Today’s question for a chance to win Her Secondhand Groom before you can buy it

Another question for another chance to win a copy of Her Secondhand Groom: Have you read/heard/seen anything this past week that just made you drop your jaw and go, “Huh?”

Yesterday’s question: Have you ever named an inanimate object (such as your car, pillow, TV etc)? If yes, what?

Here are the answers I got at Facebook:

  • Wow–I am embarrassed to even write this but I will. For a wedding gift, my husband’s aunt knitted us a beautiful afghan. It is the only blanket I can sleep with year-round because it’s cool when it’s hot and vice versa. But I call it “Blankie.” My husband just laughs at me.
  • My first car was named butterfly
  • We name our blankets, too. Our thick, heavy quilt for winter is: Warm and Toasty, our summer quilt is: Light and Airy, we have three throws in our living room (they all look alike) and we call them: Soft and Cushies. (As I said yesterday, we’re a bunch of weirdos in the Gordon house, but I couldn’t let this pass by without saying something. LOL) —This was mine
  • My husband named the car navigator Joan and he argues with her when he doesn’t agree with her directions.
  • Yes my gps and her name is LuLu
  • I named my first car The Stud. It was a 1990 Toyota 4-Runner and though it was slow to get going on the HWY, it could drive off road and could pull just about anything. I later traded it for a Red Pontiac Vibe that husband named “The Red Rocket” due to it’s zippy speed.—This was mine.
  • I name lots of things around our house, most notably, my computers. I’m currently using a MacBook Pro I’ve named, Mac (how original, right?); before this, I had an Acer named Charlotte, and before that, an old Gateway named Puter (pronounced Pooter). —Also mine.

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