Random Questions and Answers

Almost every time I put out a book, I get swamped with questions. I think it’s gotten to a place where, after today, I will make a page for all of these and just inform you all when it’s been updated. But here we go:

1. Will Elijah and Henry get books?

Yes. Though I’d planned to write the “Trapped” series later this year, I’ve suddenly been surfing the waves of uproar in my inbox and have decided to work on The Banks Brothers Brides Series this year. Expect it in the fall/winter. Covers and descriptions to come this summer.

2. What about John & Carolina and Edward & Regina?

Truthfully, I don’t know yet. After finishing Her Sudden Groom, I was all for it. But now, I’m not quite as sure as I was then. I really liked those characters (especially Edward and Regina) but I don’t know if a. the interest is there from the readers, hence, “The poll” or b. if perhaps the expectations are too high from the readers on what they expect in those stories.

3. Will you go back and re-write a book or add the missing epilogue from Intentions of the Earl?

In a word: no. (To both of those.) I’ve tried to write an epilogue for Intentions of the Earl, but I can’t. If the epilogue goes any further into the future then there needs to be an explanation for why things happened the way they did in the book. If I do that, it’ll ruin a future book for those who read them in order. Consequently, rewriting the entire thing, is not going to happen, either. I understand that my stories/writing are better in my more recent books, but that’s the way it goes. Everybody gets better at what they do the longer they do it. At this point, there have been enough copies of that book (and the others in that series) that have circulated their way around the globe that even if I were to re-write some or all of it, it wouldn’t do a bit of good. (Besides, and I know this might be hard for some of you to believe, but there are a few out there who preferred the first series over the second.)

4. Back to polls. Do you plan to put up some new ones?

Absolutely! But I want to wait until Her Imperfect Groom has been out just a little longer so people have a clue what they’re voting on.

5. Are you giving away any free copies of Her Imperfect Groom?

I already did! Where were you? As a result of my survey, I think I gave away/gifted somewhere close to 100 books. That was my big giveaway for this book. I’m sure I’ll do something for the next, but for now, I don’t have anything planned.

6. When in the spring will your American Historicals be done?

I’m shooting for April or May for the first one, but we’ll see. It was coming along nicely, but following my not-so-graceful fall last week, I haven’t been able to type for periods longer than 15-20 minutes, otherwise it kills my shoulder. Instead, I’ve been reading other books–reference and novels–to get some ideas for the rest of the series. Just be patient. A week out, and my shoulder is much improved, but not quite there. I’m hoping by early next week, I’ll be back to writing for a good portion of the day.

All right, I’m off to cook dinner! Have a great night, everyone.

8 thoughts on “Random Questions and Answers”

  1. I sympathize on your #2.

    To put #3 another way, would people rather have a brand new book or have you spend that time on a book they already read? I’m guessing people would vote for the brand new book. It’s not like the major plot will change. An idea if to make an epilogue a post or two for your fans. But that’s up to you.

    I look forward to the books you’ll publish this year. 😀

    1. #3 is mind boggling to me, to be honest. Yeah, I understand being disappointed that there isn’t an epilogue, and believe me, I’ve thought of posting one here just for those who follow my blog, but the one I wrote isn’t appropriate…

      But re-writing the book?! Um, no. Why go back and rewrite it? I highly doubt very many people would re-read it.

      Thanks for your sympathy on #2. I’m still not sure if I’ll do it or not. I put a link and a blurb about it in the back of my newest book and in the last two days, I’ve had more than 10 new votes, three of which are saying no. I’ll wait until I finish these westerns before deciding if I’ll do their stories or not.

  2. I just finished re-reading Intentions of an Earl and I didn’t noticed that it did not have an epilogue. I don’t think it needs one. Also I would never want you to re-write it. It is your starting point and it allows you to see how much your writing has progressed.

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