Last chance before Thanksgiving to win Her Secondhand Groom

Today’s question for another chance to win Her Secondhand Groom: What store (if any) would you camp outside of on Thanksgiving night just to be one of the first inside the moment they open on Black Friday?


Yesterday’s question: Does your family have a tradition (holiday related or not, normal or quirky, go ahead and list it)?

  • On Christmas Eve after candle light service we go around and look at all the decorations around town
  • A open a present the night before. Oh and of course sit around the night before watching all the sappy Christmas a specials.
  •  On the night before Christmas, we all go to my Grandmother’s and have Brunswick stew and country ham biscuits–Southern delicacies. Unfortunately, the fare is quite salty, so we all spend the next day commiserating about “the Christmas bloat”. 🙂

(If you’re a new subscriber or this is the first time visiting, please follow this link to read the details about my current contest, then you’ll know why I have such a ridiculous question up for public discussion.)

6 thoughts on “Last chance before Thanksgiving to win Her Secondhand Groom”

  1. Wally World of course or Wal-mart as it is normally call… only because they will match anybody elses sales so if they have it you don’t have to go elsewhere to get the price….but then my days of rushing in shopping for black friday is long gone I’m getting to old and it seems to be getting more dangerous….

    1. Linda, I have only ever gone shopping on Black Friday once, and it was terrible. My oldest son was five weeks old at the time, and my niece was seven weeks old and my mom and I decided to take them with us! We had no idea what it’d be like. You’re right, it is dangerous out there!!

  2. I can’t wait for this book to come out, but I don’t see it on Amazon yet. Do you know if they’re going to have it soon?

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