Inbox Overload (a good thing)

Last Thursday one of the worst fates imaginable for a writer happened to me: I fell. And you guessed it, I landed directly on my arm. Whenever anyone describes an accident, they usually say, “It was like slow motion. First I… Then I… Blah, blah, blah.” Uh, contrary to popular descriptions this was NOT slow motion. One second I was standing on top of two chairs pushed together with three four-inch thick cushions stacked on top of each other, stapling up posters,  and the next, I was on the floor! I cannot even begin to explain how it happened when I came down. All I know is I was standing, then I wasn’t. (And yes, I KNOW, I’m an idiot for standing on such a stupid set up.)

After taking a second to get past my shock, I tried to ignore my 4 y/0’s giggling and acknowledged my 6 y/o’s “You’re okay, Mommy, get back up,” speech, and I got to my feet–much worse for the wear. My knee hurt so much it was nearly impossible to stand. Anyone ever hear a guy say, “I pulled my groin?” Yeah, I think I pulled that, too. That muscle right there in the top of your thigh. Ouch! But worst of all was the numb feeling in my lower arm and the pain in my shoulder that’s absolutely indescribable.

Four days later, it still feels like it just happened.

So writing for any length of time has gone straight out the window…but there’s other things a writer can do, and one of those things is clean out her Inbox.

I’ve been putting this off for a while but as the days get closer to Feb. 7th (the day I lose my original website) I realize that I have to go through all those e-mails and save what’s important so I don’t lose my newsletter sign ups or emails from readers when my domain expires.

And let me tell you all, though it took me 3x longer than I’d planned to go through all of those old messages, I cannot begin to tell you how grateful I am to each and every one of you has ever taken the time to write me, subscribe to my newsletter, be daring enough to do beta reads for me, or through caution to the wind and sign up for blog updates.

I’ve had many, many ups and downs in the past year, and I can say without doubt, the majority of the “ups” came from this group.

So what did some of these letters say?

I won’t quote directly, but I have to tell you–and some of you will recognize these right away–some of the ones that had my sides hurting from laughter included:

  • A conversation about my husband posing the my book covers. (In case you haven’t a clue what I’m talking about, last spring, my husband agreed to be a ‘model’–and I’m using that word loosely–for my covers. He changed his mind, however, a few months later when book sales picked up and he realized how many people would actually see the images!)
  • A critique of my husband’s cover art for Her Sudden Groom:
    I love my husband, please do not get me wrong, but after he’d weaseled his way out of posing for the images, he offered to PAINT the cover. As you can see, he did NOT paint the cover. (Side note, he’s decent at painting.) Instead, he drew it… Those ‘leaning’ things are leaning bushes like what line the walkways at Cambridge. The one on the left by the carriage was only drawn after he’d determined the horse he’d drawn wouldn’t do. Apparently, it looked too much like a dog. This cover garnered Her Sudden Groom it’s first 1-star review (privately). My husband was pretty distraught after I read him the e-mail, but after assuring him it’d be okay, it just meant Her Sudden Groom had just officially received the Rose Gordon Brand and taking him to ice cream, we came up with this one…
  • Someone actually BEGGED me in an e-mail not to use this image:
    A note on this: when I posted this, it was a post I made before going on a 2-week vacation. Earlier in the month, I’d promised I’d post the covers before I left, so the night before I threw this up. I could not believe the response I had for this. (To read the original post with this picture, click here.)
  • And the uproar continued…
    Which is why I did contact a cover artist and used:
  • Suggestions on how to convert my books into erotica…
  • Questions regarding how to MAKE newsletter, please note, she did not want to sign up for mine, she wanted tips and ideas of how to write her own
  • Compliments on the complexity of Liberty’s character and praise for how she “grew”
  • Explicit descriptions on what this particular would like to do if she could have gotten her hands on Liberty–this particular description involved a bit of hitting, kicking, shaking, and hair pulling
  • Serious questions about what would happen with Marcus and Emma and their inability to have children
  • Serious questions about what exactly it is that the male hedgehog sniffs when he’s ready to mate…

There were many, many more, and once again, I thank all of you brave souls who’ve forged ahead into the dangerous territory of my inbox or who’ve welcomed me in yours. I’ve made many friends and I’ve enjoyed our many conversations at the time, and on a low day like today, those messages were just what I needed. Thanks!


5 thoughts on “Inbox Overload (a good thing)”

  1. I wondered where you’d been. Hope you are feeling better soon! Why, oh why, do we come up with such dangerous ladders when we’re vertically challenged?!

    1. Hi Tami!

      That is exactly where I’ve been, sadly. Quite painful, actually.

      I have no idea why we short people use such unstable objects for ladders… Good grief. I’d say I’ve learned my lesson, but I have a feeling in a month or so I’ll be standing on an unstable surface yet again.

  2. Rose, I hope you arm heals quickly. And not only so you can get back to writing LOL. Your inbox must have been an instersting adventure. And I do remember some of the drama around your cover for Her Sudden Groom although I’m glad you went with the one you did. It fits what you had from the first series.

  3. Our 19 year old often reminds me of his scars from when he was around 5 or so and his mom did something more idiotic then anything previous. I cleaned our church with the two boys. They are 8 1/2 years apart so the older one was safely in away from me but I had the younger one holding a fluorescent bulb in each hand (the long ones) that I needed to change. I couldn’t find the ladder so I put 5 folding chairs together. Four on the bottom and one on top. When they collapsed after I stood on the highest one, all I saw was glass everywhere. Thank the good Lord that my son only had one cut on his hand. I forget if he needed stitches but I did take him to emergency. He uses that small scar often to remind me how I was not smart that day. Well there are many days I act like my brain took a vacation. It seems to be a bad idea to use chairs as ladders.

    1. I’m sorry, Judy, but I think your story is hilarious. Sadly, I can imagine the four chairs with one on top pyramid. Had I had more chairs available, I probably would have done that very thing. Good grief. Instead, I opted for two folding chairs pushed together and three couch cushions stacked on top. Sometimes I swear my common sense flies right out the window when I get into the “on a mission” zone.

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