New for January

Here’s what’s new for January:

  • Her Imperfect Groom is almost done on my end and with any luck will be in the next stage of editing by the end of the week. I hope. There is a particular person in this book who has given me A LOT of trouble. But with the help of another author who talked me out of killing off the hero, I have things back on track and with any luck will finish my re-writing today or tomorrow.

  • I’d like to thank all who participated in my survey last month. It was very insightful and more helpful than you know. For those who chose Her Imperfect Groom as your free book, I have decided it would be in your best interest to “gift” it to you via your retailer of choice on the day it goes live. This way, if there are any updates for formatting or whatnot, you can easily get the new copy without having to go through me. Also, I noticed when I’ve given out advanced copies on two occasions and formatted them myself, some of the Kindle models do not support the file extension that I’m capable of creating. Lastly, it helps to support your ebook seller of choice.

  • I’ve been invited to be the featured author for Reader’s Retreat at Coffee Time Romance for the month of March! For those of you (like myself until two days ago) who are not familiar with this, it’s where an invited author recommends one of his or her books to the group to read as part of their monthly book club, then goes in every few days to comment on the discussion forum to answers questions and discuss the book with readers. So, if you have any questions you’d like to ask about Her Secondhand Groom or would like to discuss the book, I’d love to see you on the board in March. I’ll send a link and more information in March’s newsletter. 

    The following is anything new to those who have been subscribing to my nonsense ramblings for longer than about three weeks. But if this is your first time here or you’ve only been suffering my unusual postings a short time, the following might be news.

  • New website dedicated to NOOK Users. Due to lack of exposure about books available for NOOK users, another author, Ruth Ann Nordin, and I have created a website called Bargain Books for your Nook. The site’s sole purpose is to help those with NOOKS find books priced $4.99 and under. If you’re a NOOK User–or even if you’re not but you’re looking for a good deal–drop by. You never know what you might find!

  • Gifting now available at Barnes & Noble. Gifting ebooks has now become available at Barnes & Noble. As my way to support Barnes & Noble, I’ll no longer be using Smashwords as a way to give away books to NOOK users. Now that they offer gifting, I would like to do my part to support Barnes & Noble and will be gifting winners of my books (who use NOOKS) their prize via Barnes & Noble. I discussed this more in depth a few weeks ago in a blog post. If you’re interested, please feel free read about it here.

  • Amazon Lending Library–What does it mean to you in terms of my books? I don’t want to go into to much detail today, but for those who do not know, Amazon.com has started a lending library full of literally tens if not hundreds of thousands of exclusive titles. Kindle users with a Prime Membership are allowed to borrow one enrolled title per month free. I will not be participating in this program as it requires me to make my books exclusive to Amazon.com for a period of 90 days. I know the majority of you are Kindle users, however, about 20% of my faithful readers are not and I don’t feel it’s fair to them to ask them to wait an additional 90-120 days after the book is released to read it. However, the books are still lending-enabled on both Amazon and Barnes & Noble where you’re able to share it with one friend for two weeks. Once again for a bit more information, I made a post about it, here.

  • As hard as this is to admit, I feel that I must. So here goes: I recently made a major faux pax. The formatting for Her Secondhand Groom wasn’t correct on December 1 when it went live. I’m not sure what happened but somewhere in the conversion, all of my em dashes disappeared and were replaced with either a boxed question mark or nothing at all, thus merging two words. I did fix the problem as soon as I was notified on December 6, 2011, but if you purchased the book before then (from Amazon) you can get a new, clean copy as easy as deleting the current copy from your Kindle and redownloading it. 

  • Along this vein of thought, in October and early November, I had all three of my older titles, Intentions of the Earl, Liberty for Paul and To Win his Wayward Wife, re-proofread. If you bought or read any of these prior to November and would like an updated copy, once again, delete it from your device and re-download. [A note on this, in May 2011 and again in July 2011, I did a bit more than just proofreading on Intentions of the Earl and changed a few minor subplots/scenes, so if you read it before then and enjoyed Andrew’s personal musings regarding Madison before he got to know her, you might not wish for an updated copy as one of my long-time readers informed me this was one of her favorite parts of the book. Other then a few minor changes to that book, nothing else changed in either of the others except typographical errors.]  

Have a great month, everyone. I’ll make myself appear again in your inbox in a few days. I have the funniest story about “a kissing stool” for New Years, but for now I must edit…



2 thoughts on “New for January”

  1. you know considering that you wrote this story because Wallace was such a popular character its probably a good thing you didn’t kill him off. Although I’m dying to know all the things he did that made you consider killing him off

    1. I just saw this. I agree though. I doubt it’d make a lot of people happy if I were to off a fan favorite…but still, he could have been a tad bit more cooperative. Just saying.

      Glad to report though, all is well and he is still alive (in 1818, not 2012, of course).

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