Friday, I received an e-mail asking if I’d put up more polls.

As it is, I just have two. One asks if you (the reader) had any opinions or heart palpitations upon finding out who Madison’s hero was–and believe me, there were a few who were not happy about this (But only at first. They later said it was their favorite combination.). The other poll is in regards to Her Sudden Groom… And I should probably disable it.

If I were to make more polls, I really don’t know what they’d be other than:

Favorite hero–This is much easier than favorite heroine, because, 99% of readers, myself include, pretend THEY are the heroine in the romance novel.

Favorite scene–This is hard though. Through almost seven books, there have been A LOT of scenes, so I wouldn’t know where to begin to choose what might be considered a favorite. (Suggestions welcome!)

Other than that, I have nothing. So, if any of you have something you’d like to “vote on”, or a scene to suggest,  please let me know and the week following Her Imperfect Groom, I’ll post up more polls.

11 thoughts on “Polls?”

  1. How about…..If you could have one romantic evening with any of Rose Gordon’s heros, who would it be?

  2. Favorite scenes could be

    Andrew showing Brooke the rose petals
    Liberty catching Paul naked while she was stealing his clothes
    Madison’s staredown with Gateway
    Alex and Caroline play chess
    Marcus and Emma “playing” an innocent game of Draughts
    Patrick finds out he married the right sister.

    1. No matter how much I try, I cannot keep a straight face when I think about Paul chasing Liberty naked. That has got to be one of my all-time favorite scenes.

      LOL on the staredown. When I wrote it, I couldn’t decide if he knew if she was there or not, but when I read back over it, it was pretty quick to determine he knew, he just didn’t want to acknowledge her.

      *Blush* On the Draughts game..

      Though they’re only fictional character, I’d have loved to have been a fly on the wall when he learned of Juliet’s identity. I’d also have loved to see his face when he read the note about he’d left to go attend her mother…

      Thank you for the ideas!

  3. I love Brooke making Andrew think that the horrible artwork in her uncle’s townhouse was her own creation.
    I love when Liberty realizes that she was teaching illegitimate illiterates to read.
    I love the opening scene where Gateway holds Madison’s back against him in the dark… ( I KNEW it was him and I was swooning!)
    I love Alex’s talk about the mating habits of hedgehogs.
    I love when Marcus fires the horrible seamstress for being mean to Emma.
    I love the description of Juliet’s green ball gown and Drake’s reaction to it. I could keep going… there are so many good parts! It would be difficult to pick just one as a “favorite”.

    1. Horrible?! Well, I never! You know, someone else recently told me that was their favorite part of that book. Good thing I didn’t delete it like I almost did.

      Phew, I’m relieved someone else thought the illegitimate illiterates was funny.

      Swooning? Really? Oh my! Now, how did you know who he was?

      I didn’t even think about the seamstress scene…

      Just the other day I was looking for an excerpt for Secondhand and I seriously considered using that part. I think I ended up using something else though. But I, too, love that scene.

  4. favorite scenes:
    The letters the Brook and Andrew exchange at the beginning of Intentions
    When Liberty Yells at Paul to Drop His Pants
    Maddison Sketching Gateway’s feet
    Marcus assumption about what Caroline and Alex were doing after he left them alone in the Library
    the fishing scene with Marcus and Emma
    And for Juliet and Drake I just love the scene with them at the eye doctor.

    Ok thinking of all these scenes made me realize that I really should reread all these books since I had forgotten about some of the scenes others had mentioned. That will give me somehting to do while I wait for Her Imprefect Groom.

    1. Those letters got me in a lot of hot water. Just saying.

      Drop! Your! Pants! My husband isn’t one to laugh out loud very often, but that line got a chuckle!

      Really the foot sketching? Any particular reason?

      Oh my word! Marcus’ misunderstanding of what was going on was one of my favorite parts of that book. I also have this mental picture of what he might have looked like after Alex told him what they’d really been doing. I guess that’s another “fly on the wall” scenes.

      The eye doctor scene was a lot of fun to write.

      1. I don’t know there was just somthing about that scene with Maddison and Gateway. I think, maybe I like it so much is because that is when decided that Gateway was not such a bad guy I had thoguht him to be since reading Intention. I think that is the moment he became a hero not a villan to me.

      2. Thinking about it that way, and reflecting on the beginning of the book, I can exactly why that might have been a turning point for you. For me, I never truly saw him as a villain, but then again, I knew what he was about in the first book! LOL

  5. Yes I really have been meaning to go back reread your first series with that knowledge in hand. I just keep getting side tracked. But its a new year and I can count them again on my read list for the year so maybe its better that I have held off.

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