Sandbagging and Adult Entertainment

For any authors who follow these posts, please breathe a sigh of relief. I am not about to post about that. But actual, literal sandbagging.

Everyone else, you’ll just have to read this to find out about the “adult entertainment” part. *wink, wink*

As it happens, I have recently spent a good three hours sandbagging—literally. The church I attend does an annual Christmas program and one of the things we do in preparation is make hundreds of luminaries out of white bags, half of a pound of sand (per bag), and a tea light candle; then line the parking lot with these little jewels and light the candles an hour before the program begins. It’s great fun. Except for the person who has to assemble these things. Which, was me! YAY!! (And my husband helped, too.)

This really has nothing of value to do with writing books or anything else, except…just as we were finishing up helping for the day and heading for the door, the question of why my husband was up at the church helping rather than work at the hospital came up.

My husband looks at me and says, “You need to tell Hank what you do.”

“Why?” I whisper. Not that I’m ashamed that I write romance novels, but at the same time, I don’t typically go around announcing it.

“Because he needs to know.”

“Why does he need to know?”

“Because he asked why I was returning to school and not at work.”

“Okay. But why does that mean he needs to know what I do.”

He sighed. “Because he’s your friend, he should know.”

“What do I need to know?” someone who ISN’T Hank, asks from behind me.

I whipped around to look at the woman who spoke. “Nothing,” I blurt. I am going to strangle him as soon as we get out of here!

My infuriating husband grins. “Go on, tell her, too.”

“Nothing,” I repeat. Seriously, I think I really might strangle him.

A split-second later, three more women emerge–all curious as to what we’re talking about. Two of these women already know that I write romance novels, but have never actually said anything to me about it…

So, throwing caution to the wind, I looked straight at the little group of women which included the pastor’s wife, a bible worker, an older woman who’d just become a member of our church, and a woman whose son I attended high school with, grinned and made the grand announcement: “I’m an adult entertainer!”

Okay, well, this post completely lacks any value whatsoever except I do hope you all had a good laugh! (And before I get a few e-mails, I am not really angry with my husband, nor did I strangle him.)

“The human race has one really effective weapon, and that is laughter.” ~Mark Twain

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