12 things for 2012

Since 2,012 is far more things than I want to list or agree to stick to, I have come up with 12 resolutions I intend to keep this year:

1. I will teach my son to tie his shoes–even if it half kills me in the process

2. I will read 25 books this year that I want to read–not for reviews, beta reads, help with edits or any other ‘professional’ reason, but just because I want to read them

3. I will lose that 25 pounds I’ve been carrying around since my youngest son was born (hey, he’s almost five, it’s past time to say farewell)

4. I will keep OFF that extra 25 pounds I’ve been carrying around since my youngest was born–lost 23 of it in 2010 only to have it come back in 2011

5.  I will stick to that monthly spending allowance I’ve given myself for ebooks on Amazon (that ‘buy with one click’ thing really adds up. Sheesh)

6. I will say “no” when asked to take on anymore projects, even if I have to practice this in front of the mirror

7. I’ll finish Her Sister’s Intended (working title)

8. I will not wait until the last minute to look for cover images again (oops!)

9. I will NOT under any circumstances change one of my books due to public criticism (unless it’s a genuine typo)

10. I will take no less than 20 accordion lessons (don’t ask, you don’t really want to know)

11. I will give an honest attempt at remembering my manners when making posts on here and refrain from posting about impotence, fondling beasts (sic intended), bathroom habits of stinky men at the mall, and anything else most might find offensive or  morally repugnant.

and finally…

12. I will get to know those who follow me better. But that means YOU have to help, too. I used to recognize about 80% of those who followed me just by seeing their e-mail address. Now? Uh, no. Don’t be shy, feel free to comment or write me with a question you’d like to see me answer. There’ve been very few–if any–questions I’ve refused to answer, including what the note said that Marcus pinned on Emma’s backside before the musical recital or the urgent question regarding my husband’s similarity between another of my heroes.


All of the things listed above are things I either gave up on or habits I broke somewhere along the way in 2011. But at the beginning of 2011, I didn’t have all of you–some of which I consider to be good friends–so I know you’ll all hold me to these. I look forward to a fun 2012 and I hope you all do, too.

5 thoughts on “12 things for 2012”

  1. I will refrain from asking about the accordion lessons, but I did get a laugh thinking about anyone voluntarily learning how to play one. And please don’t worry about the manners thing since sometimes true life observations can be the funniest things to read about!
    “Her Sister’s Intended?” Already you’ve got my curiosity peaked with just a title suggestion. Will this book/series be introducing characters away from the Banks family and friends? I can’t recall any of the existing characters having eligible sisters, but I could be wrong.

    1. Hi Sara!

      One of these days I’ll explain about the accordion. Believe me when I tell you, there are very few things normal about my life and interests.

      As for my manners, I frequently forget them and that is most likely the first resolution I’ll break. Sad but true.

      Her Sister’s Intended, is not part of either series I have out now. I’m sure you’ll have more information on it relatively soon… Good to know that you like the title. I’m still not “set” on it, though.

  2. I’m so with you on the ebook budget. I have decided that buying gift card is my way to go that way I get the points at safeway for saving on gas and attempt to keep track of my spending habbits.

    1. Karen,

      Last year I bought (not just downloaded, but bought) more than 100 books I didn’t read. It’s not that my spending habits are out of control, but I’ve gotten a bit trigger-happy, so to speak, with one-click shopping, then I end up with dozens of unread books. (But I’m with you that it doesn’t hurt that I’ve paid for all of these things without really thinking of how much I’ve actually spent.)

      1. Oh I’m with you there as well my to read collection is over 160 and I don’t see me reading the vast majority of them anytime soon. Some were free but some I did pay for. It seems lately even with checkin samplea I’m getting about 25% and my attention to the story dies. Not sure what to do about that

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