Anyone’s creative juices flowing better than mine today?

I’m about to lay every shred of pride I have aside and ask for help again because I think I’m too close to the matter to put my finger on it; and since the majority of you ladies know me best, I trust your input.

In October, I did a complete overhaul on my website–you can find the new site at at http://www.rosegordon.net  But I’m thinking I need to do a bit more. In the last few months, taglines and author banners have become “the thing”.

So, while I should be writing, I’ve become enamored with this, and sadly, I cannot think of a good “tagline” to use that tells a bit about my writing/books. To give you an idea, here are a few that others have used:

I’m thinking to use this tagline and the banner I make with it as the header for my monthly newsletter, in my e-mail signature, my blog header, and as the header on my website–plus anywhere else I can think to put it.

I am open to any and all ideas, so feel free to leave an idea in the comments–or you can e-mail me, if you’d rather (rose@rosegordon.net).

All right, I’m off to do more edits and revisions. Cleaning up the mess after a duel is a very difficult thing to do, and I’m not just talking about the blood or the injury, either…

12 thoughts on “Anyone’s creative juices flowing better than mine today?”

  1. Here are some ideas. Some are corny, but maybe it’ll help you come up with something. 🙂

    Prince charming isn’t just for fairytales…

    Finding your one true love…

    Where love blooms all year round….

    Love without end…

    The best comes after the wedding…

    There’s nothing lovelier than a bride…

    Rose petals, wedding rings, and kisses….

    Romantic inclinations with a historical flare….

    Romance to fit all your moods… (in case you branch out to westerns or contemporaries or whatever else)

    1. Yes, the best part doescome after the wedding. *grins*

      Do you like, “Where humor meets history” or something along those lines?

      Or, “Historical romance with a humorous twist”?

      1. I like the second one better because of the “twist” part. I can’t explain why “twist” appeals to me as much as it does, but it grabs my attention better.

      2. Great minds must think alike. Yesterday I had thought Regency Romance with a twist.

        I liked all of Ruth’s

        I like Historical Romance with a Twist

  2. How about “Historical Romance through Rose-colored Glasses”… it’s quirky and it’s a fun play on words. You could use one font for everything except “Rose” and then make that word in script… like a signature. I don’t mind the one about the humorous twist, but (although literally LOL funny in places) your books are definitely not comedies. Just a thought.

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