivia was somewhat comical

Favorite scenes:

Earl: When Andrew picks the lock and sees the room is empty. They way I picture his face is priceless.

Liberty: Not listed, when Paul goes to fix Liberty’s teeth

Wife: Their visit to the bathhouse

Sudden: Edward’s letter or their pall mall match

Reluctant: Emma gets caught reading Lady Bird’s Ladybird Memoir

Secondhand: Patrick learns he’s married the right sister

Imperfect: Tin Soldiers

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