My secret is out, I need a bit of help, and What’s Next!

1. My secret’s out—I’m not perfect! No matter how hard I try and no matter how confident I am that things are perfect, I always get a cold dose of reality! And today it arrived. If you’ve already bought a copy of Her Secondhand Groom from Amazon, please check with customer service about downloading another copy. (Or just delete it from you Kindle, then redownload it.) It appears that in the conversion process all of my em dashes (—) have disappeared. So things that should read, “her a title of a viscountess—which” actually read, “her a title of a viscountesswhich” or “her a title of viscountess?which”, depending on your eReading device. So if you’ve noticed this, it’s not a proofreading/typographical error, it was an error created in format conversion and has been fixed. It will cost you nothing more than a few moments of your time to get the corrected version. My deepest apologies as I’m sure that was rather annoying to read through.

2. I need a bit of help. I’m attempting to conduct a blind survey of my readers to get an idea of just who is reading (and enjoying) my books, how they found me/my books, what they liked about them well enough to continue to read the books, follow my blog, sign up for my newsletter, or seek me out on Facebook. I’ve put together a 20 question survey that I hope covers all of this. 15 questions are multiple choice, most with an option to choose “other”. There are text boxes where you’re welcome to give me ideas on how to improve my newsletter, blog, and/or Facebook page, if you follow any of those. Then there is a place for any additional comments you have for me, followed by a place to put in your e-mail address and a book selection*. All answers will be pooled, dumped, and presented in percentages or in just a huge list of answers submitted (text box answers), so there is no way to identify who said what. (Meaning, your e-mail address/book selection will just appear in an area with everyone else’s e-mail address not actually attached to your other answers. So feel free to be as honest as you’d like, everything will be anonymous.)

I’m hoping to get enough people to participate to give me an idea of what marketing techniques I’ve been doing that work and what doesn’t. But more than that, I’ll also be using the information to determine my writing goals and focus for this next year.

*In exchange for your time and honesty, I am offering a free eBOOK–either an already published title you haven’t read or of a new or upcoming release, your choice. (Please note, I will gladly put you on a list to receive a free copy of Her Imperfect Groom, should that be your book of choice, however, the book isn’t ‘readable’ yet, it still has a bit of editing and revising, but if that’s your choice, I’ll sign you up and when it’s done, send you a copy.)

I welcome as many participants as are willing. If you’d like to participate, please send an e-mail to rose@rosegordon.net and I’ll add you to the list when I send the link on Friday.

3. In the last week, I’ve received countless e-mails asking, “What’s next?” The answer: Sir Wallace from Her Reluctant Groom will play the hero to Edwina Banks in Her Imperfect Groom. I know originally this series was supposed to only be a trilogy, but things happened (in other words, I couldn’t depart with Sir Wallace without him getting his happily-ever-after). Anyway, Her Imperfect Groom is slated for release on Feb. 1, 2012. After that? I don’t know yet.

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