Today’s question for a chance to win Her Secondhand Groom

Today’s question for another chance to win Her Secondhand Groom: Yesterday I asked what word you’d delete from the dictionary, today, abandon all inhibitions, and share a word you’ve made up that you’d add to the dictionary if the powers that be were to ask you for a suggestion. (Please include the meaning, too! Unless it’s too naughty…)



(If this is the first post you’ve read of mine, please click here to get details about the contest I’m running to give away early copies of Her Secondhand Groom.)

4 thoughts on “Today’s question for a chance to win Her Secondhand Groom”

  1. I’ve had to clean up my vocabulary since the birth of my grandchildren (“Mom, I don’t want to explain to your grandchildren why they can’t say that in Pre-K again!!!!!”). Keeping that in mind “whoopsie-doodle” is now my new expression. It’s meaning takes on several definitions depending on whether it is uttered right after I have spilled hot coffee on my self, caught the dog just getting ready to relieve herself on the new carpet, forgot to get the credit card payment on time, etc.

    1. Linda, I love it! My husband has one of these words: snarfle. He uses it in place of any words he wouldn’t want our kids to repeat at school…but he’s slipped a few times. LOL It’s great to have such a word though, isn’t it?

  2. “Snarkle” It is a verb, and it is the act of praising someone or something in such a manner that it’s actually a criticism. For example: “That dress looks great on you. It hides that ungodly belly fat you never managed to get rid of after you had that baby.”

    The noun version of this would be “snarkler”.

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