New Site for Nook Users!

As many of you already know, navigating Barnes & Noble’s website looking for books for your Nooks can be almost as difficult as grocery shopping with a three-year-old. Believe me, I know. I’ve taken several sticky-handed urchins through the grocery store AND spent quite a long time looking for my own books at B&N, so I know how frustrating their search engine is to navigate. Not to mention the limited titles listed on each page for recommendations.


Three of us–Ruth Ann Nordin, Melanie Nilles, and I–got together and have launched a site geared toward matching readers with great books at bargain prices.

All books featured on this page will range from free to 4.99–nothing higher.

All books listed are available for purchase as Nook books from Barnes & Noble’s website.

New posts will be made daily.

All genres will be represented.

And, we’re planning to host monthly giveaways given in the form of a gifted book from the author to you!

So if you, or someone  you know has a Nook and is looking for some book ideas, look no further than, “Bargain Books for your Nook”.

The web address is: http://www.bargainbooksforyournook.com We’d love to have you subscribe to the feed to get daily listings of new books. Or come visit us on Facebook

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave them in the comments section.

Share your thoughts--I'd love to hear them!

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