Her Reluctant Groom—Now Available

Every time I list a book, I have a completely different experience.

One time I was up until 4am CST biting my nails that the book hadn’t gone live yet and it was the day promised for released.

Another time, it went live at 11 pm CST the day before release, which, hey, that’s midnight Eastern time, so I was literally right on time.

But yesterday… Yesterday was just plain weird. I uploaded at 10AM like I always do and said a prayer everything would go fine and it would be live in the wee hours of then tomorrow, now today. With Amazon, you never really know. I’ve heard of people who it takes them literally three days to get a book live… Very unsettling.

So it was rather odd that yesterday at 4PM I get a text about *cough, cough* the matchmaker. Went to Amazon and sure enough, there it was! I would have added links here yesterday but two reasons I didn’t:

1. Barnes and Noble took a while to catch up. Usually it takes them only 4-6 hours, but yesterday they didn’t have it up before I went to bed and their site was scheduled to stay down until sometime this morning, so I didn’t have the links for anyone who uses NOOK.

2. I’d already spammed your inbox once already yesterday! Surely you don’t like having your e-mail folders full of my messages.

So with out any further ado and nonsense from me, here are the direct links:


Barnes & Noble


I hope you all enjoy Marcus and Emma’s story!

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