A Tell-All Session about Her Reluctant Groom (and more)!

Her Reluctant Groom Questions

Q: Where can I get a copy of Lady Bird’s Ladybird Memoir? I’ve searched google, but cannot find it.

A: Oh my! I hate to disappoint anyone who might have an interest in reading this little treatise, but it does not exist outside of my imagination. And no, I do not currently have any plans to write such a book…

Q: What did the note say that Marcus pinned to Emma’s backside before the musicale?

A: Surprisingly, I got this question twice. I believe it read something like this, That’s not just the trumpet you’re hearing, we had broccoli at lunch.

Q: E. S. Wilson was mentioned in Intentions of the Earl (the very first book) were Marcus and Emma planned all along?

A: [WARNING: if you like the romantic notion it was planned all along, stop reading now and skip to the next question. If you’re not afraid of what you might find, keep reading.] No. But that wasn’t complete irony, either. At first, I created both Alex and Olivia as nothing more than two plot devices. Alex was the cousin/friend who could get Andrew invited to the house party and Olivia was the annoying usurper. But I intended to have Olivia secretly be E. S. Wilson and have a subplot where Alex discovers this and they fall in love. *shudders* The E was supposed to be for Eugenia—Olivia’s middle name, the S for Sinclair, and Wilson was to be just some random last name. There were a few problems with this. The biggest being that Olivia did not want to be a nice character. I know, I know, I’m writing her so she should do whatever I tell her to, but trust me when I say this, sometimes even we writers cannot control the characters. They’ll do and say whatever they want. Thus her nasty, science-hating demeanor surfaced, and I could not force Alex to marry her (this is how I came up with the plot to his book, by the way). Nor could I even consider the possibility of making her intelligent enough to be the author of those articles. Fast forward three books to when I’m writing Alex’s book. Of course, we all know he should end up with the real E. S. Wilson. So he does. Once again this didn’t go exactly as planned. I thought at first it should be that Caroline had been the one submitting the articles in quiet. But that wouldn’t have worked. If she’d been submitting them, there’d be no reason for her to still be living with Marcus and Olivia since she’d have sufficient funds to live on. Therefore, I had Marcus be the man behind the submission of the articles. It was just by pure coincidence that I named his future wife Emma. In fact, I’d planned to let the whole “this is where the name came from” bit drop until I got to their epilogue. Then out of nowhere, it hit me. E. S.=Emma Sinclair. So maybe on a subconscious level I’d planned it, but it seems more like a strange working of events.

Q: Is Wallace (fill in the blank)?

A: I had multiple questions about Wallace. So instead of telling everyone what he isn’t, I’ll tell you what he is. Wallace is a young man who had his heart broken at a young age, thus resulting in a chain of events such as more than one public jilting, and a lot of speculation… He’s not a fit candidate for bedlam. He’s not psychotic. He’s not a spy. And he’s certainly not interested in men. Autistic? Maybe so, but extremely sweet, nonetheless.

Q: What will happen to Wallace?

A: I picture him marrying a very nice young woman in book four! Once again, Wallace was originally written just as a filler character. I liked him, but I honestly didn’t think anyone else would. So I was prepared to say goodbye to Wallace. However, this past summer I used a set of beta readers to give me their opinions on that book. Of the ten, eight asked if I was planning to make him into a hero (one of these eight loved him so much they wanted me to jilt Patrick and work on Wallace’s book). So I gave it some thought…and…thus at 2 am on a hot August morning, the idea for Her Imperfect Groom came to be, starring Sir Wallace Benedict and…

Q: Who will Wallace’s heroine be?

A: This took all of about 15 seconds for me to figure out: Edwina Banks, Alex’s younger sister. She’s perfect. Not only does she give me a reason to write about the Banks family again (a family I genuinely love), but because of who her brother is (Arid Alex) I think it makes her perfect for someone like Wallace. I just don’t think she’d be put off by his idiosyncrasies, and could easily fall in love with him despite his imperfections.

Q: Did Marcus and Emma have children?

A: The vague answer to this was pretty much there with his last line, “…But I got to grow old with and experience all of life’s joys—including the one I never thought possible—with the real E. S.” When I finished that epilogue, I wasn’t sure if they’d have biological children or not, nor did I care. That epilogue was supposed to be about them fifty years later. It was to show that no matter what, she’d stayed with him. She still loved him. Nothing changed that. As for his line about experiencing the joy he never thought was possible…that could be interpreted either way. Either they had that “miracle baby” some years later, or they’d adopted. Either way, he never expected to be able to act as a parent, and eventually it did happen for them… But that wasn’t really the point. The point was to show that genuine love can survive that long, no matter what. 

Other Questions:

Q: Who is your favorite hero and heroine?

A: This is tough. At one time, I’d always say, “The two who I’m currently writing (or editing) about.” But now that I have ten different heroes and heroines to pick from… Things just to a bit harder. So from the books that are already out, I’d have to say Caroline is my favorite heroine. She and I have a lot of personality traits in common. Of course, I have something in common with all the heroines, but I’d think if they were real people, she’d be who I’d get along with best. My favorite hero is a who different story. I have two. And for the life of me, I cannot settle the tie. Oddly enough, they have such opposite personalities it’s unbelievable. Who are they? Benjamin/Gateway and Alex. By the time I finished writing the second chapter of the first book, I knew Gateway’s real motives, so it was easy for me to see him throughout the rest of that book as he really was: a man in pain. As for Alex, he’s an all-around sweetheart. Sure, he gets a tad jerkish at the end of his story, but I think that only shows just how much he loves Caroline and how much she distracts him from being able to think logically.

Q: Who is the heroine for Her Secondhand Groom?

A: I shall never tell!!! I found this question to be rather interesting. In the first series, all the heroes and heroines were introduced in the first book of the series. But not this time. In fact, the heroine for Her Secondhand Groom has not been introduced before. She is completely new and fresh. So if you were worried it’d be Lady Olivia relax. Or if the line about her being a regular village girl made you think of Sarah Cole, the horrible seamstress, relax. She is neither of those characters, and her identity will be revealed on the first of November in an extended description.

Q: Was it necessary to kill Edward off in Her Sudden Groom?

A: Yes. Please do not misunderstand my motives on this one. It truly had nothing to do with giving Alex a title. I started writing that book shortly after being informed my maternal grandfather had a matter of weeks to live. Ironically, I finished that book the day he passed. So in a way, I look at what happened with Edward in that book as my way of dealing with my current situation. In June, I did consider revising the book so Edward had a miraculous recovery, but decided against it. I think his death and the emotions surrounding it have such a profound effect on Alex and Caroline, it makes it necessary.

Q: Which two books did you re-write?

A: It wasn’t two fulls, it was more like one full book and two partial books. I re-wrote the first half of Her Sudden Groom. I had gotten to the part where Alex and Marcus were talking after Alex had just returned Caroline from the day with his family (where he proposed). I remember I’d just written the line about Marcus crossing his ankles on his desk and scraping one boot edge along the side of the other. Then suddenly the computer froze and never turned back on. Rewind thirty minutes, and the computer had taken a slight tumble… If I’d been smart, when I realized the laptop was still working after its recent hit on the floor, I would have e-mailed myself a copy of the manuscript so I would have had it. But I didn’t. I took for granted that the computer was still working… Anyway, the hard drive died and I had to re-write the first half. Fast forward a few months, I lost the second half of Her Reluctant Groom due to technical difficulties. AKA the computer was acting up. Again. Finished it, then started on Secondhand. I had more technical difficulties on this one, so I bought a new laptop and was able to nearly finish it when I realized the hero and heroine didn’t give a fig about the other. I got all the way to the last chapter and the two weren’t even in “like”. So I literally threw the whole 95,000 words away and started over. I am so much happier with this version.

I think that’s all that was asked of me. If anyone else has another question, feel free to let me know!

2 thoughts on “A Tell-All Session about Her Reluctant Groom (and more)!”

  1. I did wonder what Emma had on her, but I figured it was something like “Kick me” or “I suck at this”.

    I figured Wallace had an OCD. (Mine is washing things. If I get stressed, it acts up and I have to stop myself from washing my hands or clothes so I don’t fall in the habit.) This is what I saw in Wallace and why I liked him right away. 😉

    I hate to say this, but I figured Emma and Marcus… [edited out for impolite content] *runs and hides*

    1. LOL No, it had to be something that alluded to her supposed gaseous state…

      I still haven’t figured Wallace out completely. The more I learn about him, the more I love him, quirks and all. However, I don’t think it’s OCD that makes him behave that way. I’ve had all sorts of speculation in regards to what makes him the way he is.

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