Another chance to win an early copy of Her Secondhand Groom!

Today’s question for another chance to win an early copy of Her Secondhand Groom: Have you ever named an inanimate object (such as your car, pillow, TV etc)? If yes, what?

Yesterday, I asked: Yesterday (as in Tuesday) I asked what word you’d delete from the dictionary, today, abandon all inhibitions, and share a word you’ve made up that you’d add to the dictionary if the powers that be were to ask you for a suggestion. (Please include the meaning, too! Unless it’s too naughty…)

Several of you answered here–which is fine–but I thought I’d copy and paste the answers I got from Facebook here, too, so you guys could add to your vocabulary, too.

Fantabulous: A combination of fantastic and fabulous!

Lupper: Late lunch, early supper.

Snarcastic – for when neather snarky nor sarcastic quite fits your mood.

Here were mine:

Doober-do actually has a place already in the Urban dictionary as a cute animal…but I just use it when I can’t think of what something’s called, kind of like whatyamacallit. “What did you do with the doober-do?”

Feelers: it’s just a simple word for feelings. “Don’t say that, it hurts my feelers!” or “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt your feelers.”

We’re a bunch of weirdos in the Gordon house!

Don’t forget, you are allowed one entry per day, so don’t worry if you didn’t win yesterday, there’s always today, tomorrow, then five more chances starting next Monday.

*For all the details, please click here.

2 thoughts on “Another chance to win an early copy of Her Secondhand Groom!”

    1. Now, that’s a name for a blanket I can truly respect!

      When my oldest son was three, he called his blanket “meat”. I’m not kidding, either. It was totally weird. It got to the place finally where my husband and I were going around, “Where’s Eddie’s meat?” or “Where’s the meat?”… Kids.

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